“Oh, we need maple syrup and rotisserie chicken. Let’s go the the membership store and get them, ” I suggest to my hubby.
We go near noon as it’s open to members just an hour before, but if on a weekend, there are more samples than ever so a good time to enjoy lunch just trying them all.
When we get there, there’s already a crowd, each customer pushing a big shopping cart, and some coming out with flat bed carts loaded with goods. The later are those with business cards who get in an hour earlier than regular members.
Stopping at each demo table, w are lured into trying organic chocolate covered berries with dietary values, cheeseburgers larger than quarter pounders at the fast foods and much cheaper discounted for a box of eight, tho as retirees we actually don’t need large quantities; also yogurts, chili, cookies and hot sweet tea. We soon find our cart filling up with items we didn’t plan to buy.
And then a huge display of jeans and sweatshirts with famous brand names attract our attention. It’s hard to know if the sizings are the same as the department stores’, but there is no fitting room so I take two in different sizes to try at home with plans to return the one that doesn’t fit.
On toward the deli and meat departments and they’re pushing cheese and ham in quarters of sandwiches to sample. The cheese, too, is “discounted for a limited time only” by a couple dollars so in goes another bargain too good to pass up.
At the checkout we have our syrup and roasted chicken, but also items we had not planned to buy. In front of us is a customer with a cart loaded with frozen foods, meats, sundries and liquor, and we wonder how many were on his/her shopping list, or like us, bought randomly? Their bill adds up to several hundred dollars while ours, with a purchase of their $l.50 hot dog and drink, is under $40 and the checker looks at us with askance, “Is that all you’re buying today?”

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