Before e-mailing became my passion, I regularly wrote personal letters to friends and a few relatives. In fact, my best friend and I corresponded weekly as she lived on the East Coast and we rarely got together for a visit, and were too frugal to call long distance. Address labels would have saved me from me from handwriting my return address on the many envelopes , though spending for the shipping and handling deterred me from taking action.
By the time my best friend died in a tragic traffic accident, I only had two friends with whom I exchanged letters on about a monthly basis because they do not use computers.
Lately, however, I am practically overwhelmed with address labels I don’t want nor need sent by charitable organizations soliciting donations. (Some even send a nickel or dime to encourage me to add to a check they hope I’ll send.)
What to do with this ‘deluge’? A friend says she sometimes sends them back but I just put them aside and use them for the occasional business letter or the bills I can’t pay on-line or for sending cards required by rules of etiquette.
I believe any charitable group that sends a ‘gift’ of address labels soliciting for the organization they purport to support, gives but a small percentage to them and spends most of the moneys received for overhead.
It’s a turnoff and they shall not get donations from me.

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