Passion play

Ive only seen the television show Survivor? a handful of times. I think that was during the first season when there was so much hype on the cast that included Richard.
But I wrote so many stories about our roller derby maven Flica Flame and have gotten excited about it. A bunch of my coworkers even signed up for a Survivor pool. Somebody found a list of contestants on the Internet and for $5 we were each randomly assigned one of the players.
I got Nathan.
Go Nathan go!

The NorCal Roller girls gathered at Round Table Thursday to watch the show. I had talked to a few of the players over the past several months, and it was fun to meet them in person. CalSkate owner Mike Seko set me up with some interviews, so I got a chance to meet a few more.
These are really nice women. Sure, theyre eccentric. They have a lot of tattoos and paint their faces with designs and like to show off cleavage.
I was talking with one player named Amber about her passion for the game. Its rare and wonderful when you meet someone who has something in their life which totally rocks their world.
It would be like hearing Alice Watters talk about food or Dr. Mark! talk about composting.
Amber, who skates under the name Red X, said she took over as blocker for the team the VooDoo Dolls after Flica left to film Survivor.? Amber said she wracked up penalties rather quickly and believes if she had played the position longer, she could have set a league record.
Its good to have something like that to be proud of.
And while some might not think a list of penalties to be a good thing, in roller derby apparently thats a mark of honor.

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