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China Lied People Died: The Truth About The World's Deadliest "Virus"

What is the deadliest thing mankind has ever encountered in history? Disease, famine, nuclear weapons? Not even close. By sheer body count, it’s an idea. One that thrives on absolute power and control, and will stop at nothing to achieve complete domination.This is the story of the deadliest virus in the world, COMMUNISM. You can’t kill an idea, but ideas can kill you. We must fight this virus to survive.#Truth #Coronavirus #China #CommunismKills

Posted by Turning Point USA on Saturday, June 27, 2020

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The Great Awakening

by Jack

Did you hear about the arrest of the guy who orchestrated the attack on the statue of Andrew Jackson in Washington DC?   He is a prime example of today’s violent anti-American protestor.  He had ties right back to the ANTIFA lunatics.  He was self radicalized and he is one of many thousands that represent a clear danger to America, the Constitution and even to your family.

People like him exist for one reason only and I want you to think about it.   Who gave them permission to do what they do?  Who gave them the authority to trample on the law and the God given rights of good citizens?   In a way, we did.  We did because we took no action to stop them.  We let the vocal minority take over city after city.  We let them spew their poison because they dangerous, highly organized and intimidating.

The leftist’ answer was to seek appeasement, defund the police and all well be better.  That was a lie and it will not get better.  History tells us that dictators will always rise up when there is an opening, an absence of moral resistance, when there is divided leadership or when there is fear among the people to stand up for what is right.

I ask you, what would today look like if the huge angry mob had come out in Minneapolis to defend stores against the thugs, arsonists and looters?   Those rioters had no moral or legal authority to run wild, so why oh why did we let them?   Our inaction only made matters worse.

What would today look like if the huge angry mob came out to defend  the historic statues that were being torn down by the evil mob determined to erase history.   History is not evil, history is not racist, it is just history and we learn from it.  There is a greater danger when we fail to learn from history; When we cave to the demands of those that would rewrite our history to something of their liking.

What would today look like if the huge angry mob came out in Seattle and said no, you will not take over this police station and you will not foment insurrection!  But, there was a void in leadership and lives were lost.  The damage was enormous and the scars of division run deep.  Once again those that did this evil… escaped justice.

What would today look like if the huge angry mob came out and said NO to the haters and race baiters trying to convince America that all the men and women in law enforcement are systemic racists, that white people or capitalism [is] the problem and that we must all bow down before the alter of political correctness?

What would today look like if the huge angry mob came out and said no we are not going to play the so-called black national anthem before sporting events.  We are not going to sit by while athletes take a knee during America’s National Anthem.   We will not be told to shut up. Yes, its okay to say “all lives matters!” They do.

What would today look like if the huge angry mob came out and said no we’re not going to change the name of Rhode Island the Providence Plantation.  We’re not going to boycott Aunt Jemima pancake mix or Uncle Ben’s rice.  These are not racists things.  And we’re not going to stop using Ladies and Gentlemen for something gender neutral…  90% of America says get over yourself.

What would today look like if the huge angry mob came out every time the other mob to attack lawful MAGA supporters, burn the American flag and destroy public property?

Well, stick around folks, because the push back is coming.  The huge, angry mob is preparing.  They are in every city facing the threat of identity politics and the turmoil it creates.   This is a righteous anger and its welling up against evil people and their foolish, misguided followers.  This is the beginning of change and the restoration of justice.  This is the feeling coming from the overwhelming majority of Americans.

When the citizen-patriots come out in force and the thugs suffer their first loss, the next time the rout will get even easier.  Eventually, when they have been spanked into submission, then and only then will the radicals learn who truly runs this country and it’s not them!

This will be the great awakening and I can’t wait.

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Nothing less than the integrity of science is at stake.

By Pie Guevara

Pie Guevara appears in Posts Scripts through the gracious courtesy of Jack Lee and Tina Grazier and is an unregistered trademark of Engulf and Devour Investments LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Walton Industries which, in turn, is wholly owned by David Walton.  So there!

Climate alarmism versus integrity at National Academies of Science


Citizens for a Safe Chico

By Pie Guevara

Pie Guevara appears in Posts Scripts through the gracious courtesy of Jack Lee and Tina Grazier and is an unregistered trademark of Engulf and Devour Investments LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Walton Industries which, in turn, is wholly owned by David Walton.  So there!

Regarding Jack’s recent post Civic Center Park Turns into Garbage Dump, have you had enough yet?

If so go to Citizens for a Safe Chico and contribute. Listen to the radio ad. Watch the videos. Read the articles. If you have an account on Facebook you can visit them there too. The same videos that are on the main internet site also appear on their YouTube site.

We must stop these wrong headed, extreme left-wing political elitists from destroying our town and parks with their deranged policies that have increased crime dramatically, turned our waterways into open sewers and garbage dumps, are destroying the human and natural environment and completely disregard the health and safety of our citizens and our children. To this end Randall Stone and the rest of the lunatic liberal mob on the Chico City Council must be dethroned. Otherwise this terrible and intolerable situation will only get worse.


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On the Bright Side

by Jack


Even though bees had a ‘very good year,’ with the second smallest winter hive loss in 14 years, according to an annual survey released in March, agriculture experts continue to look for alternative pollination techniques.  Eijiro Miyako, an associate professor at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology has successfully used soapy bubbles to pollinate a pear orchard by delivering pollen grains to targeted flowers in the most delicate way, utilizing a tiny drone.


Black Lives Matter protestor is being hailed as a hero after he came to the rescue of a counter-protestor who was injured at an anti-racism rally in London.

Patrick Hutchinson’s face has been featured on news outlets around the world since he was photographed carrying the far-right demonstrator to safety during the protest near Waterloo Bridge this weekend. 

Hutchinson says that it had been the first anti-racism gathering that he had attended since the movement gained worldwide traction following the death of George Floyd. Although the event was meant to be a peaceful protest for police reform, fights broke out in London after counter-protestors gathered in opposition to the rally.

“It was pretty hectic,” Hutchinson told Bloomberg QuickTake in the interview below. “It was almost like a stampede. It was lots of people.”

After Hutchinson and his friends joined the rally, he witnessed the white demonstrator fall to the ground following a violent altercation between the protestors and counter-protestors. Since the man was surrounded by people, he was unable to get up from a fetal position.

“His life was under threat,” Hutchinson recalled. “I sort of just thought, ‘well, if he stays here, he’s not gonna make it.'”

As Hutchinson’s friends formed a protective ring around the injured man, Hutchinson hoisted him onto his shoulders and carried him away from the crowd.  Hutchinson then passed the injured man off to nearby police officers who thanked him for his courageous actions.

“I want to see equality for everybody. I am a father, a grandfather and I would love to see my young children, my young grandchildren, my nieces, my nephews have a better world than I have lived in,” Hutchinson told CNN. “The world I live in has been better than my grandparents and my parents and hopefully we can continue until we have total equality for everyone.”


19-year-old Jose Nuñez Romaniz was helping his grandfather buy a pair of socks online when he noticed his account balance was low. So he drove to the nearest Wells Fargo to his home in Albuquerque to make a deposit. Little did he know, he was about to make an incredible discovery.

When he arrived to make his deposit, Jose noticed a clear plastic bag on the ground filled with cash. It turned out to be $135,000 worth of $50 and $20 bills.

“When I first saw it, I kind of stared at it for a few seconds, not knowing what to do,” Jose told the New York Times. “I was very shocked. I’ve never seen so much money.”

Crazy thoughts raced through his head. Was someone going to kidnap him? Was this some kind of practical joke? After taking a moment to collect himself, Jose did what he knew was the right thing: he called the police. They soon discovered that the money had accidentally been left behind by a worker tasked with refilling the ATM.

Albuquerque Police Dept.

“This money could have made an incredible amount of difference in his life if he went down the other path, but he chose the integrity path and did the right thing,” Office Simon Drobik, a spokesman for the Albuquerque police told CNN.

Officer Drobik later told The Times: “I’ve seen a lot of stuff in 21 years, but this was unique and refreshing for the department and city.”

Albuquerque Police Dept.

Jose’s childhood dream has been to work in law enforcement himself, as a crime scene investigator and currently studies criminal justice at Central New Mexico Community College. On Tuesday, he received an unexpected call from Officer Drobik, asking him what it was like to be considered a “hero” in his community—and even though Jose said he didn’t feel like a hero, the mayor and police chief held a ceremony to honor him, anyway.

Mayor Tim Keller praised the young man’s honesty in returning every penny of the money, saying, “Man, we all know that temptation. Even just to take a little, just one of those bundles off the top. I mean that had to be really hard.” 

Local businesses have showered Jose with rewards. He has received gift cards from local restaurants, sports gear, and season tickets for University of New Mexico football courtesy of ESPN radio. He was also given a $500 scholarship from an electric company.

And, perhaps best of all, the police chief invited Jose to apply for a job as a public service aid for the department.

It was also the best gift for Mother’s Day. “She called me and almost started crying… She told me I did the right thing and that she was proud of me.”




Civic Center Park Turns into Garbage Dump

by Jack

24 Jun Chico – Young adults and teens were congregating in Chico’s Civic Center Park, mostly around the amphi-dome.  No it was not for a concert, these were homeless people.  Like birds coming to roost, they start filling the park as the sun goes down.  The park would be where they will sleep for the night.   It’s a routine for that is repeated every evening about 9 pm.   For many of them it’s a regular meeting place where they’ve stayed for months.   Their numbers seems to be growing too.   I have mention that some of these people will go out stealing, especially if they have a drug habit.  That’s been a big problem for Chico.

As I walked around the park this evening, I noticed two older guy (classic looking bums) standing about 20 feet apart from each other, facing some invisible person.  Both were chatting away with this invisible person.  I wondered, if I moved one of them in front of the other, would these two schizophrenics then have an endless conversation with each other?  I no, not funny.  It was just a thought.

She comes running by me.  She’s a chubby girl with a half shaved head and Dred locks. She repeatedly bangs what look like a block of dried crusty bread on the corner of the curb.  She is barefoot, wears fish nets and a mini skirt 3 sizes too small.   I’m told this is the fashion with street kids.

On the other side of the park I can see a few young travelers already in sleeping bags.  Character after character are represented in this later night gathering spot.   And what a menagerie it is.

And then there is the trash and plenty of it!  We once has a really clean park, but those days are long gone.  Some corners of the park are worse than others, but one spot in particular is really bad.  It must have taken a lot of effort to trash up, yes, it is that bad!  The garbage consists of paper bags, candy wrappers, newspapers and whathaveyou.  They are all spread out across 20 feet of sidewalk… its disgusting.  I walk around the mess, fearing the possible diseases that might lurk therein.   A stolen Raley’s shopping cart marks the spot of this trash dump.

I am appalled by what I see and I wonder why the cops can’t move in and start rousting these dropouts.  You and can’t littler!  You and I can’t camp in downtown.  You and I can’t sell drugs there.  But, the police are told by our council to leave the homeless (by choice) alone.   There is a broad mix of humanity here, older bums, new bums, a few crazies, young travelers and no doubt some drug addicts.

This park was built for the citizens of Chico, but the regular folks don’t come here anymore.  They stay away because of filth and kooks.  This park cost us plenty and it was not built for itinerants to set up a camping site.  It was not for the bums to dump their trash wherever they want, just because they can’t be bothered to carry it to a nearby garbage can.

Their food source is obviously abundant, so are ice chests filled with cold drinks.  Nobody has do without, thanks to the local libs (codependents) that feed these people.

I’m told by police that heroine, coke and meth are common in the park, so is prostitution.   My friend who is walking with me, jokingly asks, “Would it be illegal if we moved all this trash over to city hall?”  I’m thinking, city hall already has plenty trash… in the form of four council people that have greatly contributed to this mess.


The Boogieman in the Shadows

by Jack

It’s about time for the adults to step forward and take charge.   We’ve got too many highly emotional people running their mouth about perceived racism lurking in the shadows like the boogieman.

“Oakland -  For your Friday enjoyment, a delightful mix of mistake, moral panic, and virtue-signaling by a left-wing politician willing to go any lengths, no matter how stupid and pandering, to prove how woke she is.

It started a few days ago with a report of nooses found hanging from a tree in a park in Oakland. The city was stunned. Had some white supremacist chosen to lash out amid the protests over George Floyd’s killing by displaying a notorious symbol of lynching’s?  The matter had to be investigated by the FBI, said the Mayor. “

Nah, turns out these were ropes used by kids to swing on.  An unidentified black male said he made them, they were not nooses, just swings.  Oops.

Next up, the outrageous case of Bubba Wallace, NASCAR driver.  He protested the flying of the Confederate flag at NASCAR events and won.  He reported a noose was found in his garage at the track.  This sparked widespread universal outrage and it results in NASCAR drivers walking behind Wallace to show their support.  Only one problem, the FBI determined it was a garage door pull and it had been up since at least last year, long before Bubba arrived.  Oops.

So now the FBI is called on to investigate playground swings and garage door pull ropes, ok, it’s not like they got anything better to do, right?   Well, I guess it could have been worse, Jussy Smollet could have walked into it and hurt himself.


Andy Jackson Too Tough for the Mob and More

by Jack

WASHINGTON - Tensions were high in front of the White House Monday night after Black Lives Matter protesters worked to remove the Andrew Jackson statue in Lafayette Square.   But, protestors weren’t successful.  The statue, like a giant stone wall, proved to be too much for them to topple.

Additionally, Secret Service confirmed to USA TODAY that members of the press were asked to leave the White House grounds after CNN first reported that their staffers and other members of the White House press corps were told to vacate.

Confederates toppled, Columbus beheaded: Protesters rip down controversial statues

A Secret Service spokesperson told USA TODAY, “On Monday evening, in response to the increasingly violent demonstrations in Lafayette Park, four members of the media were directed by the Secret Service to leave the White House grounds.”

Next….Jimmy Kimmel put on leave?  Late Night show host Jimmy Kimmel has come under fire for being racially insensitive for a skit he did in 1997.  The skit was repeated several time until 2004 and it was ten carried on YouTube.   Presumably his immediate departure was in response to pressure from the radical left mob. Kimmel explained he just  decided to take the summer off and go into  hiding, seclusion, a more relaxing environment.

Kimmel joins the ranks of many disavowed liberals that have said or done something the rabid left mob wants punished.  This includes comedian Joe Rogan, a former Bernie Sanders supporter.  Rogan made the mistake of allegedly laughing at the wrong time about female comedians.

The far left mob was nearly successful in getting Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson fired when they went after his sponsors and threatened a consumer boycott.  Earlier a mob of Antifa social justice nuts began harassing and chanting threats outside the home of Tucker Carlson Wednesday night, and the group banged on his front door as the Fox News host’s wife was inside.  The mob warned Carlson that he and his family are not safe.

A survey this week by Rasmussen, a right-leaning pollster, found that 62 percent of likely voters now have a favorable opinion of Black Lives Matter. At the same time, Rasmussen found that Donald Trump‘s approval rating was 43 percent. That’s almost 20 points lower.

And by the way, Trump was not alone. Black Lives Matter is far more popular than Joe Biden, too. It’s more popular than America’s religious institutions — all of them. It’s more popular than the media, the Congress and big business.

Black Lives Matter is more popular by double digits than both the Democratic and the Republican parties. It’s almost as popular as the U.S. military. It’s much more popular than the pope.

Attacking Images of a White Jesus?

Shaun King, BLM supporter wants to destroy white Jesus images.    From the, “Christian iconography doesn’t matter to Black Lives Matter booster and hard-left activist Shaun King — that is, if it happens to portray Jesus and other biblical figures as white.

In fact, he wants it destroyed.

Obviously inspired by the cultural revolution claiming statues coast to coast and fearing descent into irrelevancy, King expressed the above in two Monday tweets, making news in the process.”

TWEET #1   “Yes, I think the statues of the white European they claim is Jesus should also come down. They are a form of white supremacy. Always have been. In the Bible, when the family of Jesus wanted to hide, and blend in, guess where they went? EGYPT! Not Denmark. Tear them down.”  

9:42 AM · Jun 22, 2020

TWEET #2   “Yes. All murals and stained glass windows of white Jesus, and his European mother, and their white friends should also come down. They are a gross form white supremacy. Created as tools of oppression. Racist propaganda. They should all come down.”

10:07 AM · Jun 22, 2020

King, a left-wing journalist who co-founded the “Real Justice PAC” — a group aiming to help elect hard-left, criminal-enabling prosecutors — is an opportunist (he has been accused of fundraising corruption) and obviously wants attention. But since he has gotten it, and because his words can affect our cultural revolution’s direction, they should be addressed.


Congress Discusses Removing Qualified Immunity

by Jack Lee

The Supreme Court created qualified immunity in 1967, describing it as a modest exception for public officials who had acted in “good faith” and believed that their conduct was authorized by law.

Qualified immunity protects police officers from civil suits while acting within the scope of their sworn duty.  It does not protect them from prosecution for criminal offenses.  Qualified immunity to protects police officers from being harassed by frivolous or unwarranted civil suits that would prevent or reduce their ability to perform their duty.  This serves the greater good and the interests of the nation.

The unfortunate death of George Floyd in Minneapolis has once again inflamed the black community and galvanized a number of  militant groups with varying agendas.  That has contributed to the mob violence in a half dozen large cities.   The City of Seattle has lost control over it’s capitol hill region to anarchists while the mayor and governor dither, unsure what to do.  In San Francisco demonstrators torn down the statue of Francis Scott Key in Golden Gate Park in full view of police who were ordered not to intervene by the mayor.  Other old historical monuments are being desecrated under the pretext of ridding ourselves of racism.  A climate likely to start mob violence now spreads from coast to coast fueled by allegations of police misconduct.

As a result, Congress is under pressure to prevent further rioting and looting.  The democrat controlled Congress views removing the qualified immunity protection as a way of appeasing the various protest groups that now allege systemic racism by law enforcement against black defendants, citing the case of George Floyd.  Congress is discussing how to remove this layer of protection from law enforcement nationwide.

On the other hand….under our current system, law enforcement is the only entity that can be charged with both a Civil Rights violation and the underlying criminal offense, thus resulting in double jeopardy.  For example, an officer found guilty of involuntary manslaughter can be charged again under Section 242 of Title 18 USC which makes it a crime for a person acting under color of authority to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.   This federal crime can carry a sentence far more harsh than the punishment for the original criminal offense! So they get one (qualified immunity) and they lose one, (double jeopardy).

The American people once recognized that police officers must frequently confront violent criminals, often at the risk of their own lives in order to protect ours.   The Supreme Court  offered them qualified immunity so the police could perform their dangerous duties to the fullest extent possible by law.  The citizens thought this was good for their police force and good for our society, until recently.

Now consider this:

About 700,000 police officers are charged with the protection of life and property in a country of over 350,000,000 citizens.  Every year police can expect over 280,000,000 9-1-1 calls.  Out of that number, there are millions more contacts that are self-initiated by police.  That represents many opportunities for something to go terribly wrong and occasionally it does.

According to the statistical data kept by the FBI and the Dept. of Justice,  police were cleared of all wrongful death shootings and in-custody deaths, with the exception of two cases last year that are now pending trial.  On average questionable deaths by police range between 4 and 6 per year.  Of the total average of police involved shooting deaths over the last 5 years, 24% involved black males suspects.  This percentage is suspiciously overrepresented because blacks comprise only 13% of the US population.  Many progressive groups cite this as clear evidence of systemic racism in law enforcement.

However, upon closer review, evidence shows that black male suspects represented a majority all violent crimes.  The FBI UCR 2016 – Of adults arrested for murder, 52.0 percent were Black or African American, 45.4 percent were White, and 2.6 percent were of other races.  White individuals were arrested more often for violent crimes than individuals of any other race and accounted for 59.0 percent of those arrests.  Black or African American juveniles comprised 52.0 percent of all juveniles arrested for violent crimes.  Therefore the 25% number of shooting deaths of blacks is not overrepresented at all, but is actually under represented!

A growing number of citizens have been seduced by the lies and treachery from well funded, militarized organizations claiming to represent the black minority.  Those groups are determined to rewrite our history in order to gain traction for the eventual over throw our current form of government – that they claim is an institution built on racism.

Our first line of defense against this takeover is law enforcement.  They are sworn to protect and defend the Constitution as well as our lives and property, but without our support they are struggling against overwhelming odds.

For the so called social justice militants to succeed they must first destroy the institution of law enforcement as we now know it and that starts with discrediting police within our community.   It’s worth repeating, law enforcement can’t do their job without our community support.   To change our government the American people must be convinced that law enforcement [IS] the problem and that all the rioting and looting is a justifiable response to their systemic racism.  In other words, the police made them burn, loot and riot.  A classic defense position among narcissistic criminals.

So, I ask you…. is the militant left winning the hearts and minds of leftwing progressives and their socialist allies?  Is Black Lives Matters selling what the black community wants to hear, what progressives want to hear?   Is the average American no longer appreciative to the thin blue line that is sworn to protect them?

Qualified immunity was a small gift from a grateful nation and it would appear that as a nation…. we are no longer grateful.




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Shocking News from Seattle

by Jack

After declaring 6 blocks of Seattle its own separate country, radicals immediately set up a wall to keep people out.   Almost as soon as they closed down the police precinct the mob  learned how tough it is to govern.   Armed with baseball bats the mob chased down a suspected thief over a stolen cell phone, only to discover the dimwit that owned it had simply misplaced it.   Days later we see AR-15s being handed out to some of the rebels inside the barricades .

The Mayor called this just a silly block party, nothing to be concerned about.  She assured everyone there was no need for police to move in and move the occupation force out.  Now there has been a shooting and a homicide inside the compound of rainbows and unicorns. At first the mob would not let police in to tend to the victim.  That was brilliant.

This can no longer work out just fine and it’s not a block party, if it ever was.  Its an armed insurrection and people have been shot.   So, what’s the mayor and the governor going to do about it?  The immediate answer is, they have no clue what to do.  So far the only actions taken has been to cave in to the demands of the radicals.   So much for the summer of love.

News summary, and I warn you it all looks bad.  The nation is under siege from the radical left and nobody is trying to stop them.  It reminds me of how the Taliban operate -  destroying their history.  Statues of Francis Scott Key, Ulysses S. Grant, and others… torn down by the American Taliban…it’s an outrage.  They should have been stopped long ago, because they are now emboldened and it will only get worse.

  • Seattle Police are investigating a homicide that happened early Saturday in which one person was killed and another in critical condition in Seattle’s “Capitol Hill Occupied Protest,” or (CHOP) zone.
  • One man is dead and 11 people suffered non-life-threatening gunshot wounds after an early morning shooting in Uptown Minneapolis.
  • Among the statues torn down by protesters for their historical ties to slavery: A statue of Francis Scott Key in a San Francisco park. Key wrote the U.S. national anthem “The Star-Spangled Banner” and owned slaves.
  • North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper had two Confederate statues outside the state capitol in Raleigh removed after protesters toppled other statues.