Here’s a link to a you tube video taken from a movie called the Horse Soldiers with John Wayne. I think it’s one of the best clips ever. Enjoy.

31 January 2015  Life

Posted by Tina
I have to hand it to NAACP activist Larry O’Hara for participating in an exercise sponsored by the Bradford County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia where simulated life and death scenarios would give him an experience similar to those police officers face in the field. After shooting an unarmed …

31 January 2015  Uncategorized

Posted by Tina
School districts across California are wondering where the money will come from to satisfy the new Common Core testing requirements:
A rather expensive development has surfaced on the way to installing Common Core in California’s hundreds of school districts statewide. Officials have figured out that the big government initiative …

31 January 2015  Uncategorized

Money For Nothing
Have A Little Talk With Basso Profundo, here and here.
16 Tons, here and here.
16 Pounds

30 January 2015  Uncategorized

Posted by Tina
February, the love month, will open with the House voting for the fourth time to repeal Obamacare. This time the legislation will not be met by blocker Harry Reid in the Senate. Obama will veto but the process is at least back in place since the …

29 January 2015  Healthcare

by Jack
When it comes to splitting hairs, parsing words or spinning the truth nobody does it better than Obama and his minions. Bill’s definition of, “it depends on what the definition of is is,” during Monica-gate pales by comparison to Obama’s latest in-your-face definition of terrorism to dodge criticism. …

29 January 2015  politics,Terrorism

Posted by Tina
The next time you write that big fat check for healthcare coverage for yourself or your employees think about the billions of dollars transferred to Californians so their healthcare insurance could be a cheap:
That federal aid went to about 800,000 California households, state officials said Monday. Those individuals …

28 January 2015  Uncategorized

Posted by Tina
CBO has released a new revised report on the economics and cost of Obamacare. Left media has found lots to be happy about but as usual they cherry pick the facts to make Obamacare seem wonderful.
Daily Mail finds the rotten cherries:
Stunning figure comes from Congressional …

27 January 2015  Healthcare

by Jack
These are just some random thoughts on today’s news….
New York City has lifted the street travel restrictions. The blizzard Juno that’s been dumping snow on 7 states along the Eastern Seaboard somehow lightened up by the time it hit New York. A citywide Winter Weather Advisory, will …

27 January 2015  politics
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