Broken laptop? Call Eric!


Right after I got back from Reno three weeks ago my old laptop failed me. Specifically, the “on” button kind of collapsed into the case. I couldn’t turn the darn thing on.

I went to a local computer store and they in essence said, “Your laptop is dead. You should buy a new one”.

But thankfully, they also gave me the name and number of Eric Reimer, owner of Affordable Computer Solutions, and told me he was the only one in the Chico area who specialized in fixing laptops.

Good thing I called him.

Eric called me right back and came over to my house to pick up the ailing machine. Then he called the next day to tell me what the problem was, brought it back, and then showed me a really easy work-around to avoid buying an expensive part. For this excellent service he charged a remarkably reasonable fee.

I am going to buy a new laptop later this year or early next year when Windows 7 is standard. When I do I’ll get a recommendation from Eric as to which laptop to buy, and then pay him to do the data transfer from my old machine to the new one.

When your laptop gets sick or just needs some professional attention, get in touch with Dr. Eric. You can reach him at (530) 570-8975.

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