Running 2009 Boston Marathon epilogue

My speedy Reno-Tahoe Odyssey teammates did superbly in Boston this past Monday.

Take a look at their great performances.

Runner            Finish       Per mile pace
Paul Smith 2:34:39 5:54
Sean Murphy 3:05:19 7:04
Lisa Duke 3:32:57 8:08
John Maretti 3:44:16 8:34

Out of nearly 23,000 finishers Paul Smith came in 97th overall and 91st among males!

Congratulations to the other Chico area finishers. If you want to check the results click here or on the logo above. You can search for a specific runner or simply by city/state, etc.

Explanatory note for non-runners:

Sometimes when the subject of a marathon comes up a non-runner will ask how long a particular marathon is. Its a good question because the term is thrown around often in a non-running context (example: That test was a real marathon). With running it can be perceived by non-runners as a generic term for any running race.

But so theres no confusion, a marathon is exactly 26.2 miles (42.164 km) in length. All of the Boston Marathon finishers (or finishers of any other marathon) run 26.2 miles. A half-marathon is 13.1 miles and if you hear the term ultramarathon it means any running race in excess of 26.2 miles.

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