Real Affordable Peru 2004-5



y 4 -   Full day today which started with a bus ride up the Andean highway witha photo-op for a glacier on the second highest peak (22,000 ft. elevation) in the Andes.  Walter said that global warming poses a threat to the scant vegetation which provides some food for the donkeys, cattle, lambs and goats.  At the drop off point “el grupo” disembarked and hiked down a twisting path to visit the “Salineras” comprised of multitudes of large salt ponds and then followed a path that went to the Urubamba River.  When they emerged near the site of our former lunch stop, Edgar, the bus driver and I were there to greet them and it was on to our rafting float trip.

Because no shoes were allowed in the rafts. everyone had to wear water shoes.  Then, there was the challenge of getting me into the raft.  Juan Carlos, our captain. referred to me as “La Reina” (the queen), plsced me in the 3rd row with a small Andean boy, Placido, beside me who manned an oar.  When I mentioned Placido Domingo, the opera singer, the Captain said, “Canta (sing), Placido” and he sangt several Quecha songs.

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