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Sow There! Coronavirus coping means more time with friends, March 27, 2020

Thanks to a friend, chard has been both a source of nourishment and inspiration. (Heather Hacking — Contributed) By HEATHER HACKING | Columnist March 27, 2020 at 11:42 a.m There have been countless times when gardening helped me overcome restlessness and discontent. … Continue reading

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Sow There! The fine line that makes a good neighbor, 1-3-2020

These vines look fairly inobtrusive in their dormant state, but the can become a big tangle in mid-July. (Heather Hacking — contributed) By HEATHER HACKING | Columnist January 3, 2020 In this compact and complicated world, it’s difficult to move an inch … Continue reading

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