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I talked to my friend Jim this week and he asked are you still feeling the glow of Taste of Chico.?

Its funny, because I was.

Tommy and I volunteered again this year, which means you get a T-shirt and work for three hours in one of the food or drink booths. In appreciation, youre given a golden ticket,? which is a card that gets punched each time you pick up a snack.?

This event is so fun and so much Chico.? I wonder who those people are who avoid downtown. You hear about them every once in a while like lonely echoes. I think of those anti-downtown people sitting in plastic covered couches and watching The Price is Right? on full volume.

It was fun to be able to take part in a part of the downtown? experience.

We worked at the Go Girl? energy drink booth. It comes in a tall pink can. The liquid is pink and fizzy and has 3 calories.

At first it was funny, but after the 18th person walks by and says You go girl!? the natural smile turns into a snotty sneer.

The other repetitive jokes included Can guys drink it??, Does this contain estrogen,? and Will it make my voice go high??

Apparently Go Girl is the first energy drink targeted specifically to women.

The companys male counterpart is called Blue Collar. Apparently, if you wear a button-up shirt and tie to work, youre not allowed this manly drink.

Funny the names they come up with for this stuff. Some true energy drink names targeted at boys, no doubt include Red Bull, Full Throttle, Dark Dog, Red Dragon, Shark and Amp.

I guess men are supposed to drink these and start growling like a grizzly bear. GRRRRRR.

Theres also a sub-category of hip-hop energy drink names, such as Pimp Juice and Raw Dawg.

I think they should be a little more honest about what they’re trying to provoke. Why not just have an energy drink called Thrust.

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