For the Record, Hillary Was Wrong

by Jack

One of the more outrageous errors that caught my attention during the debate, was Hillary’s claim that “Stop and Frisk” was made unconstitutional in part because if was ineffective. Not true. Here’s the case law on stop and frisk. Terry v. Ohio, U.S. Supreme Court decision, issued on June 10, 1968, which held that police encounters known as stop-and-frisks, in which members of the public are stopped for questioning and patted down for weapons and drugs without probable cause, do not constitute a violation of the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition on unreasonable search and seizure.

This case law is still valid and this is why stop and frisk is still practiced by most law enforcement agencies, but perhaps not as vigorously as it once was due to politics in certain big cities like New York or Chicago, but not because it is unconstitutional. Clinton is a lawyer and the landmark case of Terry v. Ohio should be quite familiar to her, it is virtually every law school graduate in the last 40 plus years. And further, since when has the Supreme Court applied the standard of something being “ineffective” as a litmus test for Constitutionality? If you said NEVER, you would be 100% correct, unlike Mrs. Clinton who is 100% wrong.

Mrs. Clinton told a whopper when Trump called her on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which was much like the old NAFTA deal. Trump said, “You want to approve Trans-Pacific Partnership. You were totally in favor of it, then you heard what I was saying – how bad it is – and you said, I can’t win that debate. But you know that if you did win, you would approve that, and that will be almost as bad as NAFTA. Nothing will ever top NAFTA.”

Hillary replied: That is just not accurate. I was against it once it was finally negotiated and the terms were laid out. I wrote about in — Trump interjected, “You called it the gold standard. You call it the gold standard of trade deals.” And yes… she did. Clinton wrote in her book Hard Choices that the TPP was the “gold standard” of trade deals, and she appeared very much in favor of it as President Obama’s secretary of state. She said it “would link markets throughout Asia and the Americas, lowering trade barriers while raising standards on labor, the environment, and intellectual property.” She called it “important for American workers, who would benefit from competing on a more level playing field.” She also called it “a strategic initiative that would strengthen the position of the United States in Asia.” Facing a serious populist primary challenge from Bernie Sanders, however, Clinton shifted her position left. Mrs. Clinton lied.

Mrs. C said something next that I took strong exception too. “Lester, I think implicit bias is a problem for everyone, not just police. I think unfortunately too many of us in our great country jump to conclusions about each other. And therefore I think we need all of us to be asking hard questions about, you know, why am I feeling this way? Stop and risk was found to be unconstitutional. And in part because it was ineffective. It did not do what it needed to do.” So everyone in America, including the cops are racist? What a whopper that one is!

Mrs. Clinton was wrong about this too… “Now I believe in community policing and in fact violent crime is one half of what it was in 1991; property crime is down 40 percent. We just don’t want to see it creep back up.” HUH, where has she been? The current FBI data report says that violent crime increased by nearly 4 percent between 2014 and 2015, with murders rising by nearly 11 percent. Then Hillary followed up that whopper with another, “Well, it’s also fair to say, if we’re going to talk about mayors that under the current mayor crime has continued to drop, including murders.” Nope, again murders are up.

Trump called her on this one. “You’re wrong.” “No, I’m not!” Hillary replied. “Murders murders are up.” Trump countered and he was right.

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Debate Not as Bad for Trump as First Thought

by Jack

Much to my surprise and relief, it appears Donald Trump has seen very little fallout from his poor debate performance. Most of his supporters are, anyone but Hillary types, and I can understand that. I am too. Trump has an opportunity to improve, and hopefully this time to prepare for the next debate. America doesn’t mind giving people a second chance and so Donald take his Mulligan, but he absolutely, positively must do better in the next round. He really needs a speech coach, and hopefully it won’t be the same one who taught “W” how to talk.


Trumps Has a Great Plan for Job Creation

prosperity-signPosted by Tina

Hillary the liar, and her progressive obsessed supporters, continue to claim that Trump has no plan for job creation. It’s understandable that these ignoramuses would believe such clap trap since none of them can explain how wealth or jobs are created. And Hillary’s great economic ace card is her husband who signed into law the Newt Gingrich tax cuts and reforms that made his record stellar. If you think I’m just a radical right winger do two things: First take a look at the policies over the last eight years and the abysmal economic record. Jobs have been created, as Obama never fails to say, but at a meager level that doesn’t even match the number of new jobs seekers much less put the hundreds of thousands out of work citizens into good jobs. Obama’s policies are responsible for GDP growth under 2% for his entire term. (4% is considered average growth). Second look into the records of tax cutters, John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George W Bush. (Also the record of George Bush who promised “no new taxes” and then broke that promise) Trusting Hillary and her supporters to judge Trumps plans for job growth is a huge mistake. Better you decide for yourselves.

So what will Trump do? He will address current problems surrounding energy and trade and do what has worked under past presidents from Kennedy forward with respect to taxes. The plan is pejoratively called “trickle down economics” by the left. They created the term as an ugly slur, via the Saul Alinsky method, to label and destroy the Reagan tax policies and demonize Republican Ronald Reagan. They did this knowing Democrat John Kennedy had done the same they just figured the public wouldn’t remember. See here and also here for a window into the progressive left’s socialist economic plans for us. Their political plan to demonize succeeded but it sure hasn’t served the people who depend on a robust economy and the investments of their fellow citizens to create good paying jobs. Don’t take my word for it. Research the tax cutting policies of President John F. Kennedy (Democrat) and Bill Clinton and the results of tax cutting policies for yourself. Trumps five part plan is available here. The highlights include:

1. Foreign Interventions Must Require Cost-Sharing Plans to Reduce U.S. Costs and Guarantee Veterans and Their Families Are Protected

2. Pass NOPEC Legislation to Break OPEC’s Grip on Energy Prices

3. Crack Down on China’s Currency Manipulation by Calculating Taxes on Imports Based on How Much a Manufacturing Country’s Currency is Undervalued

4. Spur Job and Wealth Creation through a 5-Point Tax Plan

5. Finish the Border Fence, Boot Out Criminal Illegals, and Reform America’s Legal Immigration System

Donald Trump has the knowledge, the experience, and the plan to make our economy explode. The conditions his plans create for businesses, big and small, will bring jobs, prosperity, and opportunity for advancement to all Americans.

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Red Alert: Rise of Lavish Elite Survival Bunkers, Etc.

Posted by Tina

Liberals wag their fingers at their opponents for thinking global terrorism and the Presidents “signature” Iran deal are serious growing threats. They tell us this is nothing more concerning than petty crime. Their approach is to police the situation and blur the lines between radical Muslim terror and gang activity. They go so far as to change the language our security departments use to discuss terror activity; agents are only allowed the term violent extremism. The Obama administration, including Hillary, has given Iran funds for terrorists activity and enabled their nuclear capability but we shouldn’t be concerned.

Do the liberals who support Obama and Hillary buy this happy non-specific talk and the gentle appeasing approach to fighting ISIS? Do they buy the “progress” they say they’ve made with this approach? Do they think we’re better off now than we were eight years ago? Their actions suggest otherwise:

Given the increased frequency of terrorist bombings and mass shootings and an under-lying sense of havoc fed by divisive election politics, it’s no surprise that home security is going over the top and hitting luxurious new heights. Or, rather, new lows, as the average depth of a new breed of safe haven that occupies thousands of square feet is 10 feet under or more. Those who can afford to pull out all the stops for so-called self-preservation are doing so — in a fashion that goes way beyond the submerged corrugated metal units adopted by reality show “preppers” — to prepare for anything from nuclear bombings to drastic climate-change events. Gary Lynch, GM at Rising S Bunkers, a Texas-based company that specializes in underground bunkers and services scores of Los Angeles residences, says that sales at the most upscale end of the market — mainly to actors, pro athletes and politicians (who require signed NDAs) — have increased 700 percent this year compared with 2015, and overall sales have risen 150 percent. “Any time there is a turbulent political landscape, we see a spike in our sales. Given this election is as turbulent as it is, we are gearing up for an even bigger spike,” says marketing director Brad Roberson of sales of bunkers that start at $39,000 and can run $8.35 million or more (FYI, a 12-stall horse shelter is $98,500).

This journalist credits political division rather than the consequence of ignorant management and poor leadership over the last eight years. But there is no denying Hillary and Obama have created unprecedented chaos and danger with their policies and approach. The JV team may have been JV at one point but they were given all the room in the world to develop into a international threat of consequence and that Iran deal? Like giving car keys to a toddler and showing them the electrical outlets!

I might have guessed that climate change hysteria also drives this fear based phenomenon. Leave it to the privileged left to force their green regulation job killers on the masses while preserving their own luxury centered lives in lavish underground bunkers. Be sure to click on the link above for images.

Liberals are not reasonable people. Those in Hollywood and DC live in fantasy worlds. They don’t see the contradiction in their lives or their methods. War and climate change feature prominently in the politics of these liberals. They either want to go underground or into outer space to survive. Oh brother.

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Who Won the First Debate?

by Jack

If I have to ask the question, who won, then apparently you didn’t watch the debate.     Trump lost, Hillary had him on the defensive almost from the start and it was abundantly clear Trump was not prepared.

I’m angry because Trump did about as well as if he was just some guy walking by the debate theater when he was grabbed and put on stage, behind the podium next to Hillary.

There was the annoying sniffing into the mike, he rarely finished a sentence before he interrupted himself and started a new sentence.  He was verbose, inarticulate, and he suffered from a flight ideas which he never developed.  This caused confusion and made him to look ignorant.  His speech was filled with cliché’s and repetitious sayings like “Believe me.”

He said a lot of words, but those words had very little substance.  They often came out of his mouth disjointed and in an angry tone.   There was a time when he looked unhinged when he was trying to say he was never for the Iraq war.    Towards the end he talked about one of his strong points being his temperament and the audience laughed.  That was just sad.  I did a face-palm slap with both hands.

Trump was not prepared and he exaggerated this by saying stupid stuff, like accusing Hillary of “fighting Isis her whole entire life.”  Huh?  She would have to be about 10 years old for that claim to be remotely logical, because we all know that 8 years ago there was no ISIS.

When Trump made a snarky remark that Hillary was staying home while he was out stumping…she seized the moment, “I think Donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate.  And yes, I did.  And you know what else I prepared for? I prepared to be President. And that is a good thing.”  Zing!

Trump exposed his big ego more than once by frequently shouting over the top of moderator or interrupting Hillary.  Trump said several times for unknown reasons, ”I have property there…” Why?  I seriously doubt anyone gave a rats behind where he had property.  Talking about his many properties brought nothing to the debate.  He wasted value air time that could have been better spent conveying his platform planks.

I’ve heard that his campaign advisers pushed as hard as they dared to get him to sit down and do mock debates and properly prepare himself.  But, Trump wouldn’t take their advise and choose to do more easy meet and greets.  This makes me wonder, if he was president would he reject the council of his expert advisors too and go with his gut?  A scary thought.

Trump really overreacted to Hillary’s comment that he supported the Iraq war, so much so he sounded nutty and unhinged.  Trump was repeatedly saying, ask Sean Hannity or Howard Stern, blah, blah, blah.   He would not shut up about it.  Meanwhile my frustrations were showing.  I was flipping and twisting in my easy chair as I thought to myself, “No, no, no …just shut up!”

Oh, there’s so much more I could say about the Donald, missing many great opportunities to nail Hillary, on her emails, on Benghazi, why she had to testify before Congress for 11 hours, etc. But, he never did.   Trump had some great opportunities for zingers, but he was so wrapped up backtracking on countering wrongs from three or four questions ago he missed the moment!

A CNN/ORC poll of debate watchers released after the event found 62% felt Clinton won compared to 27% for Trump.

Now for the good part.   Trump denounced the Iran nuclear weapons deal.  He brought up tax cuts, but didn’t give any details.  And the really good part is the CNN poll think he scored 27%.  I don’t know why he got 27%, but it’s a generous gift – he should be grateful.

If Trump doesn’t shape up by the next debate, he’s done.  He’s probably done now, but I’m trying to be optimistic.


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Posted by Jack

The TV pundits say most voters will judge the entire debate by the first 15 minutes.  The experts believe voters will not care enough about whatever follows to change their opinions.  It’s also been said by the political experts that the issues will matter less to the voters than charisma, confidence and poise.  So, the fate of the nation will once again be in the hands of the low information voters who want to be entertained.

I’m confident you’re many times smarter and better informed than the average voters.

The debate will be broadcast live on all the major networks and leading cable sites, including ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, CNBC, Fox, Fox News, MSNBC, and PBS NewsHour, Telemundo, and Univision.

The debate will last 90 minutes unless Hillary faints or other medical issues.

Lester Holt will be the moderator.  One area that will be delved into is the break down in trust, lack of support and rancor between the black community,( liberals in general) towards the police across America.   Expect the Q & A to be focused on what the police must do better, not the other side…they never are held accountable by the media or by politicians for obvious reasons.

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Major Terrorist Increase on Obama’s Watch

Posted by Jack

The worldwide number of annual terrorist deaths has more than quadrupled since President Barack Obama was inaugurated in January 2009.

Deaths from terrorism increased 80 percent last year to an all-time-record of 32,658 people killed, compared to 18,111 in 2013. The number is up about 426 percent from the 7,654 killed by terrorists in 2008 under President Bush, according to the latest report from ‘Vision of Humanity.’

Obama yuks it up Munich terrorThe 2014 economic cost of 13,370 terrorist attacks in 93 countries included property damage, medical costs, lost income for victims, and the indirect costs of preventing and responding to terrorist acts. The annual “Global Terrorism Index” report estimated those costs hit an all-time-high in 2014 of $52.9 billion.

Boko Haram and Islamic State of Iraq and Levant were jointly responsible for 51 percent of all claimed global terrorist fatalities in 2014. About 57 percent of all the attacks and 78 percent of all the deaths occurred in the five nations of Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan and Syria.

But the number of nations suffering over 500 or more deaths from terrorism increased in 2014 by approximately 120 percent, to 11 countries.

Nigeria experienced the largest increase in terrorist activity with 7,512 deaths in 2014, a jump of over 300 percent over the prior year. But Iraq continued as the worst place for terrorist attacks in 2014, with 9,929 killed, setting another new all-time-record for a single nation.

The number of countries suffering at least one terrorist fatality spread significantly last year, from 59 in 2013 to 67 in 2014. Advanced Western nations suffering at least one terrorist death included Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada and France.

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Sharp Increase in Race Rioting and Muslim Terrorist Attacks Since Obama Took Office

by Jack

Race riots in America were on the decline prior to 2008 when Obama took office. However, you can see by the list below that racial tensions have risen significantly, especially in the last 6 years.   It began when President Obama inserted himself into a rather minor police incident in Cambridge, Mass. thus breaking a precedent respected established by all former presidents of not involving the presidency in municipal incidents.  Obama did it again in the Trayvon Martin case, but this time he ordered the Dept of Justice to do a full investigation.  That raised suspicions the police were biased and acting inappropriately.  The DOJ found absolutely no wrong doing on the part of the police and further a jury found Martin to be the aggressor which led to his own demise.    Inexplicably, Obama treated this unfortunate death as if it were linked to the civil rights days of MLK.   It was not.

 2001 – 2001 Cincinnati Riots, April 2001, (Cincinnati, United States)

• 2005 – 2005 Toledo Riot, October 2005, (Toledo, Ohio, United States)

• 2010 – Riots in Oakland, California after not-guilty verdict returned in Oscar Grant case.
• 2012 – Riots in Anaheim, California, several injuries and 24 arrested.
• 2012 – Trayvon Martin shooting, sparks widespread social unrest.
• 2013 – Riots in Brooklyn, New York after the death of Kimani Gray who was shot and killed by NYPD
• 2013 – Riots in Huntington Beach, California, 1 injured.
• 2014 – Riots in Ferguson, Missouri caused by the shooting of Michael Brown and charges against the accused officer being dropped.
December 20, 2014: Ismaaiyl Brinsley killed two New York City police officers, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn. Brinsley was reported to have walked up and fired directly into the officers squad car.  Brinsley was calling for revenge attacks in response to the police killings of Eric Garner and Michael Brown. He also allegedly shot his girlfriend in Maryland earlier that day.

• 2015 – April 26: 2015 Baltimore riots erupted in Baltimore, Maryland, United States in response to the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray, who died while in police custody.


• February 27: Riots after the shooting of Abdi Mohamed in Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.
• March 11: Donald Trump rally takes a violent turn in Chicago, Illinois
• On May 25, Protesters outside a Trump rally rioted in Albuquerque, New Mexico, injuring several Police Officers
• June 2: San Jose, California, Trump rally turns violent when protesters attacked supporters and one Police Officer was assaulted
• August: 2016 Milwaukee riots
• September 2016: Riots in Charlotte, North Carolina caused by the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott by a police officer.

Muslim Inspired Atrocities and Terrorism in the United States since 9/11

Aug., 6, 2003 – The Muslim son of a Saudi millionaire, Mohammed Ali Alayed, 23, slashes the throat of a Jewish friend, Ariel Sellouk, killing and nearly decapitating the man in Houston, Texas.

Dec. 2, 2003 – A Jewish man, Joseph Applebaum, suffers from a swelling of the stomach that is easily diagnosed and treated. He was identified as Jewish on the front of his medical chart. But instead of receiving treatment, he is left to die by his Muslim doctor.

April 15, 2004 – Muslim man Ismail Peltek killed his wife by bludgeoning her on the head with a hammer and attacked his 22- and 4-year-old daughters with a knife. Peltek, 41, told investigators, “I was afraid that my family’s honor was taken.” He said he attacked his 4-year-old because he worried that she had been “sullied” by a gynecological exam.

January 2005 – Somali immigrant Mustafa Mohamed, 30, slashes and injures six people at a retirement home in Alexandria, Virginia. One resident required 200 stitches. Another suffered a broken neck.

March 3, 2006 – Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, an Iranian-American seeking to “avenge the deaths of Muslims worldwide” and “punish” the U.S. government, intentionally runs down and injures nine people with his sport utility vehicle on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He pleaded guilty to nine counts of attempted first-degree murder and was sentenced to 33 years in prison.

June 16, 2006 – A 62-year-old Jewish man, Paul Schrum, who had gone to the movies to see “X-Men: The Last Stand” in a heavily Jewish area near Baltimore, Maryland, is shot by Muslim gunman Mujtaba Rabbani Jabbar, 24. Jabbar shot Schrum three times in the upper body, walked into the lobby, placed his gun on a counter and waited for police.

June 25, 2006 – Michael Julius Ford, a 22-year-old convert to Islam, uses a long-barrel handgun to shoot four co-workers and a police officer at a Denver, Colorado, Safeway, claiming the attack was “Allah’s choice.” One person died in the shooting spree. When Ford fired at police, he was shot and killed.

July 28, 2006 – Muslim Pakistani man Naveed Afzal Haq shot six women, killing one, at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle building in Seattle, Washington. Haq grabbed a 14-year-old girl and used her as a hostage during the attack. Officials classified the attack as a “hate crime” rather than terrorism.

Jan. 1, 2008 – Egyptian-born cab driver Yaser Said shoots and kills his two daughters in Irving, Texas, because they were dating non-Muslim boys. The daughters had run away from home a week earlier, fearing their father would kill them.

July 6, 2008 – Muslim Pakistani man Chaudry Rashid, 56, strangled his 25-year-old daughter in Jonesboro, Georgia, after she said she wanted out of an arranged marriage.

Feb. 12, 2009 – Pakistani-American Muzzammil Syed Hassan was the CEO of the first American Muslim TV network broadcast in English, Bridge TV. Hassan beheaded his estranged wife, Aasiya Zubair, after she filed for divorce.

April 12, 2009 – Upon learning that they had patronized a strip club, a Muslim man shoots and kills his brother-in-law and another man in Phoenix, Arizona.

June 1, 2009 – In a drive-by shooting, Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad - a convert to Islam who had traveled to Yemen and was deported to the U.S. for overstaying his visa – opened fire on U.S. soldiers standing in front of a Little Rock, Arkansas, recruiting office. Muhammad killed one private and injured another. When he was arrested Muhammad explained that he had planned to kill as many soldiers as possible and was given the assignment by Al-Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula.

November 2009 – Iraq-born Muslim man Faleh Hassan Almaleki, 48, intentionally hit his daughter with his car and killed her because she had become “too Westernized.”


  • April 15, 2013: Boston Marathon bombing: Two bombs detonated within seconds of each other near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing 3 and injuring more than 180 people.  On April 8, 2015, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was found guilty on all 30 counts related to the bombing and shootout with police. On May 15, 2015, Tsarnaev was sentenced to death.
  • December 13, 2013: 2013 Wichita bomb attempt: 58-year-old avionics technician, identified as Terry Lee Loewen, was arrested on December 13, 2013, for attempting a suicide bombing at Wichita Mid-Continent Airport, where he was employed. Loewen became radicalized after reading extremist Islamic material on the Internet. He was arrested while driving a vehicle into the airport with what he believed to be an active explosive device. Later sentenced to 20 years in Federal prison.
  • October 23, 2014: 2014 New York City hatchet attack: Zale Thompson injured two New York City Police Department (NYPD) officers, once critically at a Queens, New York City shopping district by striking them with a hatchet. Four officers were posing for a photograph when Thompson charged them. The police opened fire killing Thompson and injuring a civilian. Thompson who converted to Islam 2 years before the attack posted “anti-government, anti-Western, anti-white” messages online.[97]

  • May 3, 2015: Curtis Culwell Center attack: Two gunmen opened fire outside the Curtis Culwell Center during an art exhibit hosted by an anti-Muslim group called the American Freedom Defense Initiative in Garland, Texas. The center was hosting a contest for cartoons depicting the Muslim prophet Muhammad. Both gunmen were killed by police. A Garland Independent School District (ISD) police officer was injured by a shot to the ankle but survived. The attackers, Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi, were motivated by the Charlie Hebdo shooting in France and the 2015 Copenhagen shooting in Denmark earlier in the year. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant claimed responsibility for the attack through a Twitter post.

  • July 16, 2015: 2015 Chattanooga shootings: Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez opened fire on two military installations in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He first committed a drive-by shooting at a recruiting center, then traveled to a naval reserve center and continued firing. He was killed by police in a gunfight. Four Marines were killed immediately, and another Marine, a Navy sailor, and a police officer were wounded; the sailor died from his injuries two days later. The motive of the shootings is currently under investigation
  • December 2, 2015: 2015 San Bernardino attack: A mass shooting occurred at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California, with 14 dead and 22 injured. Two suspects, Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, fled in an SUV, but were later killed.
  • June 12, 2016: 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting: 49 people were killed and 53 were injured in a terrorist attack at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. The nightclub shooting is currently the deadliest mass shooting in modern United States history. The sole suspect behind the slaughter was identified as Omar Mateen, an American-born citizen with Afghan immigrant parents who was later killed. The FBI asserted his possible link to radical Islam.
  • Sept. 2016 – Ahmad Khan Rahami, born in Pakistan.  The suspect in this weekend’s New York City and New Jersey terrorist attacks, is in many ways quite typical of jihadist terrorists in the United States since 9/11.  He fit the profile of the approximately 360 jihadist terrorists who have been indicted or convicted in the States since 9/11 of crimes ranging in seriousness from sending small sums of money to an overseas terrorist organization to murder.

    Sept. 2016 – ISIS claimed responsibility for the Minnesota mall attack, with the ISIS-run Rasd news agency calling the suspect a “soldier of the Islamic State.” A federal law enforcement source told CBS News the Minnesota suspect went through the mall asking people if they were Muslim, stabbing them if they were not.


Thinkin’ About the Debate…Bah-da, bah-da-da-da

Posted by Tina

I was thinking about the debate coming up on Monday and asking the usual questions. Pretty soon a song was repeating in my head…Monday Monday…so good to me
Monday mornin´, it was all I hoped it would be
Oh Monday mornin´, Monday mornin´ couldn´t guarantee
That Monday evenin´ you would still be here with me

Monday, Monday, can´t trust that day
Monday, Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way
Oh Monday mornin´ you gave me no warnin´ of what was to be
Oh Monday, Monday, how could you leave and not take me…

Hmmm…hope it becomes Hillary’s theme song….

Will Hillary, giggle, cough, faint, dance (needing a potty break) or lecture in that nurse ratchet voice? Or will she maintain a serene, calm (wooden) veneer through the full 90 minutes and manage to seem healthy?

Will Trump stay focused and calm or will he fall off the rails? Will Hillary bait him? Hillary thinks she’ll be able to bait Trump and and easily knock him out of the race.

I bet the odds makers are having a field day with this one.

Will the debate moderator, Lester Holt, do a good job? No matter what he does someone is bound to be unhappy…I just hope he manages to remain neutral.

With the NFL in decline, and growing anticipation about the performances of the candidates, there’s a real good chance that a lot of people will be tuned in to watch. It should be quite a night.

By the way, the 1966 album that featured that hit song by the Mama’s and the Papa’s was titled, “If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears.”

Fitting theme for the last eight years!!

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Lies and Deception: Lone Wolf or Known Wolf?

lone-wolf-orlandoPosted by Tina

Over the last eight years the fight to destroy radical Muslim Terrorism has been fundamentally transformed to fit globalist ideals held by the radicals this nation brought to power. Over the last eight years this brutal enemy has grown in strength and reach to threaten from within in our neighborhoods and in neighborhoods across the globe. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry have created terrorist chaos in the Middle East and unleashed nuclear Iran. Because the administration failed to plan ahead to create safe zones in their war plans there are millions of refugees flowing into Europe and America. Some are and have been creating no go zones making law enforcement and investigations nearly impossible. This is hope and change that threatens not only our lives but also our way of life. Terror attacks, rapes, assaults, no-go-zones and the advancement of radical Islam is not change for the better. It is disaster of epic proportion! We are told this condition is “the new normal.” We are told we are making “progress.” We are told that these “lone wolf” attacks are just something we must live with and accept. We are told the FBI and law enforcement are doing all they can…but have their hands been tied through language, manipulation, and PC?

Our leaders are attempting to pull the wool over our eyes and excuse their failures. This administration and their media mouthpieces have lied to the American people over and over again and the lies are deadly. One such lie is that of the lone wolf. As Andrew McCarthy pointed out in his recent article, “DEADLIEST LIE: Without ‘Lone Wolf’ Lie, U.S. Could Have Stopped Nearly EVERY ATTACK”:

Virtually every time a terror attack has occurred, the actor initially portrayed as a solo plotter lurking under the government’s radar turns out to be — after not much digging – an already known (sometimes even, notorious) Islamic extremist.

McCarthy bases his assertions on the work of Patrick Poole who coined the term “known wolf”:

As we follow the ongoing news about the manhunt for this weekend’s NY-NJ serial bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami and his capture yesterday, we can already add Rahami’s name to the growing list of “Known Wolf” terrorists. Yesterday, Catherine Herridge of Fox News reported that Rahami was already known to law enforcement authorities…

This follows a pattern of denial and obfuscation that marks this administrations approach to governing in which language is altered to advantage and advance their own radical and extreme agenda. We are told again and again that what we see before our eyes is really something else. War isn’t war at all, it’s an overseas contingency operation. Terror attacks in America aren’t carried out by radical Muslims but are random acts carried out by troubled individuals, lone wolves that have no direct connection to (radical) Islam. We should not “rush to judgement” when those who commit these acts of war scream Allahu Akbar as they commit mass murder in the name of their god.

Hillary Clinton is one of the liars. She wants your vote. But her record in this flagrant package of lies and misdirection renders her ineligible for anyone who is tired of homegrown attacks, tired of the waste, death, and loss of progress in the war, tired of the horrific mess this administration has made. Given Hillary’s deplorable participation it isn’t surprising that the Army lists Hillary as a security threat! The administration has not just made our world more dangerous and chaotic they have deceived the people at every turn. Who better to deliver yet another batch of deceitful rhetoric and lies than a bunch of actors…really? They can stand on this stage and pretend Hillary Clinton represents the choice that will do better? Well that’s what actors are paid to do, right? They are paid to make you believe that a lone wolf isn’t really a KNOWN wolf and his attack unconnected to radical Islam and terror.

The wolf at your door is being enabled by globalist wolves who use this condition to their advantage and to advance their goals for unchallenged control. They must destroy the ideals of individual liberty and free speech and they don’t care what it takes…war, militant unrest, swarms of refugees or murdering the language! Up is down and down is up. None of what is happening is real. Everything is fine. The chaos and unrest is normal.

Do you buy it?

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