European Socialist Policies Cause Riots as Budgets Slashed

by Jack Lee

As we approach the 2010 elections we’re still locked in heated debates over the pros and cons of socialism, i.e. ObamaCare, and we talk like no one has walked this way before we came along. Well, I hate to break it to our liberal readers but Europe has, in fact they are years ahead of us in that department!

Would it be too much trouble for those embracing socialism here to look how its worked out over there?


The deep global recession has worked like the tide going out and it’s exposed a lot of socialist garbage, Greece, Spain, France, Italy, England and others are all feeling the crush of their failed and failing socialist policies.

Back on this side of the world we shudder at the prospect of a 5% across the board cut to balance our budget, but that’s a tiny pin prick compared to the 40% or more cuts to some ministries in Ireland, England and France.

France can’t extract anymore taxes without forcing their businesses into ruin and the country into anarchy. The French government run healthcare, mandatory paid holidays, the high minimum wage and low retirement age simply can’t be sustained – C’est fini! Fait! Ils sont sans le sou! They are broke!

The reaction from the French people has been to riot, as if rioting will miraculously save them. It’s too late to be saved, they’re broke, but we’re not and why Democrats (and some Republicans) want to take the same steps, hoping for a different outcome is beyond my comprehension.

The voters are turning back to the Republicans to deal with our costly experimenting with socialism and all I can say now is they better have the spine and the brains to fix it. If they don’t, France won’t be the only country with rioting in the streets. As Michael Savage said and I am paraphrasing now, “We won’t just be turned out to protest, we’ll be out for revenge.

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2 Responses to European Socialist Policies Cause Riots as Budgets Slashed

  1. Tina says:

    Jack, I’ve been watching this story for weeks (months really) as well. The saddest thing about it is the nutty people don’t seem to get they have done it to themselves! They are still railing against the throne!

    Americans! I expect them to have at least a remnant of the can do spirit that their forefathers had…the grit, the determination and pride that sustained them through hardships of many kinds. And for the PC crowd I am including American Indians, Blacks, and immigrants from all nations in that!

    America is about Independence…HELLO…the truths we found were “self evident” and not to be controlled by a human ruler or rulers! We didn’t go for independence so we could recreate a pseudo monarchy to rule over our every thought and deed!

    Dismantling what we have already wrought will not be an easy task but it is a necessary task if we are to survive as free people. The voters are turning to the Republicans and I agree they had better have the spine to fix it but it is more importantly true that Americans had better have the vigilence to make sure they do or we have no one to blame but ourselves. this is like war…you cannot get the job done without the will and the heart of the people. That includes finding ways to deal with anyone who might riot because they want to keep the nanny state and watch it grow!

    I doubt if anyone from the other side would be willing to seriously discuss possible alternative solutions to the problems of poverty and crime, poor educational outcomes and the fraud and waste that occurs in government…it would be refreshing if they would though, huh?

  2. Trevlyn says:

    @ #1 susan,
    You’re right. These is a war. It is a war between the ability of the people to make a life for themselves vs. capitalists wringing our nation dry of its surplus value. Assuredly, you will provide some allocation of blame on the federal government. Well Susan, the federal government is a tool of the big businesses. Only 9% of Americans own their own small businesses, and only 4.5% employ. All of our laws benefit this 4.5%. They don’t make concessions. Europe is not protesting “socialism” they are protesting the capitalist maneuvers that have made a “nanny state” imperative for even the most basic freedoms to exist.

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