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Have We Wasted Billions on the F35?

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Former Air Force Officer Sells Out to Iran

by Jack After all that’s been said about Iran’s part in fomenting terrorism in the Middle East, it’s hatred for the USA, it’s part in killing our soldiers in Iraq, it’s capture of US military personnel in gulf waters, it’s … Continue reading

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SR-72 – Scram Jet Exceeds Mach 6.2

Posted by Jack Aircraft experts and military aficionados have cause to rejoice now that Lockheed Martin has debuted the SR-72 unmanned spy plane, the long-awaited successor to the SR-71 Blackbird and potentially the first hypersonic craft to enter service.  5 … Continue reading

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Central American Invaders Number 10,000 – Purpose Behind the Motto on the Great Seal of the United States

Posted by Tina “E Plurubus Unum”…does it mean we must allow anyone to enter our nation at any time? A great caravan of peoplefrom Central America are, once again, intent on invading our country. The waves show no signs of … Continue reading

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NATO Chief Thanks President Trump

Posted by Tina His words were blunt. But he spoke the truth and in doing so, challenged the other members of NATO to hold up their end of the bargain. He was criticized for his crude style, called unpresidential and … Continue reading

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Facts About A top Secret Security Clearance

by Jack Under normal conditions a top secret (TS) security clearance is good for 5 years. If a TS holder switches jobs and no longer requires a TS clearance, it is automatically put on suspension for the next 2 years … Continue reading

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More on UFO’s

by Jack If there is one thing that people can agree on, it’s that making contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial lifeform would be the greatest discovery in human history.    This subject have given us a lot to consider, most … Continue reading

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US Prepares for Return of MIA Remains from North Korea

Posted by Tina The United States military has moved 100 caskets to the demilitarized zone of North and South Korea in anticipation of the remains of US soldiers being returned home: According to the agency tasked with overseeing issues POW/MIA … Continue reading

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Military Denies Secret Missile Launch

by Jack On the day of President Trump’s historic meeting with North Korean dictator, Kim Jung Un, the U.S. Navy, for reasons not yet disclosed, decided to do a missile launch from the USS Ohio, a guided-missile submarines (SSGN), informed … Continue reading

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Huge Navy Scandal Underway

Posted by Tina This is the type of news that delivers a stomach punch: When then-Special Assistant to the Chief of Naval Operations Bryan Clark saw the news about a couple of Navy officials caught up in a salacious bribery … Continue reading

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