Pick me out a winner (in Week 2) Bobby

Bring on Week 2 (3-0 in Week Zero; 6-6 in Week 1, so overall 9-6). I hope I can harnass my natural ability to pick football games. Is that enough bad puns? Just in case, let’s swing for the fences. Here we go.

Week 2

Pleasant Valley at Las Plumas. Winner: Pleasant Valley. The Vikings right the ship.

Chico at Lassen. Winner: Chico. If the Panthers can hang tough with Center, then a road trip to Susanville shouldn’t be too bad.

Oroville at Corning. Winner: Corning. The Cardinals stormed the Thunderbirds at home. Could be more of the same, but Tigers played better in second half vs. Red Bluff in Week 1.

Sonora at Paradise. Winner: Sonora. Sonora had a 24-21 loss to a good Turlock team. I think this time it’s a 24-21 win or at least something close to that.

Central Valley at Orland. Winner: Orland. Coach Mike McDonald said Division II, which is stacked in the section, would produce a lot of great games. Here’s the first one. Winner becomes the favored spoiler to the presumptive D-II final between Sutter and West Valley, which of course would be a rematch of last year’s championship that went two overtimes. Central Valley is trying its hands on a snap-the-ball-quick-as-possible offense. Orland is playing its flexbone and has several good athletes. Should be a good ’un. And this is the game I’ll be at.

Lower Lake at Durham. Winner: Durham. Two road trips haven’t been kind to Durham. Home cooking helps.

Biggs at Williams. Winner: Biggs. The Wolverines’ wishbone attack surprised some by manhandling Fall River. They do the same on the road.

Hamilton at Mount Shasta. Winner: Hamilton. If the Braves can beat Pierce, they should be able to get Mount Shasta despite MS’ offensive attack. Too much Andrew Shippelhoute, Tim Bekendam, Austin Burbank, Ricky Pompa and company.

Willows at Winters. Winner: Willows. Honkers are a borderline Division II team masquerading as a standout D-III team.

Butte Valley at Princeton. Winner: Butte Valley. Think Princeton has been through the grind of Dunsmuir and Redding Christian. Might be too beat up for this one.

Monterey at Gridley, already canceled.

BONUS: West Valley at Enterprise. Winner: West Valley. I’ve got Eagles 30-20. They had the easier task last week, playing in the Redding area as opposed to the Hornets who are coming off the road trip and probably emotionally draining win at Oakdale. Don’t know if they have enough left in the tank to properly get up for this one in what has quickly become the coronation of the best team in the Northern Section regardless of division.

Feel free to put some of your picks in the comments section. Who ya got?

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One Response to Pick me out a winner (in Week 2) Bobby

  1. Andrew Ivey says:

    PV over LP- Would love to see LP get a big win, don’t see it happening

    Lassen over Chico- Drive to Lassen too tough. Just a guess

    Corning over Oroville-nothing to say here, won’t be close

    Sonora over Paradise- Besides Dixon, I don’t think Paradise has Paradise talent. Who else can run the ball?

    Orland over CV- so want to take CV, but I think Orland has potential to be #2 team in D2. Nobody competes with WV in D2 though

    Durham at home over Lower Lake-never heard of Lower Lake

    Biggs over Williams-Guessing

    Willows over Winters- Can’t go against two time defending champs

    Princeton over Butte Valley-guessing

    West Valley over EHS- EHS banged up. Breaks my heart to pick against my Hornets. I don’t think game time decision players should play this early in season. It is just a non league game. Hope it is a classic!

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