Unnecessary embarrassment

A friend and I were chatting recently about how her single adult son keeps certain feminine products in his bathroom in case a female friend or relative is visiting and needs them.
We both agreed this is a very sensitive and thoughtful gesture and bodes well for his future as a spouse.
Why it is embarrassing for men to buy such things is somewhat of a mystery. You would think a man would be proud to go to the store, stand up tall and make the nonverbal statements that a) he has a woman in his life, b) he cares enough about the woman to go to the store for her when she needs something important and c) hes not such a goober that he would be embarrassed by something like that.
I’d think people would be more embarrassed to be loading up a shopping cart with stacks and stacks of Swanson’s dinners and Little Debbie’s. Can you say “bachelor alert.”
There are, however, things that are merited on the embarrassment scale. These are the things you place face down on the conveyor belt and sort of hold your breath until the clerk puts them in the white plastic bag. If you need to purchase only this one item, you usually walk around the store and find a bunch of other things you dont need to help hide the embarrassing item.
These would include things like Preparation H and early pregnancy tests.
My friend and I were cracking up about what if there was a task on one of those reality shows and you had to shop for all of the most embarrassing things at one time.
The list would include condoms, feminine hygiene products, Viagra, lice shampoo, Grecian formula, anti-fungal cream, facial wax, cold sore medicine, Ex-Lax, wart removal, Polaroid film, Rogaine, Vagisil and K-Y.

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