Adding ‘Featured Images’

Our current theme is pretty basic, but you can jazz up your posts by adding a featured image. If you add featured images, we can turn on a rotating image viewer on your blog page (which displays recent posts from a category you specify). See it in action at

Here’s how:

  • On your computer, prepare the image you want to upload with the dimensions 550 pixels by 190 pixels (it’s roughly the same shape as a Facebook cover photo, but smaller).
  • On your post, use the upload/insert image tool to upload the image.
  • After uploading the image, you’ll see a field that says “Link URL.” Copy that address.
  • Click on the “Save all changes” button and then the “X” button on the upper right-hand corner to go back to your post.
  • Toward the bottom of your post, look for the box that says “G-scale Post Thumbnail & Post Image.”
  • Next to the item that says “Post image,” paste the link URL address.
  • Select the category for the rotating viewer (it can be an old category or create a new one, like “Featured”)
  • Publish your blog entry as normal.

That will put the featured image at the top of individual blog entries. When you’ve got enough posts with featured images, email Ryan Olson and tell him which category you’re using and he’ll activate the rotating image viewer.

This is primarily a way to get images onto your blog homepage and it may go away when we upgrade our themes. Please feel free to continue adding art and other media to your individual blog posts.