The current lack of rainfall bodes an impending drought for us Californians. For me that recalls the drought of the  mid 1970s when we were living in southern Califronia. We were ignorant of what transpired in northern California so write only of our experiences in Los Angeles County.

Water officials urged us to follow suggestions on how to contribute to the conservation effort:

1. Put a brick into the tank of the toilet, later leading to low flush toilets.

2. flush toilets less often, and perhaps only when solid wastes needed to be disposed.

3. take short showers and with a spouse or significant other. Low flow shower heads were given in some areas to encourage residents to conserve.

4. wash cars using a bucket of water.

5. water lawns sparingly, and on alternate days.

6. Forgo the practice of cleaning lawn cuttings with blasts of water  from a hose. That probably led to the invention of the noisy, ear-drum-busting leaf lowers.

7.Run dishwashers only with full loads.

8. Do laundry with cold water.

9.  Brush teeth using  a glass of water to rinse one’s mouth.

l0. Catch cold water in a container while waiting for the hot water  to come through when shaving or showering.

Santa Barbara reportedly had not joined the state’s water system and did not have adequate water for residents to water their lawns so some dyed the dry grass green.

Inexplicably, after months of excessively dry conditions, it began to rain the week Elvis Presley died!

Now that the threat of drought is back, I think it’s wise to practice the measures listed above. I also add this suggestion of cleaning off food wastes on plates  with a paper napkin instead of running water from the kitchen faucet. That keeps from running the disposal to rid the scrapings, and also the necessity of frequent scrubbing of the sink, especially from spaghetti and other tomato stains that are instead transferred to the used napkin.




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