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Your Tour GuideWelcome to the North State Sports and Shorts blog. Please keep your hands and feet inside the blog at all times until the ride is over. We’ll be visiting high school sports, Butte College athletics, some Chico State stuff, Northern California pro sports such as the Bay Area teams, and other various things such as fantasy sports. But the emphasis will be high school sports in the area. We’ll even link to other stories that are interesting whether they’re sports or just stuff worth the time because let’s face it all sports and no play make Jack a dull boy. I have some ideas for regular features, but more on those much later on down the road. If there’s something you want to read about, please feel free to speak up. After all, this blog isn’t just mine. I hope it’s yours as well. Just know we’ll try to keep it informative, interesting and educational, but if nothing else at least I hope it will remain interesting. After all, they’ve done studies, you know. Sixty percent of the time, it works every time. And with a little luck this blog just might be better than bad, it’s good. If you get these references, you’re going to fit right in here. Welcome and, I hope, enjoy. — Your Tour Guide, Joseph Shufelberger

About Joseph Shufelberger

Sports Writer for the Chico Enterprise-Record and Oroville Mercury-Register. Contact me at or (530) 896-7774. Note, I am out of the office twice a week (generally Sundays and Mondays) and sometimes out on assignment so I may not get back to you right away.
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