by  Jack

For every act of terrorism there is a headline and that’s part of the problem.  We’re all connected by the media – for better or for worse.  Mass kidnapping in the heart of Africa is on the news in our living room within hours, a bloody car bombing in …

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by Jack
The middle east and many parts of North Africa are on fire.   There is a hot war with Muslim insurgents in Yemen, Chad, Niger, Somalia, Libya,  Sudan, Iraq and Syria.  Russians have allowed Putin to assume the role of dictator and trample their Constitution.   Russia hasn’t seen a megalomaniac like …

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by Peggy….
Here is what’s happening on the other side of the country. Sound familiar?
Governor Requires Food Stamp Recipients to Work 6 Hours a Week, This Happens Immediately After:
“Food stamp recipients in Maine got a rude awakening when Gov. Paul LePage decided to impose a three-month limit on benefits for able-bodied …

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by Jack
This morning I had a long chit-chat with a professional [homeless] man, we’ll call him Jimbo.   Jimbo said he was getting “too old to be out here” and he was going to check himself into a “program” for alcoholics.  He said he didn’t drink, but this is the route one could …

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by Jack

In 2013 (and with a good deal fan fair) Chico launched the “Roving Ambassador” program for a Clean and Safe Chico!  
It 2was intended that teams of well trained volunteers would roam the downtown and reach out to our ever growing homeless population to curb their bad behavior.  They would offer advice …

14 April 2015  Police,politics

by Jack   (inspired by Pie)
The Saudi Arabian government passed a law a few years back that imposes the death penalty on people caught smuggling Bibles, which puts Bible smugglers on par with drug smugglers in that country.  Institutionalized hate and bigotry?  You betcha.

The Saudi government issued an official statement signifying that capital …

14 April 2015  politics,Religion,Terrorism

by Jack
In the “I can’t believe government is this incompetent” category, insert the latest VA hospital project in Aurora, Co.   Originally expected to cost about $677 million, the bill is now $1.7 billion and rising.
From a story in the Washington Post, “There are hospital doors at the half-built ­Veterans Affairs …

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Are you having a stressful day?  Need a little something to help you unwind?  Well, why not let Charles Bronson perk you up?   See video above – play it.   It’s going to make your day.
Oh, and I suggest you turn up the volume, pour yourself your favorite beverage and kick back.  Let Charles …

10 April 2015  Police

Study reveals important truths hidden in the details of officer-involved shootings
Want to be fully informed?  Want the real scoop on officer shootings?  Then I suggest you read the article I link to above.  It offers up a lot of surprises.  -Jack

10 April 2015  Police
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