Airlines Airfare Watchdog

Heres a very useful website and optional fare alert service you may wish to explore.

Its called Airfare Watchdog .


Some of the features I like are:
– daily (or less often) e-mailing of fare information for cities you are interested in. If you select Chico (CIC) you can also see prices from Sacramento (SMF). (You might also want to track Redding [RDD].)
– Weekly internet only, last minute fares are included.
– Unlike Kayak, Sidestep, Orbitz, etc., they also compile fares for Southwest Airlines and other outlier carriers such as Allegiant.
– a chart listing current domestic airline baggage fees
– an entertaining and newsy blog (the Airfarewatchblog)

Airfare Watchdog is not a booking website. You go to an airline or travel agency website to book. (Note that on-line or off-line agencies may add booking fees in addition to the price of the ticket.)

Fares shown for domestic travel do include the 7.5% Federal excise tax and flight segment fees but do not include security fees and passenger facility (airport) fees.

For instance, the bargain fare they list of $195 round-trip on United between Chico and Philadelphia comes to a grand total $221.50 including the additional fees for the typical routing via SFO and then nonstop to Philly. (The same kind of fare on United out of Sacramento including all fees would be $190.)

Youll find many more resources available here but you can discover the rest on your own. Take a look and see what you think.

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