Instead of attending church on the last Sunday of June, we communed with Nature walking the trails near Sycamore Pool.

The morning was already warm on a day forecast for 99 degrees, but cool enough to enjoy strolling and delighting in  sights of cyclists,parents and kids and dogs frolicking in the creek, an AA group at the campfire circle and the Dispossessed (possibly homeless?)at small or individual campsites sharing food or respite from their problems.

Our pastor had suggested we “visit other churches this summer” and this outing was opportunity to enjoy one another’s companionship than  sitting in a  pew agreeing or disagreeing with the sermon.

While walking the trail, we could hear the roar of    traffic of Hwy.  99 juxtaposed against the distant musical sounds of a band rehearsing for an event at the bandstand. Only the occasional hammering of woodpeckers brought attention to the few birds we observed amid the trees.

How wonderful it was to begin a new week  spending  an hour or two in the park on a lovely summer  morning  in the forested environs of our city park! I encourage everyone to try it. It’s refreshment for the soul.

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