Why, THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, wait! Christmas trees have nothing to do with the birth of Christ!
Never mind.

20 December 2011  Uncategorized

How does North Dakota do it?
Well, you will hear all kinds of spin.
There is an opinion piece in the Republican Orange County Register that is being cut & pasted by all the corporatist bloggers in the US today.
It’s all a lie.
North Dakota succeeds because of fair banking.
North Dakota has a …

18 December 2011  Uncategorized

First Anniversary of the 237th Anniversary Of The TEA Party

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Sometimes, some things need to be said twice . . . .

15 December 2011  Uncategorized

General Pleads, President Fires Him, Thousands Die Uneccesarily

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But that’s OK, folks.
It was President Bush. You know, the White guy.
The General was Eric Shinseki. He was in charge of drawing up the plan for the invasion of Iraq. He told Bush it would take thousands more soldiers than what Bush wanted to send.
Bush fired him.
Of …

14 December 2011  Uncategorized

It looks as if Ron Paul is set to win big in Iowa according to the polls that have bothered to include him in the question.
This is funny as Hell to listen to on Hate Radio.
I don’t call it conservative radio. It isn’t. It is owned and run …

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A few weeks ago, I made a comment on the TEA Party blog, Post_Scripts. In response to another comment, I posted the following:
“You mess with my country and I will kill you. It really IS just that simple. Just as millions of Americans before me. You got a problem …

29 November 2011  Uncategorized

It seems that Michelle Bachmann went on a late night show on NBC this week. As she was coming out, the band played a song entitled “Lyin’ Ass Bitch.”
The next day, after being told about it, Michelle decided to be insulted, and she demanded an apology. An apology …

26 November 2011  Uncategorized

Well, sorta . . .
Here is a Venn diagram you may have seen in The Atlantic.com magazine.

Not everyone is familiar with these. A Venn diagram simply distills what is in common between groups.
When you get right down to it, both the TEA Party and OCCUPY believe that corporate influence …

24 November 2011  Uncategorized


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Imagine that you lived in a monarchy. Imagine further that you were the guy who advised the ruler. You alone set policy for your country, by telling the ruler how to rule.
Imagine, for whatever reason, you lied to the king. Sure, he’s the king, and it is …

23 November 2011  Uncategorized


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Geez, I been saying this for decades . . . . . . . .

It looks as though I will have some help (I hope we can keep it peaceful!)

22 November 2011  Uncategorized
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