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Welcome to NorCal Blogs. Please explore and interact with the offerings from our current bloggers.

Interested in adding your voice and becoming a blogger? Send 5-10 samples and a short description to editor David Little at dlittle@chicoer.com. If you’re added to our blogs, we ask that you follow our guidelines.

The views and opinions expressed by the bloggers and commenters are not necessarily representative of the Enterprise-Record or its staff.

Buzz Blog by Ryan Olson and Jammie Karlman
The Buzz has entered the blogosphere and is ready to serve.

Chico, Sustainable by Jeremy Miller
Reflections and ideas about the quest to live a healthy and meaningful life, while allowing future generations to do the same.

Editorial Bored by Mark Sorensen
Commentary and news on the affairs of the world, state and our corner of California.

The E-R Sports Show
Listen each week as the Enterprise-Record sports staff presents a round up from the local sports world.

Etc. Guy by Eric Miller
Etc. Guy shares tales about a married father navigating through life. He tries, not always successfully, to stay out of trouble with his wife and daughters but lives on to tell the story.

From outside the box by Joe Shaw
Looking for that alternate point of view on politics, religion, social issues, and things of a philosophical nature.

Gate by Chuck Wolk
I am a born again Christian who enjoys talking religion and politics.

Lily of the Valley by Lily Laughlin
Miscellaneous articles such a recipes for Asian cooking, the cliche “It’s a small world,” observations as a senior citizen and perhaps traveling in and about our state and elsewhere.

North State Sports by Joseph Shufelberger
Joseph Shufelberger is a sports writer for the Enterprise-Record. He previously worked at the Redding Record Searchlight as a sports writer.

Observation Deck by Josh Cook
Observations and musings.

On Foot by Laurie Kavenaugh
On Foot is a quest for good walks and fun hikes to be found locally, and sometimes beyond.

Orland – The Straight Scoop by Bob Bishop
For a better Orland, telling it like it is.

Planes, Trains & Automobiles by Greg Fischer
Travel insight and incite, rambles in our region and beyond, and sometimes a word or two about running

Post Scripts by Jack Lee and Tina Grazier
Real life stories coupled with news and information you won’t find anywhere else!

The Real World by Phil Elkins (“Sr Felipe”)
Observations of our collective struggles in today’s society, some character studies, current social and political news stories, how we got here and where we might be going.

Ship of Fools by Cris Frazer

Sow There! by Heather Hacking
Impertinent commentary on gardening, life and most things wacky.

Teen Passion by Amelia Stone
If you think being a teenager is easy, you’re dead wrong. If you want to know what it means to be a teenager today, I have the scoop.

Those Amazing Birds by Roger Lederer
The most fascinating facts about the feathered creatures outside your kitchen window.

Travels with Pat by Pat Feldhaus
Highlights of current and past travels, covering 46 years on six continents, including much of the United States.

Watts Up With That? by Anthony Watts
This blog deals with puzzling things in life, nature, science, technology, recent news events and attempts to provide answers.

Here is a list of most blogs from NorCal Blogs, including special events and features that are no longer being updated. They are offered “as-is.”


Blogging Guidelines

If you’re added to the NorCal Blogs roster, here are some basic guidelines:

  • Readers like blogs that are up-to-date with concise, timely posts.
    • NorCal Blogs recommends that bloggers post at least once a week, but more frequent updates are excellent.
  • Please no profanity, mild or otherwise. We ask this of both posters and people leaving comments.
  • Please do not publish posts or comments containing inaccurate information, especially regarding private individuals. The practice is known as libel and is a serious matter. If there’s any doubt, please feel free to contact us for advice.
  • As the overall owner of NorCal Blogs, the Enterprise-Record reserves the ultimate right to remove obscene, libelous or abusive posts or comments.
  • If you wish to use anything other than basic text in your blogs (i.e. photos, videos, etc), it is up to you to know or learn basic HTML coding. We can only provide limited assistance with HTML and basic computer usage.
  • Contact us if you’re experiencing technical difficulties with the blog. We will do our best to provide a prompt response, but we can’t guarantee an immediate solution.

Thanks again for your interest in NorCal Blogs. We’re eager to promote greater communication and community in Northern California and on the Internet.

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