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9 States Do Not Have Stay at Home Orders

posted by Jack Although most states have enacted stay-at-home orders, 9 states have yet to take statewide action.  Arkansas response makes a lot of sense, read on: Arkansas Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson has repeatedly defended his decision not to issue … Continue reading

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by Jack According to the statistics gathered by influenza and pneumonia account for the 3rd leading cause of death in 2019 at 3,177,244. Heart disease ranked #1, at about 8.5 million deaths, followed by stroke at about 6.25 million.  … Continue reading


Random Thoughts

by Jack It’s 10:42 am., and as usual I’m sitting alone in my office, working on article for our blog. I’m still sleepy, went to bed late and got up early.  A sure sign this quarantine is starting to wear … Continue reading

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Pandemic vs Epidemic

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COVID News Briefs

On-scene British reporters say Chinese markets again selling bats, likely source of deadly pandemic.   By Rowan Scarborough – The Washington Times – Monday, March 30, 2020 China is permitting wild animal markets to resume selling bats, believed to be … Continue reading

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Homeless and the Pandemic Part 2 of 3

The Destruction of Venice Beach Epitomizes California’s Idiocracy By Edward Ring Venice Beach used to be one of California’s great places. A Bohemian gem, nestled against the sand between big city Los Angeles and the vast Pacific Ocean, one encountered … Continue reading

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My Corona!

By Pie Guevara Pie Guevara appears in Posts Scripts through the gracious courtesy of Jack Lee and Tina Grazier and is an unregistered trademark of Engulf and Devour Investments LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Walton Industries which, in turn, … Continue reading

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Homeless and the Pandemic Part 1 of 3

While Cities’ Homeless Populations Surge, California’s Homeless Industrial Complex Grows Which came first – California’s homeless or the government, non-profits and businesses benefitting? By Katy Grimes, July 30, 2019 9:39 am (worthy of a second look) Cities throughout the state … Continue reading

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A Failure of Government to Supervise Ventilator Production

Posted by Jack, with highlighted commentary inserted by Jack New York Times 3/29/20 – Thirteen years ago during the George W. Bush presidency, a group of U.S. public health officials came up with a plan to address what they regarded … Continue reading

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Economic Impact of Car Wrecks

Ever wonder why your car insurance is darn high, even though you haven’t had an accident or ticket in 20 years? Stats from the website Safer America.    The Economic Impact of Car Accidents….. 101 The annual economic cost of … Continue reading

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