Life In Chico and Other Places Infected by Bums

by Jack

Today my son (a cop) saved a homeless Hispanic man from a heroin overdose and a few hours later he arrested an illegal alien.  That guy was addicted to smoking meth.  The latter is from Nicaragua and was arrested in the commission of  commercial burglary (second time in two months).  In both cases addiction was the motivation for their bizarre behaviors.  Drug abuse has both of them severally disabled and forced to steal to support their habit…so much for drugs being a victimless crime.  It is not!  Only forced incarceration will stop these addicts…. or a bullet.

For these losers at life, there is almost a 99.9% chance neither will ever recover.  They will be addicted until death.  They will never hold an honest job or in any way contribute to society.  These are today’s homeless and they will be lifelong burdens, costing taxpayers and their victims millions before they final chapter is over in their worthless lives.

There are now tens of thousands of criminals living as homeless people on the street, in cities all over the west coast.  They are addicted to meth, crack or heroin.  They exist from one fix to the next, thanks to the charity of others and then these bums turn around and steal from them or worse.

In Chico heroin was never a problem – but it today.  A lot of things were never a problem until today, but thanks to liberals it’s not the nice little place we grew up calling home. The liberals have made sure of that.  California’s one party politics has caused a massive go-soft on crime.  It has left the citizens of CA at the mercy of the predators.  CA reduced the penalties, cut incarcerations and simultaneously decriminalized low level drugs offenses and now we have a huge mess. 

The democrat socialist club of Chico and liberals on the City Council make it too easy for the addicted bums to live on the city streets during the day and pillage at night.  Where do the liberals think thee bums get the money to feed their habit?  They sure don’t work for it!

So, our bums are given free tents, free clothing, free drug cookers, free rubber tie offs, free needles and in some cases, they are given free hotel rooms with free booze provided!  That would be Operation Room Key.   CA has rented over 16,000 hotel rooms for the bums, but they have about a 20% walk away rate even with the catered meals.

The bums get free food at any number of nice places around Chico, including meals that the do-gooders bring to them, so they don’t have to eat at the Mission!  Oh, it’s a great life!  The bums take full advantage of medical services at the ER at great expense to you and me.  Drugs are a serious social problem and sometimes their drug addictions leads to  violence, such as homicides.  Then we pay once again to keep them locked up, sometimes for life.

A spike in thefts, stabbings, robberies, burglaries, car clouts, bike thefts and muggings can be direct traced right back to the so-called homeless.  Time after time when these bums are contacted and offered free shelter, they turn it down, saying they don’t want the rules that go with it.  They prefer to camp in a city park and bathe in the creek.

They can’t come and go as they please at the rescue mission or the Torres shelter, but when they are sleeping in Civic Center Park, well, there’s nothing to stop them from their criminal activities.  They prefer to live this way, because they are addicts!  Their life is kept far from hitting rock bottom because of enablers in this town with their freebee.  These foolish enablers and codependents, they have done this to us.  The liberals and  socialists are doing their worst to ruin this country (see video on this page).

The useful- fools in Chico firmly believe that all these homeless people need is a tiny house and they want you and me to pay for it.  I would like to shove that tiny house right up their…. it’s BS!  I’m beyond disgusted.


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3 Responses to Life In Chico and Other Places Infected by Bums

  1. J. Soden says:

    I grew up in what is now Taxifornia – in what used to be called “The Golden State.”
    It’s not “golden” anymore and I’m not sure that it could ever be returned to “golden” with the Demwits in charge.
    Glad I’m no longer there.

  2. Harold says:

    More and more, Chico is a town that it is great idea to be from!

    This coming November, if the real causes behind this Liberal epidemic of criminal behavior and support are re-elected, your best, and maybe only opinion is to move, because Chico has left you.

    The current majority of progressive Liberals have once more reversed a Conservative led and recovered Chico (the result of a previous disastrous Liberal City council) and driven it back into the ground morally, and soon to follow will be another financial crisis, that will result in a bankrupt city.

  3. Michael Davis says:

    The homeless trash have taken over America and the cops let these worthless bums shoot up in broad day light and get away with anything. There are so many stupid morons who love to defend these homeless trash (libtards). Most states have lower drug possession to the same as public intox. The bums/junkies know they can bust and do a few hours in jail and then go back on the streets hours later to beg and steal. There are so many meth labs throughout the country and the cops refuse to bust the idiots and the homeless trash running them.

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