Something in the air tonight

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Last Friday, which just happened to be the fall equinox, there was a crazy wind in the air.
Not that the wind was overpowering or got caught in pipes to make that whirring sound. It was the kind of crazy wind that makes people like me restless.
Theres something about fall that has an earthy smell, perhaps from decaying leaves, or maybe from the wind that churns up the topsoil just enough so the scent permeates the air.
I remember times in college when I lived in an apartment complex and was good friends with several of my neighbors.
As the season changed and night began to come earlier in the evening. One or another of us would say hey, do you feel that wind? Lets go to the river.?
There was an unspoken understanding of what we were feeling itchy, a little pent-up, eager to bundle up in a sweatshirt and feel the cool wind on our cheeks.
On those restless nights about eight of us would pile into about two cars, or maybe into the back of a pickup truck when that was still legal.
As the river rolled by wed lean against the side of the cars, or lay on the hood and look up at the stars.
The heat from the engine was just enough to warm us a little.
Theres a quiet that friends can share by being close enough to hear one anothers exhales without needing to speak.
Thats the feeling in the air this time of year.

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