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When coming back from the Bay Area have you ever sat in traffic on 80 or 680 waiting to pay your bridge toll, gazing enviously at the folks zipping past you in the FasTrak lanes?

Well then, why dont you just sign up for FasTrak?

Heres what you need to know about getting a FasTrak account.

– You dont need to live in the Bay Area
– There is no minimum usage required
– It doesnt cost a penny to get FasTrak

The initial sign-up simply requires that you put $25 on your FasTrak account. Youll be mailed the transponder which you place in your dashboard. (Frequent users affix the device to the windshield with the velcro strips that are supplied. If you’re an infrequent user just be sure to place it on the dashboard when you need it.)

Then as your balance drops due to usage, your account is automatically replenished via a charge to your credit card.

You can even register more than one vehicle license plate to use with FasTrak but be careful you have the transponder in the vehicle youre actually using on that particular Bay Area trip.

In addition to saving time and reducing emissions from idling vehicles, FasTrak at times will save you money. When toll prices increase, FasTrak users usually enjoy a lag period of a month or two before the higher rate is charged. And mark my words, at some point in the future paying by cash will be penalized by means of higher tolls for non-FasTrak users.

FasTrak transponderFasTrak can be used on all of the state owned toll bridges in the Bay Area, plus the Golden Gate Bridge, as well as for parking at San Francisco Airport.

(Reminder about SFO. If you live in Chico you should just fly out of Chico, but if you must originate your flight at SFO consider a park-and-stay package or using two one-way car rentals instead of leaving your car. Read my previous post about one-way car rentals as airport shuttles.)

Whether you go to the Bay Area once a month or once every six months, I promise you each time you swoosh past a toll plaza and hear the acknowledging beep – beep from the transponder youll be happy you enrolled in FasTrak.

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