Airline Fare School # 13 – Class dismissed!

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To those of you who have read all of the chapters of Airline Fare School you have my thanks and congratulations.

I hope you get the chance to put some of the things you’ve learned into practice when you plan a future trip.

At the very least, try to be creative when you structure trips. Use the tinker toys approach, and avoid being a slave to the tyranny of “round-trips” when something else might work better.

I’ll continue to write the occasional post about something interesting, unusual, or downright wacky when it comes to airline fares but this is the end of the structured approach of Airline Fare School.

To make it easier to get access to the series, here’s a table of contents:


Introduction:  Welcome to Airline Fare School

Chapter 1:     The Basics, part 1
Chapter 2:     The Basics, part 2
Chapter 3:     The Basics, part 3
Chapter 4:     One ways and round trips
Chapter 5:     Connections, Stopovers, Through fares, Point-to-Point fares
Chapter 6:     Open jaws and Tinkertoys
Chapter 7:     Circle trips
Chapter 8:     Secret stopovers, Part 1
Chapter 9:     Secret stopovers, Part 2
Chapter 10:   Secret stopovers, Part 3
Chapter 11:   Differences between domestic and international fares
Chapter 12:   How you can research airline fares
Chapter 13:   Class dismissed!

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7 Responses to Airline Fare School # 13 – Class dismissed!

  1. Nigel Stringfellow says:

    Excellent stuff Greg,
    I’ve just started a course in Travel and Tourism but I haven’t got to the ticketing bit yet,your blog has taught me heaps that I will be able to use in my course in the near future,thank you so much!

  2. Greg Fischer says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Nigel. I’m glad that you found Airline Fare School useful. Please pass it on to your classmates if you like.

    By the way, I’ll be doing a similar (but much shorter) treatment of Amtrak fares in the not too distant future.

    Good luck with the Travel & Tourism program!

    — Greg

  3. BJ Miller says:

    I’ve learned more in your short course about airline fares than I would have thought possible. Thanks for a lot of info in a reader friendly style.
    Love Amtrak and can’t wait for the Amtrak version.

  4. Thomas says:

    Excellent tutorial about this fascinating (at least to me) world of air travel indistry.

    I’m living in Africa and I’ve already spotted a way to spend a few days visiting Ethiopia for free thanks to the stopover tricks.

    Looking forward to other posts !

  5. Andy says:

    My wife and I lived in Seattle for number of years and would like to get back to visit. I looks like we might be able to piggyback it on a Hawaii visit for just a couple extra bucks. Great stuff. Much appreciated.

  6. Jennifer says:

    Really enjoyed reading your series (read it all in one sitting)! Thank you!

  7. Greg Fischer says:

    That is quite an undertaking, Jennifer! I’m glad you enjoyed it, and hope you found a useful thing or two to apply to your travels. If you’re interested in train travel, I’m doing something similar called “Amtrak Service and Fares”, in my main blog “Planes, Trains, and Running”. ( Happy and safe travels!

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