People who are complaining about the idea of Obamacare should realize that the problem is not President Obama trying to make health care more affordable. The real problem is the high cost of health care, which is kept extremely high due to the middleman, the insurance companies, that make hundreds of billions of dollars a year in profits basically shuffling paper. And a lot of that shuffling is done trying to not pay their customers medical bills.

Of course it’s easy to point the finger at Obamacare rather than taking a look at the real problem, which is the exorbitant price of health care in this country and a lot of that cost is in the insurance companies taking a very big piece of the action to the tune of billions of dollars a year.

The solution, that seems obvious but is made confusing by people and corporations (that the Supreme Court now calls “people”) who benefit from the system the way it is, would be to make the system fair. How can we do that?

If every person in the country paid only 50 dollars a month to a nonprofit agency (not an insurance company) that would be more than 15 billion dollars a month, which should be more than enough to have a computer program shuffle the paper and do the job insurance companies should be doing; paying the medical bills of their customers without making billions in profit doing it.

But, of course, the insurance companies bottom line is not delivering health care, it’s delivering as big a profit as it can to insurance companies and they seem to be doing a very good job doing that.

And they also seem to be doing a very good job pointing the finger at Obama who, in reality is trying to improve the system but is being badgered by people who want to keep things the way they are, and of course, there are a lot of people who can’t stand the idea of having a black man in the White House. I guess they’d rather have a dumb white guy in charge rather than a smart black guy.

But, of course, we’re over racism in America today so the Supreme Court says we don’t need the Civil Rights Voting Act anymore to protect against discrimination because we know discrimination doesn’t exist anymore in America today. Yeah, right.

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