Scam Calls from the American Police Association

Police are warning of scam phone calls from someone seeking donations for the American Police Officers Association.

Columbia police said the callers claim their organization provides training and equipment for police officers and needs funds “to keep our officers safe”.

When confronted by a retired police officer, the caller hung up.  When the officer called the number back, no one answered.

Police reminded people to be cautious with phone solicitors and never give personal information over the phone.  This was the most recent fake number they used, 831-708-6333.  Rotten scum.

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16 Responses to Scam Calls from the American Police Association

  1. Tina says:

    Rotten criminal scum!

  2. J. Soden says:

    ANY unsolicited phone call asking for personal info or a “donation” should be immediately terminated. Same goes for unsolicited texts and emails.
    The FBI, DOJ, IRS, Social Security, Medicare or Microsoft do NOT call you!

    There are many more scammers out there than there are charitable groups!

  3. J. Soden says:

    There’s another scam out there. Someone may show up at your door in a car marked AT&T or DirecTV and claim they can save you a ton of $$ if you redo your DirecTV account.
    Don’t fall for it. You can re-do your account and negotiate your bill down all by yourself if you call them and ask for the “Retention Department.” Retention is in the US – all other calls go to somewhere in Asia.
    If you DO fall for this scam, you’ll wind up with TWO DirecTV accounts to pay and will have to fight with AT&T to get it straightened out.

  4. Peggy says:

    Off topic, but a scam of another type by evil lying people.

    Biden Megadonor Owns The Atlantic, Reportedly Communicates Often With Journalist Behind Anonymously-Sourced Trump Bombshell:

  5. Harold says:

    Also there is a sheriffs benevolent fund scam, one such is claiming to help children enjoy a social event like a circus or zoo day, (pre Covid days) the unsolicited caller claims to be collecting donations, but area law enforcement benevolent funds do not typically solicit monies over the phone.

    Here’s some thing that you can do to help protect yourselves,

    Ask the caller to provide the information in writing.

    Ask for a call back number to verify the organization is legitimate.

    NEVER provide personal or financial information to anyone who e-mails or calls you unsolicited.

    NEVER wire money, NEVER provide debit or credit card numbers or money card numbers to someone you don’t know.

    There are many Police organizations that due good work for and in their communities, take the time to verify you been contacted by one of the real agencies if you want to help.

  6. J. Soden says:

    Saturday morning.
    Saw this post today and had to share:
    While driving through Pennsylvania today I counted:

    Over 100 Donald Trump signs
    7 Joe Biden signs
    15 Sweet Corn signs

    Yes, Sweet Corn is actually beating Joe Biden

  7. Joe says:

    More “mostly peaceful” protestors…

    Nothing says “anti-racism” more than smashing the homes & businesses of innocent people. Feel the tolerance.

  8. Joe says:

    How do the leftists who infest this blog and defend BLM defend this?

  9. Joe says:

    More peaceful BLM protestors.

    This could be stopped immediately if we had mayors like Richard Daley who would issue shoot to kill orders for arsonists and shoot to maim orders for all other violent “protestors” aka terrorists.

    AND the government should state that they will refuse to pay for the medical treatment of these terrorist thugs should they survive being shot. You know they are all free loaders who hardly worry about the financial costs of medical care.

  10. scott sproat says:

    i keep getting 866 area code calls about the american police officers association. i figured it was a scam

  11. scott sproat says:

    a suggestion to everyone. block and report the scammers. if they keep bothering you…talk to a lawyer. that should end it.

  12. Patricia Lieder says:

    Lee called from
    American Police Officers Association for support if an envelope was sent. He hung up when I asked questions and indicated I checked out what I to whom I donated.

    I called back for more info. He hung up.

    I called back . He said the group was from VA but the callers were from WY. I indicated I would check them out. He hung up.
    Phone number used 11/29/21 was 843 548-7261 from Ridgeland SC (CID)

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