Austerity for Dummies

Posted by Tina

The word “austerity” is is used by our socialist friends to disparage sound economic policy. They scornfully spit out the term so as to make the word sound evil: denying children food and shelter and throwing grandma off a cliff. So let’s take a look at what austerity economics looks like in terms any dummy should be able to get:

1. Austerity is not running up a your credit card to a five thousand dollar balance when you only make the minimum wage.

2. Austerity is making sure your kids are well fed, clothed, and cared for medically BEFORE you spend on junk food cigarettes, booze, drugs, eating out or any other extravagance.

3. Austerity is finding ways to save, even if it’s only pennies at a time.

4. Austerity is paying bills on time.

5. Austerity is looking for ways to improve your economic situation.

Definition of austerity from Investopedia;

Austerity is a state of reduced spending and increased frugality in the financial sector. Austerity measures generally refer to the measures taken by governments to reduce expenditures in an attempt to shrink their growing budget deficits.

So Austerity is about living ones life responsibly and in terms of our government it means being wise managers, responsible managers, of the peoples tax money. Does anyone recall the way the left railed against Bush deficit spending. President Obama called it “irresponsible” and “unpatriotric.”

Tell me, how is austerity a bad thing? Why shouldn’t austerity be a high priority of government? And in terms of the overall economy, why shouldn’t what the people need be a high priority as well.

In the last ten years the Democrat Party has had their way. President Obama was ushered in with enormous support by the people. Despite the fact that his policies were not resulting in a growing economy and plenty of jobs, the people elected him again delivering a mandate. After nearly four more years it should be obvious, austerity has been thrown out the window, job creators have been oppressed, and the people are suffering. The president and the left media are still trying to convince the American people that the success of Reagonomics is a myth. What a pathetic political line of BS that is. Obama has never seen growth of 3% during his entire term of office. One of the Reagan years saw growth over 7% and the remaining years averaged around 3%. New businesses sprung up, good jobs were created, and a robust economy continues well beyond his presidency. Bill Clinton benefited from the momentum of the robust Reagan recovery when he made the wise decision to declare the era of big government over and cooperated with the republicans in Congress to enact Reaganesque policy and tax rates.

America needs strong growth. It will not happen in a Bernie or Hillary presidency. Both abhor responsible government, preferring to tax, spend, and grow the cost of government. Just as the last eight years have shown, this would result in more misery for the American people.

Austerity works to make families stronger. It works to make our government stronger and our people more productive, happy, and able to grow the family budget. Austerity is the responsible path to prosperity.

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LA: Protesters”Rage” Outside of Trump Rally

Posted by Tina

The LA Times reports this morning that protest turned to “rage” at a Trump rally in Orange County Thursday night. Mexican flags and dump Trump signs were the first indicators that there would be trouble. Hundreds of Trump supporters rights to assemble were denied, five police cars were badly damaged when rioters stomped on them. One police car’s window was smashed. Tires were slashed and attempt was made to overturn one vehicle. Rioters also blocked a freeway on-ramp and hurled rocks at nearby cars. Arrests were made:

By 10:15 p.m., the bedlam had largely subsided and Lt. Mark Stichter of the Orange County sheriff’s department said no major injuries were reported.

Costa Mesa police confirmed that 17 people — 10 males and seven females — were arrested on suspicion of unlawful assembly. Details on the ages and names of those arrested were not released.
The violent demonstration was underway after Trump concluded his speech before a crowd of thousands.

One of the mostly Latino protesters remarked to reporters: “I knew this was going to happen,” Lujan added. “It was going to be a riot. He deserves what he gets.”

What he may get is the presidency.

Trump made his priority clear when he spoke:

At a rally Thursday night in Orange County, CA, Donald Trump was joined on stage by Jamiel Shaw, whose son was murdered by an illegal alien in 2008, and other members of the Remembrance Project.

“They’re unbelievable, they’ve suffered,” Trump said before bringing them up on the stage. “These are great people.”

“We demand Americans first,” Shaw said. “We don’t care about illegal aliens.” The person who murdered his son was an “illegal alien on his third gun charge.”

“They all have a very similar story to tell,” Trump said. “People that shouldn’t have been here, people that should have never been allowed to come over the border and they come here like its nothing, they walk through it like its nothing,” he said as the crowd chanted “build a wall.”

“We’re going to stop it and we’re going to build a wall,” Trump promised.

If it’s good enough for this nation’s house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, it’s good enough for America!

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Pie Guevara’s Occasional Friday Follies: When Falsetto Ruled The Earth (and other musings.)

Presented for your edification and enjoyment, a few treats from YouTube. I hope you take these bits and then have as much fun exploring as I did.

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Hillary Clinton Pushed to Lower Minimum Wage!

by Jack

hillary-clinton-benghazi-600x337During her tenure as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton moved to roll back impoverished Haiti’s minimum wage of 61 cents an hour to 32 cents an hour. She intervened on behalf of the U.S. garment-makers industry who opposed any minimum wage hikes. Eventually Haiti’s minimum wage hike was defeated in favor of big business.

To be absolutely fair Mrs. Clinton was not the only top official involved in this, but she was a key player. The Obama Administration signed off on it and Obama himself ultimately must take full responsibility for this slave wage.

Want to know my sources? Try looking it up on every major news outlet on the net, radio and television or better yet…try Hoaxbusters. If you are a democrat and a liberal why would you vote for Hillary knowing she kept poor black Haitian’s down with a virtual slave wage? Why would you do that and risk being called a hypocrite?


What a Miserable Man: Boehner Channels Trump to Slam Ted Cruz

Posted by Tina

Ex-Speaker of the House John Boehner spoke to a group at Stanford on Wednesday and took the occasion to take a shot at Ted Cruz saying that Cruz is: “Lucifer in the flesh” and a “miserable son of a bitch… I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life.”

Cruz responded on twitter: “Tell me again who will stand up to Washington? Trump, who’s Boehner’s ‘texting and golfing buddy,’ or Carly and me?”

Cruz also pointed out that he hadn’t spent enough time with Boehner to say he “worked with” the fallen speaker and that when they did cross paths in Congress he always greeted him graciously.

John Boehner has some nerve! This is a man that lost his job for bending over backwards to “work with” Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Boehner is a man that failed to stand up for republican ideals. So who’s the truly evil guy in the picture? In my estimation it’s the coward who refused to defund the Pelosi/Reid ACA to strike a meaningful blow for the American people. Cruz took that political risk because it was the right thing to do. Republicans won the House because they promised to get rid of Obamacare. Cruz would show the same courage and take the same political risks as president. Not sure Mr. Trump would.

UPDATE: Just found out the two worked together before Cruz came to Congress when Cruz served Boehner as his attorney:

“Ted Cruz used to be my attorney a long time ago. A good guy. I don’t always agree with him, but he’s a good guy,” Boehner told Jay Leno Thursday on NBC’s “The Tonight Show.” …

…The year was 1998. Shania Twain and Savage Garden were all the rage. Boehner was House Republican Conference chairman. He had decided to sue Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.) for allegedly violating wiretapping laws.

At issue was a recorded phone conversation in 1996 involving Boehner and then-Speaker Newt Gingrich, among others. A Florida couple intercepted the call on a police scanner. The couple gave a recording of the call to McDermott, then the top Democrat on the Ethics Committee. (Gingrich was facing ethics sanctions.) McDermott shared it with the New York Times. And, well, Boehner wasn’t happy.

The couple ended up pleading guilty and paying a fine of $500.00 each.

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Big Threat, Big Wall

Posted by Tina

GDP for the first quarter this year was less than 1%, a miserable, hanging on by the fingernails, .5%. Obama is the first president to never see a single quarter of 3% growth and the next three quarters don’t have much of a “shot” at reaching 3%. Business investment is the lowest since the recession. Home ownership is the third lowest on record. The economy isn’t recovering and the people are suffering to the point of despair. The Obama economy is a BIG, BIG threat to the pursuit of happiness!

Maybe this ugly economic news, and more, is why a higher wall will be built around the White House:

“The current fence simply is not adequate for a modern era. We’ve said that before. It is becoming more and more acutely clear that that is in fact the case,” Secret Service official Tom Dougherty said in the briefing to federal officials.

“(The fence) is entirely scale-able, depending upon the circumstances. And we have now a society that tends to want to jump over the fence and onto the 18 acres,” Daugherty said in the briefing.

According to the Secret Service briefing, the agency’s plans would raise the current 6-foot-tall fence to 11 feet. A new concrete “footing” and “foundation” for the fence are also planned.

Secret Service and National Park Service plans for the new fence would also include “anti-climb features” to deter fence jumpers. Small spikes, which officials call “pencil points,” were added to the current fence in 2015 after a series of jumpers leapt the fence on to White House grounds.

The plans for the new White House fence would include 1¾-inch pickets and taller gates near entrances to the grounds.

Hmmmm…sounds like a familiar problem. I guess it’s smart, practical, and wise to secure the White House but the country can just go pound sand ’cause building a security wall to protect our nation would be “racist.”

No information was provided about the expense for this higher fence but I’m pretty sure that our near $20 trillion in debt makes this higher fence a bit of an extravagance. We should forget about that and focus on the fifteen to twenty jobs this project might temporarily generate…or something.

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Are We Stuck Or Can the Big Government Bureaucracy Be Trimmed Back?

Posted by Tina

Whenever I get to a place where things look miserable and hopeless I go looking for rays of sunshine on the web. I found a ray or two yesterday at The Heritage Foundation. I’ll focus on Part 4 of a four part series that looks at the big tangled federal government, how it got that way, and what can be done about it. Heritage refers to the “administrative state” and suggest all three branches of government must participate in returning to a legal structure that adheres to Constitutional principles:

Each of the three legitimate branches of government has a role to play in restoring constitutional government and reining in the unconstitutional power of the administrative state.

1. Congress can take concrete and attainable steps to restore its constitutional responsibility for making the laws.

2. The President can take measures to attain greater control of the truly executive functions of administrative agencies and federal departments, restoring the chief executive’s constitutional authority to oversee executive branch affairs (and creating incentives for Congress to stop delegating its power).

3. The courts can take more responsibility in reviewing the decisions of administrative agencies and federal bureaucracies, both to prevent the expansion of their powers and to preserve the rule of law and the rights of citizens who are subject to the agencies’ and departments’ control.

Follow the link to read more about steps the three branches could take to dismantle the tangled bureaucracy of the “administrative state.”

Lets face it, one reason we’re in this bureaucratic nightmare is that the lure of easy money was more than the people could resisit, whether in big cities or smaller municipalities. When the federal government offers cash for education, or other local concerns, it’s hard to resist the temptation to offer local kids a “better shot.” But easy money turns into expected money and that turns into entitled money and all along the way the local people have forgotten it is their responsibility, not the federal governments, to see to it that their kids get a good education. Apply this simple example to everything from healthcare to energy, from the conservation to security and before you know it we are at the effect of decisions made by a few un-elected people in DC pushing paper, making huge salaries, and contributing nothing to the education of local kids. This amounts to a huge waste of “our” money.

We can all greedy, can’t we? We’re all sometimes lured by what seems to be the easier path. And it’s difficult to stop and consider how the decisions we make today can become tomorrows nightmare. But looking back we can see how greedily taking the easier path has landed us in a nightmare. We can see that federal education dollars has not resulted in better educated kids. We can see that giving up responsibility for false comfort or ease has a terrible eventual outcome.

Dismantling the federal bureaucracy would take persistent dedication by all three branches of government. It’s not something we can count on happening tomorrow but it’s foolish to shrink from making the idea a point of discussion. One of the ways a single person can make a big difference is to become educated about what could happen, why it must happen, and the benefits that would follow and then share that information and your thoughts with friends and relatives. Joseph Postell Ph.D. of Heritage is there to help. We are the pilgrims for America’s future. With a little effort we can make this happen

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Education: 39% of Graduating Students Are Ready for College

graduationPosted by Tina

The number of graduating students prepared for college in reading and math has slipped a couple of percentage points from two years ago, according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress. The number of students graduating high school has risen but their skills haven’t kept pace, a sad indication that education in America isn’t improving much. The WSJ reports:

Only 37% of American 12th-graders were academically prepared for college math and reading in 2015, a slight dip from two years earlier, according to test scores released Wednesday.

The National Assessment of Educational Progress, also known as the “Nation’s Report Card,” said that share was down from an estimated 39% in math and 38% in reading in 2013.

Educators and policy makers have long lamented that many seniors get diplomas even though they aren’t ready for college, careers or the military. Those who go to college often burn through financial aid or build debt while taking remedial classes that don’t earn credits toward a degree. …

…At the time of the assessment, 42% of the test-takers said they had been accepted into a four-year college. The test is taken by a representative sample of seniors nationwide.

If educators want to change what’s happenig at the point of graduation in 12th grade they need to see what’s happening in K-4, the critical years when the foundation for reading and writing skills are formed. Other strategies would include getting control of the border and our immigration policy and finally, finally, addressing core problems in poor communitites that include bad schools, destructive dependency programs, break-up in the family and loss of a moral code. Do the American people have the courage to back what would work or will we stick with the politically correct, activism, and the tired old responses of failed Democrat “solutions.”

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Ex Speaker Dennis Hastert Sentenced to Prison and More

Posted by Tina

Dennis Hastert, the Republican ex-speaker has been sentenced to one year in prison. he was initially accused in a hush-money case that uncovered information that he sexually abused teenagers while coaching high school wrestling. The sex abuse charges are beyond the statute of limitations but testimony was allowed in the hush money trial:

Judge Thomas M. Durkin also ordered Hastert to undergo sex-offender treatment, spend two years on supervised release after 15 months behind bars and pay a $250,000 fine to a crime victims’ fund.

In explaining his punishment, the judge called Hastert a “serial child molester” and described as “unconscionable” his attempt to accuse one of the victims of extortion.

Hastert becomes one of the highest-ranking politicians in American history to be sentenced to prison. He pleaded guilty last fall to violating banking law as he sought to pay $3.5 million to someone referred to in court papers only as Individual A to keep the sex abuse secret.

Drudge highlights one AP story as “republican shame.” It’s true hastert has brought shame on the Republican Party…when will the shame of the double standard arrive?


Trump Wins Big in Five States

Posted by Tina

There’s no way around it, Donald Trump won in every single county in every state. That’s yuge, as he would say. He now considers himself the Republican presumptive nominee. Trump now has 953 delegates, Cruz, 546, Rubio 171 ,and Kasich 153. As the race moves to the western states momentum will work in Trumps favor. People prefer to back a perceived winner and for some voters the other candidates don’t have a serious chance to overcome the frontrunner. The Cruz/Kasich plan to win in a contested contest at the convention has deflated. Trump has attracted much more interest than Romney, in contrast Democrats are bleeding support. Trump will speak momentarily (> 10:00 AM Pacific) on foreign policy.

Elitists in the Party are afraid Hillary will beat Trump. I think they are ridiculous in their predictions. Hillary is being seriously challenged by Bernie (1659-1348 delegate). Her negatives are high and women are not all supporting her as she imagined.

Prediction: Donald Trump is our next president.