Big-box rejection

A new big-box clothing and home store is opening up in town and I got a flyer in the mail urging me to phone an 800 number to see about working for them.

I gave the card to a friend who is looking for a job. She phoned me up and said when she dialed the phone number she got an automated voice that asked her to dial in the last four digits of her social security number. Then the machine asked her to state and spell her name.

Then the machine asked her a series of questions.

I enjoy working at a job that is fast-paced. Press one if you strongly agree.?

Rather than doing one thing at a time I enjoy doing a variety of tasks.?

I feel I could work with little or no supervision.?

Then the machine told her your responses do not meet the qualifications. Thank you. Good bye.?

I called the machine myself, stating and spelling the name Anna Nicole Smith, and I too was rejected.

Its rude enough to call for a job and get an automated response. But to actually be summarily rejected for a job for punching a one when strongly agreeing? that you enjoy a fast pace and can work without a supervisor seems kind of harsh.

What do you have to do? Be a slacker?

The machine started out by saying were an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate based on sex, race, religion … etc.?

But apparently they discriminate against fast-paced workers.


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