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Jack Lee Art – Le Vase de Bougie

Acrylic on canvass, all comments welcome.  What’s the red?  What do you think, paint, blood or wax? : )    

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Jack Lee Art – The Red Albatross

The Red Albatross Painting is acrylic on canvas, 20X24, depicting a 1917 Albatross by Jack Lee.  Barely visible is a flock of geese flying in a V formation and several geese circling above.  The terrain is  rolling hills with two … Continue reading

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Jack Lee Art – Aircraft – Albatross in Green

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Jack Lee Art – Flight of the Albatross.DIII

by Jack Painted 10-22-19, by Jack Lee, acrylic on canvas 12X14.  All comments welcome. The Albatros D.III was a biplane fighter aircraft used by the Imperial German Army Air Service (Luftstreitkräfte) during World War I. A modified licence model was … Continue reading

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*SUNDAY SPECIAL* – Jack Lee Art – The Black Bottle

You will be the first to see a new style.  I call this style neoimpressionism and the title of the painting is, Black Bottle.  On the other hand, I won’t be calling it anything if you don’t like it and … Continue reading

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Jack Lee Art – Sunset in a Nieuport – Aviation Art

by Jack This is a small painting compared to most all of my others.  It measures about 14X16 and again its acrylic on canvas and depicts a later version Nieuport, but flown by the British as the rondel on the … Continue reading

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Jack Lee Art – WW1 Plane and Balloon

First, a big thank you to Joe, Peggy, Pie, Hal, Chris, Libby, CJ, JS, DHB, Tina, Bud, Hank, everyone…. for your comments, helpful criticisms and encouragement on my art.  You all played a very important part in helping me bring … Continue reading

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Jack Lee Art – Pair of B25 Mitchell Bombers

Acrylic on canvas, 99% finished, 18 X22.  Why did I put it up before its finished?  Just want to stare at it for awhile and figure out things I missed.  Maybe you could help?  There’s an awful lot of details … Continue reading

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Jack Lee Art – Painting Titled, Birds of Prey (Stukas)

This is acrylic on canvas, depicting two early model Stuka dive bombers in attack mode.  The Stuka’s were obsolete by the time WWII began, but the German High Command liked them as a terror weapon, mostly because of the screaming … Continue reading

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Jack Lee Art – Ocean Scene #43

Acrylic on canvas, Ocean scene 43, artist Jack Lee, CA.

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