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“Those who say religion has nothing to do with politics do not know what religion is.”  Mahatma Gandhi

The world is facing an old enemy, with an old ideology wrapped in a cloak of new found righteousness.   This is ISIS, fighting with 21st weapons against a weak, demoralized and …

19 May 2015  politics,Religion

Posted by Jack
WASHINGTON — In an unexpected move, President Barack Obama on Monday will ban the federal government from providing certain military equipment to police departments.
Effective immediately, the government will no longer provide local law enforcement with armored vehicles, grenade launchers and bayonets. Other items like explosives and riot equipment …

18 May 2015  Police,politics
Background:  Islamberg is a rural hamlet in Hancock, Delaware County, New York,[1] founded by Imam Al Sheik Mubarik Ali Shah Jilani Hashimi, also known as Mubarak Ali Gilani, a Pakistani Sufi cleric, and is a hamlet of The Muslims of America, Inc., a U.S. organization formed in 2013. A documentary …

17 May 2015  Religion

by Jack
“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes.” Mark Twain    June 6, 2014, a mere 500 ISIS forces in pick-up trucks routed over 5,000 National Guard troops in Mosul, Iraq.  Thus ISIS had free reign over the city to take whatever the wanted, money, women, hostages, huge stores of military equipment and thousands of small …

17 May 2015  Uncategorized

by Jack Lee
Solving the problems of the Middle East and promoting peace is akin to untying the Gordian knot, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

In the coming paragraphs you’re going to be exposed to the complex world of US foreign policy, something rarely seen in the media (or in the …

16 May 2015  Uncategorized

by Jack
Amtrak Train Derailment MAY 14, 2015
Before the last body was removed from the wreckage House democrats were already blaming republicans for not giving Amtrak more money for safety improvements.
But, wait just a second! Amtrak receives a boat load of money from the government every year and they (Amtrak) …

14 May 2015  Uncategorized

by Jack
President Obama dumped a ton of money on Baltimore and what difference did it make? I think its time to do an audit. I want to know where our tax money went. We deserve to see the results of a $1.8 billion investment.
467 …

14 May 2015  Uncategorized

Posted by Jack
Dichloroacetate (DCA) remains an experimental as yet unproven anticancer treatment , currently being investigated by Evangelos Michelakis and colleagues at the University of Alberta [2], among others. However, it should be noted that outside of the cancer setting, DCA has been in use …

12 May 2015  Healthcare

by Jack
For eons we have thought that well organized people were the iconic example of correct living. But, it turns out that us messy people tend to have some significant redeeming qualities too. Nothing against the well organized, they have my respect and admiration for their attention to detail, …

12 May 2015  Uncategorized

by Jack
I’ve always enjoyed history and military history in particular. This article is a niche in that later history, its a brief history of the bayonet. Read, learn something unique and above all… enjoy:
Nobody has been able to offer proof positive where the …

11 May 2015  Uncategorized
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