Chico bloggers to invade Alameda

For several years I’ve told fellow Norcalblogger, Steve Brown (“But This is Chico, too”), what a great place Alameda is for someone like him, a self-described flaneur who enjoys walking amidst a mix of old and new and everything in between.

Tomorrow (Friday, 17 July), he and I will leave Chico bright and early at 6:00 a.m. for a one-day trip. I’ll drive and play tour guide but Steve gets to select from the array of choices where we go in the limited time available. We’ll wait for Bay Area rush hour traffic to abate slightly and then hit the road back to Chico in the early evening.

Steve has “blogging rights” since I already wrote two long posts about Alameda last year although I plan to write something about the temporary – I hope – closure of my favorite coffeehouse there.

Forecast for Chico tomorrow: 103
Forecast for Alameda tomorrow: 76

Can’t say I’ll miss the weather here while I’m gone!

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