Black Sea Cruise Istanbul 2008

This morning we took a panoramic tour of Istanbul -starting on the European side and crossing a 1/2 mile toll bridge over the Bosporous Straits into Asia.
Istanbul with a population of 12 million residents is a cultural center and has served as Capital for the Roman and Ottoman Empires encompassing countries around the Black Sea as well as around the
Mediterranean including Egypt and Morocco.
After crossing back into the European section, we stopped to admire a Hippodrome (for horse racing) and waited with other tourists and pilgrims to climb the stairs to the Blue Mosque. After removing our shoes, we walked on carpeted floors to marvel at the interior.
The guide escorted us to the requisite rug buying place before he took the group into the old bazaar. I sat outside and chatted with several boat mates. Small world! A nearby tourist from a different ship heard me mention Chico and shared with me that she had just visited her granddaughter at the college.
Back to the ship for a late lunch. That evening we watched an amazing “Mysteriagic” show featuring a couple who were very accomplished at quick changes of costume.

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