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Federal Judge: Hillary Must Answer Two Questions Under Oath

Posted by Tina Judicial Watch reports that a U.S. District Court Judge, Emmet G. Sullivan, has ruled that Hillary must answer the following two questions, under oath, within thirty days. She has not as yet been subjected to questioning under … Continue reading

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Invasion Marchers Met by Angry Citizens in TJ

Posted by Tina Well, well, well…how to explain brown people “discriminating” against brown people? Will they be labeled “racist” for wanting the caravan to “go home?” A group of mostly male Central Americans broke away from the large groups headed … Continue reading

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To Build or Not to Build, That is the Question

by Jack Our hearts go out to those of you who have lost so much.  The scope of this tragedy is almost unimaginable.   However, the outpouring of volunteers and donations has been almost miraculous!  This is indeed a very special … Continue reading

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Camp Fire Update 15 NOV 2018

Posted by Jack UPDATE – The fire was considered 40 percent contained as of Thursday morning. 4:15 p.m. Roughly 52,000 people have been evacuated, with 1,385 in shelters, officials said. Evacuations remain in place for residents in Paradise, Magalia, Concow, … Continue reading

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Where to Give a Cash Donation to Camp Fire

by Jack The following companies and organizations have setup funds for the Camp Fire Victims. A special fund has just been created for the First Responders who lost their homes. (See article below) Sierra Nevada Brewery – North Valley … Continue reading

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1 Small Miracle Among the Many – The Camp Fire

by Jack After doing my fire update duties, ( compiling a list of needs for our volunteers to use at the shelter), I had some free time so I decided to drive over to the Red Cross shelter and see … Continue reading


Camp Fire: Finding Peace for the Long Road Ahead

Posted by Tina The Camp fire in Paradise that destroyed most of Paradise and surrounding areas has been a shocking and devastating experience. Emotions and stress take a toll and unfortunately these will not be abated for some time. There … Continue reading


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A Long Day – Camp Fire

by Jack (Working at the shelter) The Camp Fire has left tens of thousands of people suddenly homeless and many folks barely  escaped with the clothes on there back.  They urgently need help.  The upside is we were fairly well … Continue reading

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Camp Fire – Sunday Update

by Jack Tonight is going to be another critical moment in the Camp Fire odyssey. Strong winds gusts are expected to fan the flames and send billions of hot embers far out behind the fire lines.   That’s what made … Continue reading

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