Texas Under Attack by Gun Grabbing Liberals!!!

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A slew of gun confiscation and gun restrictions bills is being introduced into the Texas State Legislature by democrats apparently still high from their presidential win!   It seems they are determined to Californicate Texas with laws that would be laughable, if not true.

If these bills pass Texas will eclipse New York and California for the most absurdly strict gun control laws in the nation!   Can you believe it?  In a matter of months, Texas could go from one of the most free states in America to one of the most gun-grabbing states!

One of the worst of these was filed by Irving, TX State Representative Terry Meza.  Rep. Meza filed House Bill 196, which aims to repeal large portions of Texas’s current Stand-Your-Ground law.  

The Worst Anti-Gun Bill In A Long Time. . . anywhere!

First, the bill’s text includes language that would require Texans to retreat in the face of a violent criminal.

Gun owners have seen this ‘duty to retreat’ language used in court to vilify a gun owner simply because they didn’t didn’t take enough footsteps away from a violent attacker before using their gun to defend themselves.

Second, HB 196 also limits the application of Stand-Your-Ground law to the gun owner’s home, car, or business.

For Texans, the footage of Jack Wilson sitting in church on a Sunday morning and being forced to use his handgun against a violent attacker — outside of his own property — to save the lives of dozens of people in his church is a fresh memory.  This new wording would do away with Jack Wilson’s legal right to defend himself in that situation.

Thirdly, HB 196 would not allow Texans to use deadly force to stop an aggravated robbery.

When asked why a robber with a gun shouldn’t be met with a gun, Meza commented that homeowners are too eager to pull the trigger when facing armed home invaders.   “I’m not condoning stealing, it is against the law,” Meza says, “but it’s not an offense that is punishable by death.”

She went on to say that her bill would allow homeowners to defend themselves from a ‘aggravated robbery’ situation –– just not with guns! 

Well that’s a comfort!  We’ll just make sure we have our tactical rolling pins and military surplus baseball bats beside the bed, instead!

Texans, Your Gun Rights Are On The Chopping Block

Representative Meza isn’t the only lunatic in the Texas legislature.

Thanks to Bloomberg and a massive influx of non-native Texans moving from liberal states like California, Massachusetts and others, the state is looking at more gun control bills than ever before in history.

Some of them include:

  • HB 152 and HB 245 banning the private sale of firearms at gun shows;

  • HB 238 repealing the state’s firearm preemption, leading to a patchwork of local gun control laws;

  • HB 201 prohibits Campus Carry making universities sitting ducks for mass shooters;

  • HB 127 bans the open carry of long guns;

  • HB 236 would overhaul the 30.06 and 30.07 signage making it easier for businesses to ban the licensed carry of firearms;

  • HB 118 prohibits the transfer of firearms between family members by requiring the transferee to obtain an FFL and pay a fee.

  • HB 164 and HB 395 would enact Red Flag laws in Texas, allowing the confiscation of a person’s firearm without due process;

  • HB 185 is a gun storage law that forces firearm owners to keep their weapons locked away and inaccessible during emergencies;

  • HB 231 raises the minimum age of purchasing semi-automatic rifles and shotguns to 21;

  • HB 172 and HB 241 are “assault weapons” bans, prohibiting the ownership or transfer of “commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms”;

  • HB 178 and HB 234 are “high capacity” magazine bans prohibiting ownership, sale, or transfer of magazines holding more than 10 rounds.

The Lone Star State Is Under Attack by Liberals Educated in California!

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4 Responses to Texas Under Attack by Gun Grabbing Liberals!!!

  1. Joe says:

    Some of them include:

    Some? You mean there’s even more than that long list?

    Well, the lesson is never be surprised by the tyranny of the Demo💩!

  2. Joe says:

    Jack, what happened to 🥧? Did the liberals get him?

  3. Lonestar says:

    Them thar legislative lumps of coal that anti-Second Amendment types who are a buyin’ off Texas Liberal ‘s to be leaving cowpies in gun owners’ stockings this year, Well it ain’t gonna git them squat it would seem.

    They got more than two months to go before the bill -crap deadline on March 12, and reckon all y’all can bet the north forty there’ll be more dumb gun control a comin’ till then.

    We gun owners and true Texas thinkers bested em’ and turned out this past election to vote for pro-gun candidates. Had we not, them carpetbaggers of these chickenshit bills would have been the ones in charge of OUR Texas House.

    Texas ain’t Cali or New York, best they learn that!

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