Team Phileo!

Phileo McAlexander, a very good friend dating from my Seattle days (1985-1990), is “looking forward” soon to being able to glow in the dark. Well, that’s a silly take on a serious subject. In fact, she is going to be undertaking a big dose of radiation today in order to clear out a cancerous thyroid.

33-Phileo - Ellie Breitmaier 1.jpg

Phileo got some good news yesterday. She found out that the nasty stuff has stayed put in her thyroid and not sent out invaders elsewhere in her body. Nonetheless, the radiation treatment is necessary to get the threat out altogether.

An avid cyclist, Phileo has signed up to ride in the LIVESTRONG Challenge in Seattle on 21 June. This cycling event raises awareness and money to fight cancer. It struck Phileo as the perfect running (or rolling) start to a glorious Pacific Northwest summer without thyroid cancer as she starts getting her strength back (and loses that “glow”) from the radiation.

And a bunch of her pals is riding with her and calling themselves “Team Phileo”.

Take a look at Phileo’s LIVESTRONG page.

Uncle VISA and Auntie MasterCard (and their various card relatives) make small donations easy to give. But lots of your small bucks can add up to BIG BUCKS to help fight the cancer monsters out there.

Thanks for helping Phileo out with the LIVESTRONG Challenge!

(I won’t be able to go to Seattle to do the ride but I carried around a couple of photos of Phileo when I did the Eugene Marathon recently. Phileo gave me support to get me across my finish line so now I’m returning the favor. Go, Go, Go – Phileo and Team Phileo!)

I conducted an e-mail contest for photos among Team Phileo’s members. Winner of the Big Prize (the Hagen-Dazs certificate) goes to Eilie for the photo above. Honorable mentions (but no certificate) go to Sabina, Neil, and Pam for the following.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo.

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35-Phileo - Neil Penwell 1.JPG
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  1. Phileo McAlexander says:

    Thanks for the support Greg! And thanks to everyone for their support. I have such amazing friends/family!!!
    I am gaining strength each day and am psyched about the Live Strong Challenge and “my” team!! Thank you all!!!

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