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What to Do with the Homeless?

by Jack If you have ever found yourself in a situation where you have just lost everything except the clothes you had on your back, you will have a lot of sympathy for the homeless.  You will naturally want to … Continue reading

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What’s the Mortality Rate for COVIDs Right Now?

by Jack The mortality rate has a lot to do with the quality of healthcare and you will note that England’s socialized medicine fairs rather poorly compared to the USA.  Germany is the best of all, but is nearly comparable … Continue reading


Hunter Biden and Chinese Spies

by Jack Fox News and the Washington Post carried the story about Hunter Biden, the laptop evidence and money laundering with China, but the rest of the pact wouldn’t touch it because it was pre-election.  The media was so biased … Continue reading


Texas Under Attack by Gun Grabbing Liberals!!!

Posted by Jack A slew of gun confiscation and gun restrictions bills is being introduced into the Texas State Legislature by democrats apparently still high from their presidential win!   It seems they are determined to Californicate Texas with laws that … Continue reading


And in Idaho…COVID Protests

posted by Jack The Central District Health meeting in Boise, Idaho, where members were expected to discuss a Covid-19 health order, ended just 15 minutes into the agenda due to safety concerns related to the protests, various city officials said. A … Continue reading

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There’s No Science Behind COVID Lockdown

posted by Jack Dr. Scott Morrow, San Mateo County’s leading health officer, released a statement detailing 15 reasons for why the county did not join neighboring jurisdictions in implementing a voluntary shelter-in-place order, largely highlighting personal responsibility for slowing the … Continue reading


A Different Idea on Combating Crime and Bad Behavior

by Jack Over the years that we’ve been participating in this free speech forum, we’ve explored diverse ideas, criticized dumb ideas, and learned from really good ideas too.  We’ve sure covered a lot of topics and that’s been the best … Continue reading

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Breaking News – New Chico City Council Sworn In

by Jack Tonight Chico’s new council members were sworn in and this makes it a 5-2 vote in favor of conservatives against the last two crazy liberal holdouts.  Voters had a record turnout for the municipal election this year.  The … Continue reading

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COVID Masks Causing Respiratory Infections?

by Jack According to my sources in the Emergency Room at Enloe Hospital, there has been a spike in patients being treated for respiratory infections.  It is suspected these phenomena are due to wearing disposable masks too many times.  Over-time … Continue reading

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Governor Orders Halt to All Non-Essential Interstate Travel

Posted by Jack SACRAMENTO — On the heels of a record day of new COVID cases, Gov. Gavin Newsom Thursday announced a new regional stay-at-home order tied to the ICU rates in a given region that will require many businesses … Continue reading

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