In search of comfy couch

Sometimes its hard to let things go. I have a ratty stuffed turtle at the back of my closet that I had when I was five. When I buy T-shirts as a keepsake from a trip, I dont wear it so it doesnt fade in the dryer.

Theres many more things like that I dont want to mention, lest Tommy decide to hunt them out to make room for all my clothes.

Right now were shopping for a comfy couch.

I have an heirloom 1920s couch which has been in my family since I was 7. Its a gorgeous piece of furniture and reminds me of my childhood. Mom must have had a past life in Victorian days because she always collected antiques. This was the 70s when antiques were finds? at garage sales. Mom would take the dilapidated piece of furniture, put a bunch of nails in it, sand it in the back yard with paint thinner and then painstakingly stain it back to glowing splendor.

We had one room in the house which we called the parlor.? She had the piano that badly needed to be tuned. There was the aforementioned couch. A Queen Anne chair, an ancient rocking chair. Throughout the rest of the house were other prize items. The whatnot? made to hold gloves and umbrellas and hats. I used to pretend I was a character on Little House on the Prairie? and take out the gloves and dance around.

Man, to be 7 again. How much fun we had pretending.

So now, I am the proud owner of the 1920s couch. Its been re-upholstered once, about 20 years ago.

Mom said there was horse hair in there when she had it redone. I remember making out with my boyfriend on that couch in high school. Obviously the sentimental value of the couch is high.

Mom, sagely, decided I loved it so much that it was given to me. But you know, its so uncomfortable now, its just not a cuddle couch. Tommy and I rarely sit in it together. I sit in the Queen Anne Chair and he sits on the slouching cushions. On those rare occasions we might have a house guest, we tell them the couch is a mess and they would have to sleep on the cushions on the floor, and the potential house guest usually gets a hotel room.

Winter is coming and I want a snugly couch. I think we might snuggle more with a comfortable couch and maybe save on PG&E bills.

Ill probably store the antique couch in the shed for a while, but should probably really find someone who has the room and money to bring it back to its splendor and keep it on display.

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