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Congress Discusses Removing Qualified Immunity

by Jack Lee The Supreme Court created qualified immunity in 1967, describing it as a modest exception for public officials who had acted in “good faith” and believed that their conduct was authorized by law. Qualified immunity protects police officers … Continue reading

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by Jack Care homes and rehab hospitals are mandated by the State of California to provide infection control methods which translates to isolation wards in every rehab and care facility in the state.   Obviously, this is to keep their … Continue reading

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Liberals Kill Nancy Green’s Legacy

by Jack Nancy Green’s story is one that could only have been written in America.  A true rags to riches story and an inspiration to anyone facing great adversity.   Her story is about to be lost because of the … Continue reading

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How I see It….Minneapolis Part 2

by Jack 2012 – The Black Lives Matters organization got its start because of the Trayvon Martin incident in Florida.  The cops had nothing to do with the death, but they were quickly labeled the bad guys by BLM and … Continue reading

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Defund the Police!

by Jack The Minneapolis city council thinks it would be wise to defund their police department in the wake of the George Floyd death.  The gang of four on the Chico city council think’s so too. Hmmm, lets see, should … Continue reading

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Memorial Day and What it Means

by Jack Twice a year we honor our military.  One is called Veterans Day.  It is celebrated out of appreciation for all who wore the uniform with honor.  The other is Memorial Day.  You don’t wish a vet a happy … Continue reading

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Wha… Progressives Lie?

by Jack Last Sunday, a very small and very peaceful protest group gathered on the sidewalk about 50 feet from the tent owned by NVHRC for their “needle giveaway” program.  This was in a public place called Windchime Park.  The … Continue reading

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You Won’t Believe the Price of Oil

by Jack -$37.63…. no, that’s not $37.63 per barrel, that’s negative $37.63 per barrel!  Can you believe it?  That was the price as of yesterday. We’ve apparently run out of places to store oil.  Yesterday was also the due date … Continue reading

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Did Obama Send Wuhan Lab $3.7M????

Thanks for to Harold for this one – what do you think?  I haven’t heard too much and neither has Harold, but we thought you might like to take a look and offer some comments. This came from the Daily … Continue reading

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Another Tale of the Filthy Four

by Jack The filthy four on the Chico City Council have laid down the law for police, basically saying hands off the bums and junkies and by all means, don’t mess with their illegal camping sites on City property, you … Continue reading

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