Several weeks ago I was at a potluck/musical jam at the home of a friend. While all the strummers and singers were happily absorbed, I became mesmerized by the homeward journey of tens of thousands of pollinators.
The day was nearly done and the bees appeared from somewhere past the fence …

19 June 2014  Uncategorized

This spring thing has made me fairly giddy.
At age whatever-I-am, I’ve finally acclimated to my environment. They key is to take advantage of the things you love at the right time.
Sooner than you think, it will be so hot you’re wracking your brain to remember which of your friends have …

10 April 2014  Uncategorized

Wednesday morning I heard birds chirping —— a lot of birds. The radio was blaring in the living room, and my first thought was that KCHO was airing a segment on creatures of the Amazon.
American robin
When I ventured outside, the scene was surreal. Hundreds of birds were jetting from large …

1 April 2014  Uncategorized

This whole water crisis has caught a lot of people off-guard. I can’t help but notice the plants in my yard looked dead and lifeless. Yet, it’s winter. I just normally don’t notice.
We had those weeks with bitter cold. Some plants died. Which ones?
How can you tell if something is …

27 March 2014  Uncategorized

Nothing beats the early-in-the-romance moment when you’re called to the front of the office to fetch an envy-inducing vase of flowers.
Bonus if there is an announcement over the loud speaker. Extra bonus if you did not send the flowers to yourself.
The gals giggle. You blush. You get the (wrong or …

20 March 2014  Uncategorized

I just watched the movie “The Adjustment Bureau,” with Matt Damon.
The character, David Norris, had just lost an election. At his concession speech he notes: “We had a rule in my neighborhood: When you got in a fight, it wasn’t whether or not you got knocked down. It’s what you …

7 March 2014  Uncategorized

As a young child of 7, 8 and 9, I would have rattled off a long list of things for which I was deprived.
Unlike Lori Lazarek, my best friend three doors down, my mother would not buy me Wonder bread. Instead, we ate the brown stuff with seeds that got …

4 March 2014  Uncategorized

Last year at this time I was planting bulbs, which most folks would agree is way too late.
This week, I’m talking about planting tomatoes, which many folks would consider too early.
Within reason, the time to plant things is when you have the time and inclination.
Nature doesn’t follow a calender. For …

28 February 2014  Uncategorized

One thing about the shift from newsprint to online electrons is that people are less likely to take out their scissors and save the written word for future generations.
Remember gramma’s recipe holder — usually a wooden box crammed full of yellowed Betty Crocker recipes?
When I need a recipe, I go …

26 February 2014  Uncategorized

By Elaine Gray
and Heather Hacking
Gardening Fools
As promised last week, we’re ready to reveal the weird recipe that’s practically guaranteed to make you look like you know what you’re doing when it comes to roses.
To get the details, we went to people who really do know what they’re doing: Julie Matlin …

20 February 2014  Uncategorized
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