Breaking News – New Chico City Council Sworn In

by Jack

Tonight Chico’s new council members were sworn in and this makes it a 5-2 vote in favor of conservatives against the last two crazy liberal holdouts.  Voters had a record turnout for the municipal election this year.  The results shifted the balance of power away from the radical liberals that have promoted programs completely counter-productive to the welfare of Chico’s citizens.  They were completely ineffective in dealing with the sudden arrival of homeless persons from out of our area.   The old council made a series of foolish and costly mistakes that exacerbated crime, and at the same time undermined the police.  Their policies have made Chico bum central with petty crime and drug abuse worse than any time in our history.

The new conservative council was off to a great start when they took action tonight to restore the misdemeanor city code violations for illegal park camping and littering.  Bidwell Park is not and never has been suitable for overnight camping.  The sudden influx of homeless tents popping up has led to complaints of water pollution, tons of trash, abandoned needles, drugs, and property crime.   The liberals rescinded decades-old laws on the books that prohibited this outrageous behavior and tonight those laws were restored!  The vote was 5-2.

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