Before e-mailing became my passion, I regularly wrote personal letters to friends and a few relatives. In fact, my best friend and I corresponded weekly as she lived on the East Coast and we rarely got together for a visit, and were too frugal to call …

17 April 2015  Uncategorized

Cold and flu season are here and epidemic in many states. WE are advised by health officials to wash our hands, use hand sanitizers, cover our coughs or cough into our sleeves. They suggest we not shake hands but bump elbows or greet others without touching …

29 January 2015  Uncategorized

With Christmas only a few days away and a frenzy of buying gifts and wrapping them harried and unwelcome  or  unnerving to some, it is different in Japan where wrapped gifts for ‘omiyage’ or gifting is an art in itself. At every rest stop or shop whether large or small, …

23 December 2014  Uncategorized

My parents were immigrants from Okinawa and led a hard life working in the sugar and pineapple plantations  until they struck out on their own to become truck farmers. The latter was independence from the hard-driving plantation supervisors known in Hawaii as “lunas” but it did not guarantee a salary. …

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MThe recent Ken Burns documentary, THE ROOSEVELTS, jogged my memory about FDR as  a wartime president. During WWII I attended a rural elementary school in Oahu, and we experienced an environment on alert for military action. Behind our school  was  an Army encampment, there were trenches dug behind our classrooms …

22 September 2014  Uncategorized

It took nearly 14 weeks to settle a dispute in our favor with the tour company that took us to Bohemia in mid-May.
It was for reimbursement for two tickets we had to purchase to continue our flight from Frankfurt to Prague on Mother’s Day.
We contended they scheduled only fifty minutes …

6 September 2014  Uncategorized

B.E. F.A.S.T.

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Nearly two weeks ago I suffered a mild stroke that affected my left arm and hand.
My symptoms included tingling and numbness there and inability to see part of a word, such as the beginning COO  of COOKIES while  proof reading a draft of the cookbook my committee and I had …

24 July 2014  Uncategorized

Instead of attending church on the last Sunday of June, we communed with Nature walking the trails near Sycamore Pool.
The morning was already warm on a day forecast for 99 degrees, but cool enough to enjoy strolling and delighting in  sights of cyclists,parents and kids and dogs frolicking in the …

30 June 2014  Uncategorized


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Our church  women’s group needed to raise more money to support their charitable groups, but the membership is dwindling owing to aging and health problems.  The faithful “old timers” are mainly septuagenarians, octogenarians and a remarkable quartet of  nonagenarians; recruiting younger working women has been difficult.  We’ve held the traditional …

19 June 2014  Uncategorized

Before we went to Bohemia last month, we had the preconceived notion their foods would be merely edible. Internet articles told us their breakfasts were cold cuts, their lunches heavy and their dinners mainly soup and sandwiches.
That was far from the truth!
We stayed in five different hotels during our two-week …

4 June 2014  Uncategorized
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