Instead of attending church on the last Sunday of June, we communed with Nature walking the trails near Sycamore Pool.
The morning was already warm on a day forecast for 99 degrees, but cool enough to enjoy strolling and delighting in  sights of cyclists,parents and kids and dogs frolicking in the …

30 June 2014  Uncategorized

Our church  women’s group needed to raise more money to support their charitable groups, but the membership is dwindling owing to aging and health problems.  The faithful “old timers” are mainly septuagenarians, octogenarians and a remarkable quartet of  nonagenarians; recruiting younger working women has been difficult.  We’ve held the traditional …

19 June 2014  Uncategorized

Before we went to Bohemia last month, we had the preconceived notion their foods would be merely edible. Internet articles told us their breakfasts were cold cuts, their lunches heavy and their dinners mainly soup and sandwiches.
That was far from the truth!
We stayed in five different hotels during our two-week …

4 June 2014  Uncategorized

When I’m at home I hardly notice changes during a short period of time, but now being just back from two weeks away, there have been observable changes in common things around our  town and neighborhood.
When we left the new community garden in Oak Way Park had small seedlings planted …

30 May 2014  Uncategorized

Here in the U.S. we can always rely on free rest  room facilities no matter if traveling by car and stopping at fast food restaurants or at official rest stops off the interstate. Or at the mall or big box stores or markets public restrooms are available whether we shop …

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When we travel in the U.S., we stay in mid-budget motels that are clean and comfortable and in safe locations. Doors are opened with a plastic card with a magnetic strip we think is secure.
But on our trip to Bohemia this month, we were amazed the newest door locks are …

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A contrast to driving the frenetic pace of the Los Angeles freeways earlier this month, last week we went to the Mendocino coast and drove the slow and practically traffic-free byways to get there after leaving I-5 at Williams.
We took Hwy 20 passing the north side of clear Lake alongside …

21 March 2014  Uncategorized

There was a small reunion of friends  of seventy years standing in Gardena, a suburb of Los Angeles, requring a trek on freeways to get there last week.  After leaving Chico and getting to Sacramento to catch I-5 via Hwys. 99 and 70, it was fairly smooth sailing on a …

10 March 2014  Uncategorized


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Wednesday after the weekend’s heavy rains I went  to our back yard to look at our garden. Overnight the daffodil bulbs had pushed up out of the ground and some were opening, defying the stiff breezed trying to bend them over. A carpet of green covered the formerly bare earth …

15 February 2014  Uncategorized


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While the Chinese observe their new year according to the lunar calendar, the Japanese follow the Western that begins on January first.
This lunar year, when  the Chinese Year of the Horse began on January 31st,  the Japanese’s had already begun on New Year’s Day.  Their zodiac animals are similar, however.
I …

31 January 2014  Uncategorized
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