Navy Updates Rules for UFO Sightings

Posted by Jack

The U.S. Navy is drafting new guidelines for pilots and other personnel to report encounters with “unidentified aircraft,” a significant new step in creating a formal process to collect and analyze the unexplained sightings — and destigmatize them.

The previously unreported move is in response to a series of sightings of unknown, highly advanced aircraft intruding on Navy strike groups and other sensitive military formations and facilities, the service says.

“There have been a number of reports of unauthorized and/or unidentified aircraft entering various military-controlled ranges and designated air space in recent years,” the Navy said in a statement in response to questions from POLITICO. “For safety and security concerns, the Navy and the [U.S. Air Force] takes these reports very seriously and investigates each and every report.

“As part of this effort,” it added, “the Navy is updating and formalizing the process by which reports of any such suspected incursions can be made to the cognizant authorities. A new message to the fleet that will detail the steps for reporting is in draft.”

To be clear, the Navy isn’t endorsing the idea that its sailors have encountered alien spacecraft. But it is acknowledging there have been enough strange aerial sightings by credible and highly trained military personnel that they need to be recorded in the official record and studied — rather than dismissed as some kooky phenomena from the realm of science-fiction.

Chris Mellon, a former Pentagon intelligence official and ex-staffer on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said establishing a more formal means of reporting what the military now calls “unexplained aerial phenomena” — READ MORE.

I’ve always been intrigued by this subject because what if it’s true?  What if there is alien life out there and it’s been visiting us for hundreds or perhaps thousands of years?  There is no question that throughout our recorded history there have been sightings of unexplainable things in the sky and some ancient reports claim actual encounters with non-terrestrial beings.   

But, reporting has changed because technology is allowing us to see exactly what eye witnesses are seeing – this changes everything.  And what we are seeing is real, it’s evidence captured by the Air Force and the US Navy one video from pilots confirming what is shown.  And there is video from at least a half dozen other nations military showing the same thing as well as innumerable sightings by pilots of passenger and cargo jets, ships at sea, civilian pilots, ground sightings and radar sightings.  There’s been so many sightings that the US Navy can’t ignore the mounting evidence of something that is clearly not of this earth or possibly not of this time and it’s here right now.  

BBC Radio, “…the national security implications of these incidents are concerning — but the scientific opportunities are thrilling. Who knows what perils we may avoid or opportunities we might identify if we follow the data?”


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Sunday Confessional

by Jack

I’ve never voted against a GOP president, but Trump is on course to be my first.

Why?  Because he constantly pushes my buttons and I can’t take it anymore!!!!   It’s not his policies, we agree in principal on most important things.  It’s his un-presidential behavior that reflects so poorly on his office and in turn on our country!

His judgement comes into question when  he can’t see how his stupid Tweets and his jabs at anyone over anything have hurt him and stalled his important agenda.  And yet he continues to do this despite all the strong warnings from his advisers and fellow republicans.  It seems like he can’t let any slight go without a public retort!  That’s infantile.

Sure, I can appreciate Trumps candor  and transparency, when it’s reasonable.  That’s just great, but acting stupid when he does it is another.

We’ve cut him a lot of slack because he was so instantly hated by the DNC and we didn’t like him being bullied.  And we cut him slack because of his S.C. appointments- all great.  We also made allowances because it looked like he could be good for the economy, that he might secure the border, that he might expose corruption in Washington, that he might get a handle on the runaway spending and so on, but geez his bizarre behavior has a lot of worried and now we had mixed results on too many planks in his platform and the deficit spending looks pretty bad.

Let’s face it, he’s a jerk.  I could live with that if he remained effective, but he’s losing his effectiveness every day because he doesn’t know when to shut up.   He might surround himself with great advisors, but if nobody can tell him anything, what’s the point?  There’s no logic in supporting a captain who keeps steering his ship into icebergs instead of around them.

There must be better choices for voters.  There must be people who can do this job far better than Trump.  He’s really lowered the bar.  I sure hope he improves his job performance soon, because if he doesn’t, I’m looking for a new president.

I say this at the risk of upsetting some really good folks who want to see Trump’s agenda move foreword and keep the presidency out of the hands of the far left kooks.  I want that too, but right now I can’t see how Trump is the man to do it.    Your thoughts?



Another Black Mark in History

Posted by Jack

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) — Police in Sri Lanka said Monday the investigation into the Easter Sunday bombings will examine reports that the intelligence community failed to detect or warn of possible suicide attacks before the violence.

The nine bombings of churches, luxury hotels and other sites was Sri Lanka’s deadliest violence since a devastating civil war in the South Asian island nation ended a decade ago. Police spokesman Ruwan Gunasekara said Monday the death toll had risen overnight to 290 dead with more than 500 wounded.

Of course it had to happen on Easter, so there would be no doubt who was being targeted for death:  Any Christians and/or Europeans.

No terrorist group has stepped forward yet to claim responsibility, but the clues are not too subtle:  7 suspected terrorists (all Muslims) have been rounded up.   The use of suicide bombers, which is quite common among Muslims terrorists.  There’s a large number of Muslims in the area that are overtly hostile to Christians and Europeans and there’s no shortage of Imams (Muslims) living in the country that interpret their holy book as saying its okay to kill infidels.  And lastly there’s a significant portion of Sri Lanka’s large Muslim population that took part in murderous war of terror on non-Muslims until about 10 years. ago.   So what religion do you think was the driving force behind these terror attacks on Easter?  (a) Islam (b) Islam or (c) Islam.  The surprise answer will posted later.

UPDATE:  Just in….

Explosions at churches and hotels in Sri Lanka killed 290 people and injured more than 500 on Easter Sunday. This is what we know so far:

● The government says the attack was carried out by the National Thowheed Jamaath, a local Islamist militant group, with suspected international assistance.

● Sri Lanka’s president has asked for international assistance in tracking down the group’s foreign connections.

● The prime minister says elements of the government had prior intelligence about the attacks.

● At least 39 foreigners were killed and 28 others wounded, the tourism minister said. Four Americans are among the dead.

● The United States pledged investigative assistance and is sending FBI agents to help.


A list of Muslim terror attacks since 9/11 in the US can be seen by clicking this link.    

For a global list of Islamic terror attacks, click here.

Question:  If a popular drug killed half as many innocent people as Muslims professing to be acting on behalf of Allah, do you think the drug would be banned by our FDA?

(Yes)  (No) or   (Undecided)




To all, Happy Easter!  Have fun, enjoy the beautiful day.  TTYL…. Jack, Pie and Tina


Good News Everybody!

Posted by Jack

A new holiday:  In 2016 Vermont’s former governor, a Democrat, signed a proclamation rebranding Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day.  The state’s current governor, Phil Scott, has continued the tradition. Now, the state is one signature away from abolishing Columbus Day altogether and permanently recognizing Indigenous Peoples’ Day — a trend gaining traction in blue states, as progressive Americans come to grips with the incredible harm caused by Christopher Columbus. His actions in 1492 would eventually lead the new world into slavery, wars , global warming, fracking and the exploitation of cheap Hispanic labor by rich white men.

Another new holiday:  420 Day – celebrating marijuana.  So, light up today at exactly 4:20 pm because this  is the highest of high holy days for marijuana smokers. Marijuana Day or Weed Day, whatever you want to call it, people are kicking back and smoking away this day.

The day has become synonymous with smoking weed over the years to the point where it’s basically a national holiday. That’s only getting bigger as pot legalization becomes more and more widespread; which has nothing to do with a national increase in schizophrenia, despite what medical research will try to tell you.   One of the many reasons to get high today is to avoid being traumatized by the fact this is Adolf Hitler’s birthday and the day that the Columbine High School shooting took place!   If you don’t have any weed to help you cope I am told that there will be crying closets available at CSUC for the rest of the day.

More good news:  A poop map is now available for touring San Francisco so you can avoid walking in the most slipperiest areas!  Hurray for progressives!   San Francisco has basically decriminalized pooping on public sidewalks, the city does not prosecute people who are caught doing so.  Also good news is the fact city workers make more than $184,000 a year in salary and benefits for cleaning up the public poop!

The current Mayor London Breed told NBC:  “There’s more feces than I’ve ever seen!” Really?  I wouldn’t expect anyone to have seen much poop unless they worked as a CNA in retirement home? Anyway…public pooping is up 400% and people now call the city 65 times a day to report poop.  There were over 15,000 calls in 2018.  This is good news for job security on the poop patrol!



We Need a New Law. . .

Thanks go to Harold for this gem….




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Pie Guevara’s Friday Free-For-All

By your’s truly, Pie Guevara.  Full disclosure: Pie Guevara is an unregistered trademark of Engulf and Devour Investments LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Walton Industries which, in turn, is wholly owned by David Walton.  Image Accreditation: I stole the “Pie Guevara” image from National Lampoon artist/humorist genius Terry Gross who did the cover for the hilarious Is Nothing Sacred? issue. GIMP software was used to modify the original artwork and render it into the image you see here. Thank you Terry, thank you National Lampoon and thank you GIMP. You can follow me on Twitter (@PieGuevara) but I would not recommend it.

The Big Fat Lie (Part 1): Statistical Hogwash

More than a few analysts agree that the paucity of reliable statistics on illegal aliens makes enumerating and analyzing their economic impact on the United States challenging and difficult. This dearth of reliable data has given rise to a diverse number of methodologies and plethora of conflicting and contradictory conclusions.

Couple the scarcity of reliable data and data gathering instruments to the increasing rates of illegal border crossings and the newly favored practice of flooding points of entry with applications for asylum and the whole thing becomes even more of a statistical nightmare. US border facilities, courts and border control agencies have been completely overwhelmed. So are the bean counters.

Moreover the issue is politically contentious. Politics makes whores out of economic statisticians as easily as it does NASA climate scientists. Politics corrupts everything, hard science, especially soft science and even mathematics. The proverbial warning “There are lies, damned lies and statistics” is not a popular aphorism for nothing.

That said, it I think it should be pretty obvious (to any reasonable person) that anyone who claims to have irrefutable evidence that the enormous influx of illegal aliens into the US is a big plus for the economy is, well, full of it. The same goes for the converse. They cannot know and do not know to a statistical certainty what the economic impact is. Therein lies The Big Fat Lie.

Nevertheless, despite the sparseness of reliable data, there are plenty of folks happy and willing to blow smoke up your gluteus maximus. Blowing most of that smoke are Democrats and their volunteer propaganda arms which control a vast majority of the MSM. They consistently tout that illegal alien migrants are a big economic plus. So do many capitalists. Given the contempt Democrats routinely express towards capitalism (except when begging for campaign money) I don’t think you could find a stranger pair of strange bedfellows. Different goals, needs and ideologies do not get in the way of the hot pursuit of new voters or cheap labor.

What follows is a short list look at a few of the hypotheses and claims from various studies the smoke blowers tout. My personal observations are pretty much heterodox to the progressive Democrat propaganda machines that dominate the discourse. For myself, I do not claim to have any special path to the truth. The paucity of economic statistics on illegal aliens precludes any such claim. I merely present the following for your thoughtful consideration.

How Many?

Firstly, what few statistics have been garnered on illegal aliens are so threadbare and unreliable that even the number of illegals in the US is disputed. For example, in 2018 the Department of Homeland Security released a report estimating that in 2015 there were 12 million illegal aliens residing here. Shortly before in 2017 Yale University’s Dr. Mohammad Fazel Zarandi presented a working paper that estimates there are 22.8 million. My hunch is that there are much more than 22.8 million but that hunch is unqualified and so I won’t belabor it. The point is, those are astonishing numbers — be it 12 million, 22.8 or more. Depending on which numbers you choose and when, illegal immigrants constitute around 3 to 6% of the entire US population. Their impact on the economy is likely to be significant even if not very well understood.

What is the Real Impact of Lowering Wages for the Poor and Middle Class?

Many studies agree that illegal immigrants lower wages for the poor and sectors of the middle class. This is largely due to the fact that most illegals want to work.  The increased competition for unskilled and low-skilled labor and the willingness of illegals to work for pay under the table drives down wages. It is a mechanical statement of the law of supply and demand — illegal immigrants flooding the US inevitably reduce the price of work.

Some economists argue that the US economy needs more unskilled, low-skilled, uneducated and low-educated, low wage immigrant workers, legal and illegal. But is that true? Should we not favor Americans citizens no matter their education and skill sets and let them compete for jobs amongst themselves rather than allowing the induction of such large numbers of illegal aliens into the workforce?

Of course the result of increased competition for labor translates into lower productions costs. This ultimately saves consumers money and boosts production due to increased interest in business investment inspired by a low wage market. Yet does this actually result in a healthy, stable and sustainable economy? I suggest that the people who claim to know the answers actually don’t. They haven’t enough reliable data on economic impact of such large numbers of illegals to say it is one way or another.

What Is The Magic Number?

Studies generally conclude there is a small adverse impact on the wages of lower-skilled workers from immigration (legal and illegal) and some benefit for higher-skilled workers. I question the characterizations of small and some benefit.

There simply do not exist reliable statistical instruments by which to measure the true impact of the millions of illegal immigrants already here and the millions more to come if the laws do not change. Because there is no reliable, broad database from which to draw from there is no way to know or estimate how many is too many, how many is enough or what a reasonable rate of introduction should be.

This situation presents a bone of contention for me. What kind of stable and sustainable economy must rely on a increasing influx of exploitable low wage immigrants, legal or illegal? Is this the sort of economy we want?

Are we stuck in an economic system that demands an ever increasing number of impoverished unskilled, low skilled and largely uneducated low wage workers? Or is this just so much hogwash from politically motivated dastards seeking new votes or capitalists seeking to exploit a low wage market?

This is the 21st century yet we seem to still be living by 18th century rules where the economic growth of the industrial revolution was fueled and maintained by an enormous flow of cheap labor moving from the agrarian sector into the new industrial sector.

Don’t get me wrong, the industrial revolution, on balance, was a positive force for mankind and improved the lot for a large number human beings who otherwise would have starved to death without it. My concern is for American citizens in this century who seem to have been abandoned by their own government favoring illegal aliens.

Consumer Demand and Spending

It has been claimed that nearly every dollar earned by illegal immigrants is spent immediately. This has been, ostensibly, translated by some to mean that approximately 8 million US jobs are dependent upon economic activity produced by illegal immigrants.

Yet other studies show that a large portion of wages earned by illegal immigrants are sent back their country of origin. Considering that illegals have historically been predominately Mexican in origin this means that Mexico has been essentially solving its problems of poverty by doing nothing. Doing nothing forces Mexico’s impoverished citizens to enter the US illegally to get work. The illegal immigrants then send money earned back home to help their impoverished relatives and a corrupt Mexican government does not need to do anything about improving the lot of its own citizens.

I would say that is a pretty good scam.

If other corrupt governments south of the border are any indication, Mexican officials are funneling US foreign aid into private coffers. But even supposing they don’t, Mexico still gets the full benefit of American largess and good will and while at the same time using us to solve their widespread poverty problems by doing nothing to help their own impoverished citizens.

You are paying for it. Do you feel even a little bit used and abused?

Cost-Benefit Analysis

National Public Radio noted in 2006 that supporters of a crackdown on illegal immigration argue that the US economy would benefit if illegal immigrants were to leave because US employers would be forced to raise wages to attract American workers.

NPR also noted that critics of this approach say the loss of illegal immigrants would stall the US economy because illegal workers do many jobs few native-born Americans will do.

The criticism of a crackdown on illegal immigration ultimately led to Senator John McCain’s infamous insult of his own citizens in 2007 where he declared that illegal immigrants “do the work Americans won’t do.” Whether true or not, that statement did not sit well with a lot of US citizens.

So which is it? Will the economy benefit by gaining control over and reducing  illegal immigration or stall? My opinion is that either hypothesis it is unknown and cannot be known because of the paucity of reliable data.

Law professor Francine Lipman asserts that “illegal immigrants actually contribute more to public coffers in taxes than they cost in social services” and “contribute to the US economy through their investments and consumption of goods and services.”

Again, given the scarcity of statistical data on illegal immigrants and the lack of statistical instruments to track such data how can she possibly know this with any statistical certainly? She can’t. Moreover, Lipman is a political activist with an agenda and trusting activists to generate valid statistical analysis is counter intuitive.


Bimbo Watch

Hotsi-totsi, Trump’s a Nazi

But earlier it was “Talk policy, not personal”

Professor Psychobabble


“This is not a political issue… I am mad, ya’ll” clip. Yep, “mad” is the operative term, ya’ll.

The following bloviation is so intensely, incredibly and insanely wrong at so many levels it is nearly impossible to parse. I suggest you not waste your time trying to. I merely dare you to watch it in its entirety without tossing your cookies —


Stupidest Comments of the Week Contest

From the “Why is liberal California the poverty capital of America?” comment thread. The Braying Jackass Award goes to…




Braying Jackass Award Notes: Poor purple faced Chris was having a very bad day. (When is he not?) So in desperation he naturally regressed to paradigmatic progressive puerility. The result was this wonderfully delicious diatribe full of rage, moronic misrepresentation, cretinous conclusion drawing and crass name calling. Kudos Chris! You did it with such brevity! You’re the man!

Schadenfreude is alive and well in the Guevara Compound. Chris, we feel your pain and delight in it. The “Next” punchline was a particularly amusing condescension. It must have been humongous ego boost, gratifying and soothing for the miserable schoolyard bully/brat. Well, perhaps outside of calling me a racist twice! That had to empowering!

Does anyone besides me see a pattern here?

Chris’ comments reflect precisely what passes for “critical thinking” for him and 99% of all progressives I have ever encountered. No doubt he learned his finely honed communication skills as an English major at a California university.  Just imagine what he is passing on to his students.

When you  get right down to it, there is really only one definitive answer to Chris’ consistently silly and nasty behavior in the Post Scripts comments section —


Friday Free-For-All Weekend Entertainment

From the Golden Age of radio… Escape!

“I had to focus and then my breath froze in my throat. The decks were swarming with dark brown carpet that looked like gigantic fungus but undulating… and on the masts and yards, the guys and all, were hundreds, no thousands, no mi…I don’t know, and endless number of enormous RATS!”

“Three Skeleton Key” Escape! radio broadcast, March 17, 1950

As much as I love Vincent Price, I prefer the original William Conrad radio adaptation of Georges-Gustave Toudouze’s short story.  November 15, 1949

“The Twelve Chairs” (1970)

Mel Brooks’ screen adaptation of the classic 1928 satirical novel by Odessan authors Ilf and Petrov. This comedic send up of life in the former Soviet Union is a delight. Plenty of slapstick, subtle and not so subtle jokes and nods to other film makers (Brook’s most obvious nod is to Ingmar Bergman in the walking to Moscow montage).

Ilf and Petrov’s novel inspired at least 18 film adaptations in Russia and abroad. Nazi Germany’s 1938 adaptation “Thirteen Chairs” did not credit the novel’s authors, probably due to Ilf’s Jewish origins.

Starring Mel Brooks, Frank Langella, Ron Moody and Dom DeLuise.


Final Note

I hope Post Scripts readers have as much fun perusing this Post Scripts blog post as I had authoring it. I probably should rename this effort “Pie Guevara’s Occasional Friday Free-For-All ” because I do not know if I can dedicate the time to create this post once a week. Let me know what you think in the comments section.

I gratefully thank Jack and Tina for so graciously giving me the opportunity to join their wonderful blog and hope I can be worthy of their kind invitation.


Justice… Pffft

Posted by Jack

After reducing his bail, Superior Court Judge Lewis Davis told Barry White Jr., “I hope you don’t prove me wrong.”   White, 23, had been charged with assault with a deadly weapon in connection with a confrontation with Antioch police officers, who reported that they had to shoot White after he tried to run them over.

The officers had been investigating reports that White and two friends had threatened a club bouncer with a pump-action shotgun.

White was released on $125,000 bail in that case, records show. But at a preliminary hearing, he was taken into custody again for allegedly approaching an officer testifying against him with clenched fists, prompting bailiffs to restrain him.

White faced a new charge of threatening police, with an additional $120,000 bail. But Judge Davis lowered it to a mere $5,000 and White immediately posted bail. At the time, Contra Costa County Deputy District Attorney Kevin Bell argued that White deserved a higher bail because he had displayed a pattern of threatening behavior. (I’ll say!) 

Steve Taxman, White’s attorney, said that White was “not a threat” and that the extra charges against him were enough to keep him from misbehaving. Trying to run over officers with his car and threatening the life of a police office in court and pulling a shotgun on a bouncer is misbehaving?  Taxman went on to say, “I think Mr. White knows that he’s on a thin leash until this has been resolved and even after it’s been resolved. He will be in court, and he’s not going to be committing new offenses.” 

A thin leash, what does that mean?  Thin ice, I understand, hanging by a thin rope I get, but a thin leash implies one can break free at any moment!  Maybe that’s exactly what he meant?  This guys criminal history says he’s learned absolutely nothing.

Shortly after his release Barry White viciously murdered two female cashiers in cold blood by slashing their throats and shooting them. A 3rd male employee at the store survived despite being shot and stabbed.  

White is now doing life in prison, costing the taxpayers about $175,000 a year. He’s 23 and if he lives to an average old age he will have cost the taxpayers of CA $11, 200,000.  I don’t understand how we can justify that?  80 years ago a guy like White would have been dead shortly after his conviction.  Times have sure changed, haven’t they?  


San Francisco Losing Millions of Tourist Dollars thanks to the Homeless

Posted by Jack

“Over the summer, one travel expert acknowledged that San Francisco’s homelessness crisis has intensified to the point of hurting the city’s $9 billion tourism industry on a grand scale.

“We are losing business,” Joe D’Alessandro, head of the San Francisco Travel Association, told Fox News in July. “We have groups who say they can’t come to San Francisco as long as the streets are like this.”

Though the exact impact of the critical homelessness situation on San Fran’s billion-dollar tourism profits remain unclear, things are reportedly not looking good. In June, a major medical association withdrew from hosting its annual convention in San Francisco, claiming its members no longer felt safe there. The cancellation of that one five-day trade show represented a loss of $40 million to the local economy.

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California Infecting Dallas?

by Jack

Poverty becomes an excuse for lawbreaking.

When it comes to criminal justice reform, Dallas, Texas is taking a page from California progressives.

The new Dallas DA ran on a platform of softer laws for certain criminals.  Now that he has been elected he has already dismissed more than a 1000 minor drug offenses. The defendants in those cases are no doubt happy they will not be facing any fines, jail time, probation or even community service.  Instead they will be expected to learn from their mistakes on their own, without any consequences. Crank addicts, glue sniffers and heroin junkies (names withheld by request) are pleased with Creuzot’s decision as are most of the local drug dealers.   Will this have an impact on drug abuse?  Oh, without a doubt.  

DA Creuzot said he’ll dismiss many criminal trespass cases as well, charges he says are most often brought against criminals who roam the night looking for an opportunity to steal something of value.  People suffering from anger management or depression can use this as an excuse to get off the hook for theft crimes…wow, its about time, Texas has always been real tough on criminals, thus the low crime rate.  Can’t have that!  CA says, crime victims don’t want people arrested, they want them counselled.  This must be true too, because look at the plethora of soft on crime laws CA passed two years ago!   

The DA, following the CA example, said his office will no longer prosecute theft cases involving items, such as liquor, clothing, power tools, car parts, copper wiring from telephone poles, bicycles, gun powder, etc.   If it was  worth less than $750 it’s not getting prosecuted, unless evidence shows it was for economic gain says Creuzot.  Then the burden of proof falls on the police to prove it.  This means they must catch the offender in the act of selling his stolen goods or get a voluntary confession from the defendant.  

Andrew Arterburn, the owner of One Stop Express in Uptown said a shoplifter just stole $120 worth of laundry detergent on Thursday and he’s not happy to find out cases like this could be dismissed. What’s the defendant going to do with a $120 worth of assorted laundry detergent, you may wonder?  Well, it can be easily sold for .25 cents on the dollar.

It’s a slap on the wrist. They go to jail, get a meal, get let go. And they’re not going to be prosecuted at all for it,” said Arterburn. But, Creuzot doesn’t think is so bad.  He’s reaching out…. appealing to one’s “better angels,” asking them to be better citizens.  By giving them a break, he says they will learn it’s not nice to steal and they will stop.   He must believe this will work equally well on the mentally ill.   

Hispanic gang members of Dallas such as the Nortenos, Sorenos, Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) also support DA Creuzot’s thinking, “This is a real good deal Esse, we like it a lot, who wouldn’t?”   In fact they like it so much that we think gang members will now cancel their plans to migrate to California where the theft laws have already been decriminalized.

The President of the National Black Police Association, Sgt. Sheldon Smith, said he worries it will lead to more crime. Actually, he’s not worried that it will, he knows that it will. If they were not stealing before, they will now, just keep it under $750 or as Capt. Obvious says, “It opens the door for some people to think they can commit crimes.”  Duh?

You should be proud that the inspiration for this progressive reform came from California!  Yes, the great State of California is teaching Texans that all you have to do to is make it legal, then no more crime… simple.  

Next let’s show them how easy it is to create sanctuary cities filled with tiny houses. I’ll bet  many thousands of our homeless would love to live in Texas if they could get CA style benefits.   (I’m just kidding, we love our bums, we don’t want to lose them) 

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