Apology to Readers, Melissa Daugherty and What’s to Come

Firstly, in my first blog posted last Wednesday, there were many errors. I was so focused on figuring out how to blog to begin with (with the great assistance of the E-R’s Ryan Olson (a very patient young man who also hosts NSPR’s Jazz show on Friday nights, 9:00 PM)) that I didn’t proof read my copy well enough.
I misspelled the CN&R’s editor, Melissa Daughtery’s first name which was unintentional.
There were other typos and towards the end I left out the word ‘not’ in a sentence about the healing powers of nature which made it sound as if I felt nature was killing me. It’s quite the opposite.
Then, there was a blog post titled ‘Spontaneous Blog Post Number 1’ without copy because it disappeared. I’ve looked everywhere and if I had a bed, I’d look under it.
I’m asking your patience and apologize for any confusion.
I’m 61 and my aptitude for all this new-fangled technology doesn’t come easily.
I grew up on corded phones with rotary dials, a b&w television set with three channels and I miss my blue Olivetti manual typewriter like a long lost mechanical love.
I don’t miss first auto, a ’67 MGB-GT at all.

I’m going to be posting a couple of more blogs this week, one being on my relationships with my good lizard friends out at camp and a lunch I had today with Alex Light, the best writer I know in Chico.
He wrote brilliantly for the weekly ‘Synthesis’ which, sadly folded recently. I miss it terribly.

Take care of yourself and remember to breathe.


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