Elliott.org – Travel woes resolved and knowledge imparted

Heres a another travel website (with blog and e-mail newsletter) I enjoy. It encompasses aspects of travel in many forms: airlines, lodging, car rentals, travel agents, and so on.

The website is Elliott.org.


You may, in fact, already be familiar with a part of the website.

Christopher Elliott, the man behind Elliott.org writes a syndicated column called The Troubleshooter that appears in the travel section of many newspapers. He also is quoted in the media often in regard to issues of the day involving the travel industry.

As The Troubleshooter, Elliott is the St. Christopher of travel woes. Readers bring their impossible-to-fix problems to him and he in turn works his network of contacts to see if he can rectify the situation or at least explain to the unfortunate why it happened and how to avoid it in the future.

For example, the current episode of The Troubleshooter is about a gentleman who received two different price quotes for an airline ticket from Expedia: one using Expedias website and the other from an Expedia call center agent.

Take a look at the story or any one of the other accounts of his educating and often entertaining interventions in the soured relationships between the travel industry and its unhappy customers. More often than not hes successful at making things right and in the telling of the tale he dispenses worthwhile advice that readers can use to avoid the same fate as the person hes assisting.

My hunch is that when the customer relations department at a travel provider gets a call or e-mail from him they cringe knowing that the problem he will try to resolve will likely be a real doozy.

Elliott offers a weekly e-mail of news for which you can sign up, or you can view it from the link on his website. He also updates his blog on a regular basis.

Christopher Elliott is opinionated, never dull and always fun to read. Whats more you can learn plenty.

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