Air Service in Chico – Community Travel Survey

The Airline Attraction Committee, a joint effort of the Chico Chamber of Commerce, the City of Chico, and the Airport Commission, created a Community Travel Survey to gauge air travel use and attitudes among residents of Chico and surrounding communities, as well as by those who live elsewhere but visit Chico from time to time.

While not scientific, this survey is one of two important opening steps in determining whether there is a sufficient level of interest in pursuing commercial air service after United Express/SkyWest ceases service to Chico effective 2 December 2014. (The other important step is a simultaneous separate survey of larger businesses in the Chico area.)

Please send the link to the survey to your friends and colleagues and consider putting it on your Facebook page.  We are aiming for at least 1000 responses. You do not need to actually be a current user of the Chico airport, but you do need to be someone who is at least an occasional air traveler, whether it’s from Chico, Sacramento, or other airports.  The survey will be taken down on 2 December.

Here’s the link to the survey:

Click on the “Take Survey Here” button in the web page above.

It should take between 8 to 12 minutes to complete the survey.

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