This is a commentary about the San Francisco janitors union SEIU Local 87. Last spring the feds Immigration and Customs Enforcement — ICE forced the janitorial contractors to remove 475 undocumented janitors from their jobs in San Francisco high-rise office buildings. I explain in my commentary that I oppose immigrant …

6 August 2010  Youth

Recently I read a couple of articles about middle-aged unemployed people who like many other people, are unable to find work. You can read one of those articles by clicking here
Even well before the current recession, many employers would not hire middle-aged and older people. In many cases when …

23 July 2010  The Economy

A few days ago while watching the 10:00 nightly Newscast on a San Francisco tv station, in reference to the proposed bailouts for the automobile corporations, some people being interviewed on the streets were saying that failing corporate stores that are closing should also be bailed out.
As far as the …

6 December 2008  Youth

Here is a letter I wrote to a San Francisco Black minister who refused to attend a San Francisco chapter NAACP dinner because of their opposition to Prop 8. The article I refer to is in Friday’s San Francisco Chronicle. Scroll down
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Walter Ballin
Date: Fri, Nov …

22 November 2008  Youth

Obama met with a dangerous world leader without pre-conditions. If clicking on this link doesn’t work, copy and paste it into your web browser.

12 November 2008  Youth

This link takes you to a column by the Sacramento Bee’s Marcos Breton who opposed Prop 8. In the column Breton comments about why prop 8 passed If the link doesn’t work here, you can copy and paste the link into your web browser. Breton is critical …

9 November 2008  Youth

Tikun Olam’s(not to be confused with Michael Lerner’s Tikkun) Richard Silverstein writes that we might be witnessing the disintegration of the Republican Party, with so many prominent Republicans jumping ship and endorsing Barack Obama. I also think that this may very well be if the Democrats take advantage of the …

26 October 2008  Youth

I am for protecting marriage. So I am going to the crux of the entire issue. I oppose Proposition 8. However, I call for an initiative to ban divorce.

25 October 2008  Youth

I sent this message to Obama’s campaign via the campaign website, regarding the news report today that McCain is going to play extra dirty in the debate Tuesday night and throughout the remainder of the campaign. As the website does not have a feature to bold words, I used caps …

4 October 2008  Youth

During recent months I received emails asking me to sign petitions that would admit Ralph Nader, the Green Party and other minor parties into the debates. I think that the minor parties have a problem which is their refusal to take steps to build up from the ground up. In …

3 October 2008  Youth
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