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Trouble in Chico – Boiling Point Approaches

Posted by Jack (from Facebook post)

“We are the owners of Great Harvest. We’ve tried our best to quietly handle these types of situations on our own over the past couple of years but we are getting to the point where we worry for the safety of our staff. These situations are escalating. We’ve had someone throw a bloody napkin at one of our employees because he was mad at her, transients running in and stealing our tips jars MORE THAN ONCE, needles found all around when employees walk out the back door to take the garbage out, we’ve cleaned up camps and feces outside all three of our locations also more than once, transients living above one of our locations without us knowing and cutting our water lines for showers, a guy walked in the other day and asked one of our 19 year old employees at the counter if he could pay her for oral sex and didn’t back down until one of our more vocal employees kicked him out, a transient yelled at me and threatened to bring his other transient friends in if I didn’t give him a large free slice of bread and then leaned over the counter like he wanted to fight me and honestly I was pretty scared. We feel sad and frustrated that the two of us cannot constantly be at our three locations at all times to protect and stand up for our young staff that regularly has to deal with this. And as business owners it is very scary to stick your neck out and say something.”


Cartoon of the Week



posted by Jack

The Redding Police Department is letting the community know they are aware of a violent sex offender known as ‘Pirate’ who is back on the streets of Redding. Daniel Selovich, who legally changed his name to Pirate is back in Redding. Officers with Redding Police said they contacted Pirate on Sunday.

At this time, he is not wanted for any crimes. Since Pirate has returned to Redding, community members have been posting his possible whereabouts on social media. He is known for his dark tattoos that cover nearly his entire face. Pirate has a lengthy criminal past that started back in 2004.

Editors opinion:  Let’s not judge him too harshly.  What we’re seeing is a product of our alt-right society, due to the growing wealth gap and lack of affordable housing.   This is exactly why Chico is building tiny houses.  This will give people like Pirate a 5th chance at starting a new life!  With the right encouragement, a tiny house to call his own, health insurance and a fair subsidized monthly income he could be just fine.  Given a little more help, perhaps he would enroll in college and become a doctor or lawyer?  And remember this well, vote for Elizabeth Ann Warren for President, she’ll give him the vote!    

CONT – Court records show Pirate was charged with sexual assault, battery to commit sexual assault, and first-degree kidnapping, of a mentally and physically disabled woman in Las Vegas, according to KTUU.

After the February crime, a Redding woman was raped by an unknown man on December 14, 2004, according to investigators. These two cases went unsolved until 2010, Pirate was arrested in New Mexico on rape charges in Redding.

Court records show he took a plea deal, and the rape charge was dropped. Afterward, he was sentenced to four years in prison, according to KTUU.

His next crime he was charged with happened in Fairbanks, Alaska in 2015 after he was released from prison.

KTUU reports, that a woman identified as K.B. messaged a friend on Facebook saying she was being raped and held against her will by a man named Pirate. The woman arrived in Fairbanks on Sept. 26, 2015. Pirate picked her up from the airport in a U-Haul van. He then punched and sexually assaulted her in the van, according to investigators.

Investigators say the victim said the two stayed in a hotel and later flew by private charter on Oct. 1 to Pirate’s cabin, located about 16 miles south of Manley Hot Springs in Alaska.

During this time, he beat her with belts, a flashlight, and his fists as well as kicking and biting her, according to documents, according to investigators.

Court documents show Pirate sexually and physically assaulted K.B. up to six times a day from Sept. 26 until Nov. 8. He duct-taped her to him during the night to prevent escape. The woman wasn’t able to go to the bathroom unless Pirate was with her, according to investigators.

Pirate tied her to a support beam so she could not move. Pirate told her he would “cut her face off” and at one point placed a knife to her neck, causing her to bleed, KTUU said.
On Nov. 8, 2015, a medical group responded and rescued the woman.

A grand jury indicted Pirate on four counts of sexual assault in the first degree, two counts of kidnapping, and multiple counts of assault. The case was proceeding to trial until the woman was found dead, at that point, it was dropped, the Associated Press said. (Reported on KSTE 650 am radio today – the woman was so traumatized that she overdosed herself and died)

Action News Now spoke to people in Redding who said they’re more alert now that they know he’s in Redding.

“Everybody that I’m passing, if I see somebody that is potentially homeless, I’m watching to see if it’s possibly him,” Redding resident, David Walker said.

UPDATE: Redding is just an hour away from Chico and both places regularly exchange so-called homeless.  Based on my experience in law enforcement, Chico is a prime hunting ground for a predator rapist like Pirate.   We have thousands of potential victims on the Chico State campus and elsewhere here and this warrants a community alert.

If he is observed here you should take no action against him, but do call the campus police or Chico PD and let them know of his whereabouts.

Let me make this clear – Daniel Selovich aka Pirate is not currently wanted for any crimes and according the justice system, he has paid his debt to society for the crimes charged.

News:  Unconfirmed sources report Selovich recently was approached by an unidentified man in Redding and threatened.  The man told Selovich to get out of town, witnesses described this confrontation as serious.  This may be an incentive for Selovich to show up in Chico very soon, but this is only an educated guess.

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Elizabeth Ann Warren – Worst Candidate for President in 2020

by Jack

Warren has one of the most complex and convoluted platforms among all the presidential candidates. Even if I were able to decipher them all you would probably wouldn’t have the time to read it. So, I took a few key excerpts from her lengthy platforms to show you that she is a danger to democracy, that if elected would derail our economy and impose policies that will under-cut the middle class.

TAXES – Warren wants an annual wealth tax in January 2019. The proposal would levy a 2% annual tax on household net worth above $50M, and a 3% annual tax on net worth above $1bn. The tax would affect an estimated 75,000 households, and would yield $1.9tn or $2.75tn over a 10 year period, according to two different initial estimates. With this money she said she will pay off student loan debt, increase funding to all students and fully fund students with disabilities. (ha!)

TRADE – She would roll back Trump changes to NAFTA and the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement. She would also end trade wars to advantage farmers through subsidies.

Increase to welfare – Warren would direct the Department of the Treasury to disburse a payment equal to 3.9% of the average amount of annual benefits to certain individuals (except prisoners, fugitive felons, or aliens) who are entitled to a specific benefit under title II (Old Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance) of the Social Security Act, an annuity under the Railroad Retirement Act of 1974, a veterans benefit, or are eligible for a cash benefit under SSA title XVI (Supplemental Security Income), including a special benefit for individuals who perform substantial gainful activity despite severe medical impairment.

Energy – She says that “as long as we subsidize dirty sources like oil, gas, and coal, we threaten the air we breathe and the water we drink.” The means restricting our current sources of energy. Then use our federal tax dollars to buy clean energy technology such as wind and solar power. The results would be the highest energy cost to the consumer and to our industries to date, while the foreign competition has no such disadvantage.

LABOR – Warren is in favor of increasing the minimum wage and has argued that if the minimum wage had followed increases in worker productivity in the United States, it would now be at least $22 an hour. However, there is no evidence to back this up.

CAPITAL PUNISHMENT – Warren is against capital punishment (also known as the “death penalty”) and supports abolishing it in the United States.

VOTE – She would restore voting rights to ex-felons to aid democrats in their give-away policies to lure voters to them, forced on us through populism. So much for the value of an informed and responsible voter if she’s elected.

GUN LAWS – Warren supports suing gun manufacturers for the illegal use of their product. She would also reinstate the laws repealed regarding large capacity magazines and so-called assaults weapons in general.

BIO – Warren is running around the country touting her credentials as a special needs teacher and how it was her calling, her passion, and how she loved it more than anything else! However, the facts say different. Warren was fired after 12 months of teaching and she did not go back to her great love ever again. Instead she changed careers to become a lawyer. She’s dropped her claim to native American heritage that got her elected to the Senate after it was determined that she has none. Warren is just a self-serving liberal bureaucrat who has made a fortune feeding from the public trough.

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Kevin McCarthy-R from CA Says It All

Thanks go to RHT for this link, watch it and enjoy….


Cell Phone Robocalls – Illegal in 2020

by Jack

President Trump signed into law a consumer protection law that should stop about 70% of robocalls placed to cell phones.  Unfortunately, home phones didn’t get the same attention. Phones with copper wires are still being repeatedly spammed. However, considering how focused Congress has been on dumping Trump, we should feel lucky we got any relief. The excerpts from the article below should help explain how the law works.

From ABC News:  

“The Telephone Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement and Deterrence Act, or TRACED Act, increases fines on spam robocallers from $1,500 to as much as $10,000 per illegal call. It also requires phone companies speed up their adaptation of “call authentication technologies” to verify that incoming calls are legitimate before ever reaching consumers, a point Mahoney said is a “big victory.”

“The key is requiring these phone companies to help stop the calls before they reach the consumer and do it at no additional charge,” she told The AP.

While consumers can buy software like Hiya and YouMail to help weed out the billions of robocalls that Americans collectively receive each month on cellphones, this new legislation thrusts the responsibility on service providers to block those calls from ever reaching consumers.

The also requires the Federal Communications Commission and service providers to develop a system which informs customers when they’re receiving a “spoofed” call — when the caller ID is made to look like it’s coming from the same area code, a well-known agency, such as the Internal Revenue Service or company. That system, however, will not work for home phones connected to copper landlines, so the measure calls on the FCC and phone companies to find an alternative for those customers.

Faking caller ID numbers and placing automated telemarketing calls to consumers without their written permission is already illegal in the U.S., but enforcing their subsequent fines has come with hurdles. While U.S.-based robocalls are easier to trace, many of the robocalls that Americans receive originate from overseas, and Consumer Reports says those will likely continue without sufficient interruption. “ 



Cartoon of the Week!

Thanks go to J. Soden for this gem….


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Misinformation and the Human Brain

Posted by Jack

From MSN – 16 Jan.   “If you’re looking for who’s responsible for all the misinformation out there, you might want to take a peek in the mirror.

OK, OK, it’s not all your fault.

Although external sources of misinformation like “fake news” and purposeful disinformation campaigns draw a lot of attention today, recent research at Ohio State University indicates we might misremember information all on our own.

In a recent study, Ohio State researchers found that when given accurate statistics on a controversial issue, people tended to misremember numbers to match their own beliefs. Then, when researchers gave study participants accurate information and asked them to convey it to others, the information grew more and more different as it was passed from person to person.

“What our research would suggest is there’s a lot of focus on external sources of misinformation, but we also have to pay attention to these internal sources,” Coronel said.

For the study, participants were given factual numerical information about four societal issues. Based on pre-tests, researchers found that the numbers for two of the societal issues matched many people’s understanding of the matter. But for the other two issues, the numbers didn’t fit with their understanding.

For the numbers that were inconsistent with how people view the issue, participants were more likely to remember the numbers incorrectly, in a way that matched their probable biases.

For example, researchers presented participants with information showing there were 12.8 million Mexican immigrants in the United States in 2007, and fewer — 11.7 million — in 2014. When participants were then given a memory test, they were more likely to remember the statistics incorrectly, in a way that agreed with many people’s understanding that the number of Mexican immigrants would be higher in 2014 than 2007.

In a second portion of the study, researchers examined how memory distortions can be spread among social circles as individuals share the misinformation they created. Mimicking a game of “telephone,” researchers presented a participant with accurate numbers about a societal issue.

For example, the participant was asked to write down the numbers of Mexican immigrants in 2007 and 2014 from memory. The numbers from the first person were then given to a second person, and the process was repeated to a third person.

Researchers found that as the retellings increased from person-to-person, the information transformed to be more consistent with people’s understanding of the issue rather than the factual numbers.

It’s one thing to believe information yourself without fact-checking it first, said Shannon Poulsen, a doctoral student at Ohio State who conducted the study with Coronel and fellow doctoral student Matthew Sweitzer. But the second portion of the study shows the danger of then sharing inaccurate information with others, she said.

“Now the issue is not just you … now you’re sharing information,” Poulsen said.

Then, you can become part of the bigger problem, Coronel said.

“If you don’t scrutinize on what you’re remembering and you decide to talk about it and pass it on to another person, you just turned into an external source of misinformation,” Coronel said.

It may be a bit unsettling to think you can’t trust your own brain, but researchers hope the study leads to better understanding about how we remember things and encourages healthy scrutiny and skepticism.

“It can be a little bit scary,” Poulsen said. “But if it’s enough to increase … a little bit of skepticism to a point where people can be accurate, that’s great.”

People tend to think of their memories as simply a video recording device, taking in everything and repeating it back when they need it, Coronel said. But lots of research in psychology indicates memory doesn’t work that way.

Instead, think of memory as a jigsaw puzzle, he said — sometimes you’re missing some pieces, or you’ve got pieces from multiple boxes dumped on the same table.

“Just be aware that your memory is highly prone to errors,” he said.”

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Caught on Camera, Milwaukee will Burn!

posted by Jack

The video below shows a paid team leader for the Sanders campaign talking about coming violence if Trump is re-elected.  It would be one thing if he was the only person talking about spreading violence, but he’s not, there’s plenty on the left who think just like this guy.

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