Real Affordable Peru 2004

Walter, our guide, shared some facts:Spanish is the Number 1 language followed by Quecha(spoken mostly by native Andeans); 3.20 sols + $1.oo; 1988-l992 was the period of terrorists, and July 28 is the Peruvian Independence Day.

The “Parque d’Amor” was our first stop on our afternoon city tour of Lima.  A huge erotic statue overlooked the ocean and all sorts of love quotes were emblazoned on the multi- colored tile walls.

The next attraction was “Oro del Peru?Armas del Mundo” (gold of Peru and armaments of the world), a private collection composed of looted Inca sites and gifts of armor and guns.  Some of the artifacts included ceremonial masks representing the most important divinities – feline, serpents and birds; weavings from the Paracas; narigueras (gold and silver nose rings); grandiose orejeras (earrings), and mummies that were well-preserved because of the dry coastal climate of Peru.

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