Sow There!: Just say no to being a kale-hater, 4-5-2018

Sow There!: Just say no to being a kale-hater

PUBLISHED: April 5, 2018 I had the luxury of unpacking my summer wardrobe this week because I finished my PACT — the very, very important project along my journey to becoming a teacher. The letters stand for something, but I’m so sick of the 61-page project I am not going to go online and look it up. When I pressed the send button near the PACT deadline, I had not showered for three days. I would have taken a celebratory bath, but that would have required cleaning the bathtub.

The instant I was done, my mind started racing about the next thing I needed to do. I think I had gone just a bit crazy. I had been wearing my winter robe for a day and a half and realized I needed to do the sweater shuffle.

The sweater shuffle is when I pack all my transitional-weather clothes into a clunky suitcase under my bed. Bulky winter gear is packed in the shed. I haul the summer boxes indoors and decide if anything is ready to be donated to charity. I did a “happy dance” when I found the bin marked “too tight to wear,” and realized studying and not eating means I can squeeze into my old/new clothes.

As I danced, packed and unpacked I came across the fabrics of the Handsome Woodsman.

Did I hide a piece of his clothing in every box and drawer? I could have. I know for certain I was just a bit crazy. Sometimes I will come across a bolt or miscellaneous engine part from a 7.2-liter diesel truck. I’ll return them so I’ll find them again in the yard.

As for Dave’s clothes, most of them I refolded neatly and replaced where I had found them. One bag of his cruddy T-shirts made it into the pile for Salvation Army.

Love, loss and student loans have no expiration date. Usually those little aches return when I have a quiet moment and when something good happens. I’ll wish he was there to share in the “happy dance.”

Celebration of kale

I think I’m done — for now — with making fun of kale. For weeks I’ve been complaining about eating it, even though I’m growing it. Am I that kind of person? Someone who needs something to hate?

Apparently so. I ranted for weeks about hating eggplant, when I could have simply shut up and kept it a safe distance from my mouth.

Thank you Chrissy and others for the cool kale recipes. From what I gather, kale tastes great when smothered with apples, Gorgonzola cheese and dried cranberries. I even made candied walnuts.*

A little rub

Once I had all the foods assembled, I harvested a huge pile of the very green stuff, then swished it in a bowl of water to dislodge the kale-grubbing bugs. Following directions, I stripped out the big veins in the center (which took less time than it takes me to grumble about the task). Then, I massaged it. I poured just a dollop of olive oil over the leaves and sort of grabbed the leaves harshly like I had a grudge.

With the slightly limp kale and all of the goodies I had assembled, I felt like I saved $12 I would have paid for a fancy salad downtown. Just so you know, one cup of kale contains 3 grams of protein, 2.5 grams fiber, Vitamins A, C and K, folate, alpha-linolenic acid and some things called lutein and zeaxanthin, according to WebMD. If that doesn’t motivate you, maybe just eat it because it’s trendy.

Lawn note

I stopped by to visit with Mark and Linda Carlson this week, because they’re nice and because their dogwood trees were in full bloom. During our spirited conversation, Mark said today is a great day to toss some seed on bald spots in the lawn. Buy dwarf fescue seed at Wilbur’s or Northern Star Mills. This grass does well in drought conditions. Rain is expected over the next several days and will provide one last chance to germinate grass seed before the warm weather settles in.

*Candied walnuts: Place local walnuts in a nonstick pan. Add a tiny bit of water and heaping tablespoons of brown sugar. Cook on low as the sugar melts. Stir. Add just a smidge more water if needed. Allow to cool as you continue to stir. When the sugar smothers the walnuts, transfer kale-hiding goodness onto wax paper to dry. Share with people you who you want to impress.

Garden enthusiast Heather Hacking always appreciates hearing what you’re doing in your garden. Send email to, and snail mail, P.O. Box 5166, Chico, CA, 95927.

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