Rail – “Northern California Explorer” excursion train, 3-5 June 2011

Here is another way to ride the Feather River Canyon, plus an even more unusual stretch from Keddie past Lake Almanor and Westwood all of the way to Klamath Falls and back.

The 3-day trip begins and ends in Emeryville with the usual Amtrak station stops as far as Sacramento, but Chico area travelers have the option of making just a 2-day trip that begins in Oroville and ends in Chico.

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3 Responses to Rail – “Northern California Explorer” excursion train, 3-5 June 2011

  1. Christine says:

    more info than the paradise post had in saturday’s edition? like where, when, how much from oroville to join the trip etc.?

  2. Leslie Floyd says:

    Hi Greg

    The trip sounds really great.
    I would like to know what the dates
    are for 2013 and the cost. I would
    greatly appreciate the info.

  3. Greg Fischer says:

    Thank you for your comment, Leslie.

    I just looked Trains & Travel International’s website and I don’t believe that they have included a trip like this in their 2013 calendar, but what they show now for next year is skimpy. I’m sure they’ll add more trips later.

    I suggest you go their website (http://www.traintrips.biz/) and then sign up for email from them. I think they send out periodic bulletins. Even if they don’t, bookmark the website and check it maybe once a month to see what they’ve added.

    I’d bet that they will have some kind of excursion in northern California next year.

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