Profit from your passions

I have a reader who every once in a while will share pictures or a story about something she thinks I will like. For example, she has send me half a dozen pictures of the deer that come right up to her front door and hang out in her yard.
This weeks she sent a note about her recent back yard plant sale.
Apparently, shes gone a little hog-wild with her interest in gardening and propagated about 40 plants in pots. Its easy to get so into something you dont realize youve gone overboard until you cant make it across your patio.
So she logically decided to have a plant sale. She put just a few signs up in her neighborhood and charged $1 for a 4-inch plant and $2.50 for a one-gallon pot. With prices that cheap, her neighbors flocked and she sold 30 plants within four hours.
Not only is this a way to make a handful of cash, she likely also got to know her neighbors better. Likely she will get a neighborhood moniker such as plant lady.?
This sounds like a great project for kids. It teaches them perseverance, dedication and reward.
This sounds like a great Christmas gift idea. Tulips planted in pots right now will look like just a bowl of dirt by Christmas. Yet, they would make a great gift. Just tell the gift giver to put the pot out in the rain.
My gardening friend sent some before and after pictures of the paperwhites which are threatening to bloom on her kitchen table. I always forget about paperwhites until its too late to plant and I see them on other peoples tables at the holidays.
Oh well.
Heres the pictures.
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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