Destinations – Santa Rosa’s Bottle Barn

In this short, second-to-last post inspired by my recent stay in Sonoma County, I wanted to inform you of an attraction that isn’t attractive, certainly not in the conventional sense of beauty, history, or cultural significance.

Bottle Barn logo.jpg

Nonetheless, Santa Rosa’s Bottle Barn does draw those looking for an outstanding selection of wine, beer and liquor at competitive prices.

Bottle Barns slogan is Where Wine Country Buys Wine and I think that’s accurate.

Sorry I didn’t think to take a picture of their place of business but its about as interesting as your average structure along Meyers Street in Chico. Yet you’ll soon forget about the utilitarian appearance when roaming its aisles.

Don’t be surprised to find the same bottle you just bought at a winery at a significant discount here. Romantic it isn’t, but the Bottle Barn is an excellent place to look for great deals and wide variety.

You’ll find Bottle Barn about a mile west of U.S. 101 at the north end of Santa Rosa. Click here to see it on a Google map.

Ill close with this piece of good news to those who come to (or through) Santa Rosa: the 101 widening project is now finished and traffic moves much more easily through downtown.

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