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“Style” is a very important concept to teenagers. Everybody’s individual “style” makes them interesting and unique. “Style” is a concept that involves many different factors: it extends to all aspects of our lives, from how we dress, to how we talk, what we eat, and even how we interact with the opposite sex. And our style, what ever it is, makes us feel more comfortable in the bodies we’re in.

One of the ways we express style is flirting. Every boy and girl has their own style of flirting. Some girls play with their hair, offer boys gum with their number written inside the wrapper… You know, things like that. Some guys just have a certain posture, or a specific pick up line they’ll use to get the girls attention. What ever it is, it’s their personal “signature,” and a healthy way to express style. Unless, of course, they’re getting sexual harassment lawsuits, because at that point, it’s clearly going too far.

Some other examples of ways to express style are: Wearing clothes in a certain specific way, dying your hair, and oh yeah, you can even have your own style of walking. Why do you think some girls wear high heels to school? Honestly, your style can even include wearing only a certain brand of clothing or shoes (this is a very popular expression of style, it’s almost generic at this point).

Some teens take it to an extreme, wearing the same clothes or eating the same things every single day. But any style is still style, no matter what, and if it makes us feel more comfortable in our own bodies, and it’s allowed under the constitution as freedom of expression, it’s a good style. Just make sure you’re not hurting yourself with your style. Some examples of potentially harmful styles are high heels, which are difficult to wear comfortably for long periods of time, weird piercings (especially if they’re DIY), and wearing heavy necklaces, which can give you neck problems.

Let me tell you a personal story about style. In the ninth grade, I had an incredibly strict style, to the point at which I would only wear tank tops ever. I wouldn’t wear a shirt with sleeves no matter what it took. It went to an extent to where I was wearing very fancy dresses to school because they didn’t have sleeves on them. It made me feel like I fit in better, and made me feel more comfortable. Of course that was a point in my life where I actually cared for the acceptance of others (That was just a phase).

I’ve also seen style go to the extent at which someone almost got heat stroke from wearing a sweater in the summer. This person would wear sweaters all the time because they made them feel more comfortable. It was almost one hundred degrees, but they kept their sweater on, because that was their style. They even swam in the things. Played sports in them too!

I’ve seen other teens wear the same clothes everyday. It was hard for me to imagine washing those same pair of pants and shirt everyday. Realistically, they probably didn’t, which is a little unsanitary. And in my opinion, that’s when style is a problem. When maintaining your style makes it hard to be healthy or clean, that style needs to change, at least a little. This advice also extends to eating the same thing everyday. Our bodies need a diverse diet to get all the vitamins and nutrients we need. And another reason we need to wear clean clothes is so we don’t smell like sweat, or get rashes from being exposed to sweaty, dirty fabrics for a long time.

So in conclusion, I encourage style. I think expressing yourself is one of the most powerful things on earth. But if it creates some kind of health risk, it’s not worth it, and I think that’s when personal style needs to become just a phase.

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