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Solving Homeless Problem

by Jack Being homeless because you can’t afford to live in the community you work in is one thing, moving to a community that you can’t afford is another.   The latter is at the core of the so-called homeless … Continue reading

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Insider Look at San Francisco

Thanks to Joe for this dandy…  

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CA Black Listed Iowa and 10 Other States

by Jack Did you know that liberals in Sacramento passed a law to black list certain states for travel and trade?  Yep, it’s true and today they just added another state to that list….Iowa!  What did Iowa do, you may … Continue reading

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by Jack Unelectable is the summary for my post presidential debate analysis.  Biden was the only guy there who was not a flaming socialist, but his problem is his age is showing… and not just a little. Even Chris Mathews … Continue reading

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CA – Draconian Rent Control Bill Heads to Senate

by Jack MORE GOVERNMENT – LESS FREEDOM In a vote along party lines, the Ca Assembly passed a rent control bill much to the chagrin of property owners. “The state Assembly finally passed SF-based Assembly member David Chiu’s AB 1482—which … Continue reading

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Sept. 11th

  Never forget the Muslims that were blinded by hate, ignorance and stupidity that caused this, there’s a million more still out here.   I hope we never again show the apathy and lack of foresight that aided our enemies … Continue reading



Posted by Jack From Townhall comes this…. California’s decades-long affair with liberal politics has brought disease—literally. Rats are overrunning parts of the state. It’s only amplified by the rising homelessness crisis. For a region of the country that is smug, … Continue reading



by Jack For a number of years hoards of rats have been showing up wherever our so-called homeless leave behind their trash. No longer limited to places like Los Angeles or San Francisco, the rat problem has found it’s way … Continue reading

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CA Prop 57 Disaster

by Jack   ARRESTS ARE DOWN – CRIME IS UP In this land of unicorns and liberals, Proposition 47 passed with wide approval!  This legislation reduced many felony crimes to a simple misdemeanor.  While this was billed as a way … Continue reading

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CA Liberals are Killing Business Again

by Jack   MORE GOVERNMENT, LESS FREEDOM . . .  The classification of “independent contractor” is about to be changed to the status of a  regular employee.  That means they will be entitled to full benefits, salary and workers comp.  … Continue reading