Wrapping things up on football picks

Here were the championship picks from the week  of Thanksgiving:

Division I

Correct: No. 2 Paradise at No. 1 Enterprise. Winner: Enterprise.

Division II

No. 3 Central Valley at No. 1 West Valley. Winner: West Valley.

Division III

No. 6 Winters at No 5 Hamilton. Winner: Winters.

Division IV

No. 3 Fall River at No. 1 Maxwell. Winner: Fall River. This is where I went wrong. Three out of four ain’t bad.

Here’s how I’ve done:

Week Zero: 3-0.

Week 1: 6-6.

Week 2: 7-4.

Week 3: 7-3.

Week 4: 10-2.

Week 5: 7-4.

Week 6: 8-3.

Week 7: 12-3.

Week 8: 12-1.

Week 9: 15-3.

Week 10: 18-0!


First Round/Quarterfinals: 13-3.

Semifinals: 7-2.

Finals: 3-1.

I’m 80-13 the last 7 weeks for a rate of 86 percent.

So on the season: 128-35. That comes out to .7852760 for 78.5 percent. I’ll take it.

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