Real Affordable Peru 2004-5

The train ride from Ollantaytambo to Agua Caliente (base camp for Machu Pichu) was one hour and 20 minutes in a vista dome coach car with an included snack served by the porters.  Since there”s only one track that runs by the Urubamba River. there’s one train for day tourists; another one for backpackers who are going to hike parts of the Inca trail; one for locals who bring their animals and our special coach.

As we approached Machu Pichu, the vegetation changed from cacti to ferns which indicated the beginning of the jungle that requires hats, ponchos, suntan and mosquito lotion.  Roberto, our local guide, met us and led us across the railroad tracks to our hotel, the Hanaqpacha Inn, which was literally 2 feet from the tracks.  I could see the top of the train from our second floor window.

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